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At this stage of civilisation, when many nations are brought in to close and vital contact for good and evil, it is essential, as never before, that their gross ignorance of one another should be diminished, that they should begin to understand a little of one another's historical experience and resulting mentality. It is the fault of the English to expect the people of other countries to react as they do, to political and international situations. Our genuine goodwill and good intentions are often brought to nothing, because we expect other people to be like us. This would be corrected if we knew the history, not necessarily in detail but in broad outlines, of the social and political conditions which have given to each nation its present character.

The need for a greater understanding between nations
was always there
is no longer there
is more today than ever before
will always be there
Answer: Option
No answer description is available. Let's discuss.
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Vasuvandan said:   9 years ago
Can anyone explain this?

Sanjay said:   8 years ago
The writer speaks about the present stage of civilization ("At this stage of civilization"). He says that the ignorance needs to be diminished but he never says anything regarding the diminishing of ignorance which might have taken place earlier.

So it can be concluded that actions were taken earlier to diminish ignorance and now further action is needed. So option C serves the purpose.

The other way of finding the answer can be:

The author never says about the future need of understanding and also about the "past continuous" tense regarding the understanding between nations. So option A and D can be omitted.

Shanaya said:   7 years ago
The author has not mentioned that the understanding is more than ever before as well. So how can we assume that while rest other options are also not applicable to this one?

Swapnil said:   7 years ago
Author is saying that "when many nations are brought in to close and vital contact for good and evil, it is essential, as never before" which signifies that answer C is correct.

Krish loki said:   5 years ago
Can anyone explain this?

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