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Discussion :: Completing Statements - Section 1 (Q.No.4)

In each question, an incomplete statement (Stem) followed by fillers is given. Pick out the best one which can complete incomplete stem correctly and meaningfully.


She never visits any zoo because she is strong opponent of the idea of ......

[A]. setting the animals free into forest
[B]. feeding the animals while others are watching
[C]. watching the animals in their natural abode
[D]. going out of the house on a holiday
[E]. holding the animals in captivity for our joy

Answer: Option E


No answer description available for this question.

Kiran said: (Dec 11, 2010)  
How it can be "E"? Can anyone explain me?

Ojaswini Dash said: (Mar 12, 2011)  
Ans is option E because captivity means confined or imprisoned person or animal, in this qus, strong opponent means to oppose. So ans is OPTION E.

Anil said: (Jun 12, 2011)  
She is not liking holding animals inside the cavity. So she is a strong opponent. So answer E.

Piiyush said: (Sep 29, 2014)  
Why not A?

Tukai said: (Oct 28, 2014)  
It is not A because animal is not kept free in zoo. And in zoo animals are not freed as in forest.

Kapil Taneja said: (Jun 27, 2015)  
It has to be 'E'.

She never visits any zoo because she is strong opponent of the idea of holding the animals in captivity for our joy.

Mangesh said: (Oct 21, 2015)  
Why not B answer?

Kavitha Sankar said: (Apr 3, 2017)  
Feeding is not the correct one, the meaning of feeding is giving food to. She is a strong opponent and she knew the idea of the captivity of animals for joy.

Akashleena said: (Jul 18, 2018)  
Why not D? Please explain.

Gainga said: (Jan 30, 2020)  
The word 'opponent" defines a clear view, although option A' and Option D".

Here Option E has the word "captivity" which add more meaning to the sentence the idea she knew animals are entertaining for joy.

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