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Discussion :: Completing Statements - Section 1 (Q.No.8)

In each question, an incomplete statement (Stem) followed by fillers is given. Pick out the best one which can complete incomplete stem correctly and meaningfully.


Although initial investigations pointed towards him ......

[A]. the preceding events corroborated his involvement in the crime
[B]. the additional information confirmed his guilt
[C]. the subsequent events established that he was guilt
[D]. the subsequent events proved that he was innocent
[E]. he gave an open confession of his crime

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Hardhik said: (Nov 14, 2011)  
How it can be ? explain it.

Kruthi said: (Jan 26, 2012)  
Here they used the word although, so answer will be opposite to the sentense given there.

Devina said: (Oct 28, 2012)  
Although implies opposition or contradiction in the latter part of the sentence.

Souvik said: (Aug 7, 2014)  
Why not B?

Archana said: (Sep 7, 2014)  
What is the meaning of guilt?

Bala said: (Sep 16, 2014)  
Guilt means did something wrong but not show in face. !

Nishita Saluja said: (Aug 11, 2015)  
Although proves the answer easily.

Ayushi Gehlot said: (Oct 22, 2015)  
Guilt means realization of owns wrong action.

Ganesh said: (Aug 20, 2017)  
The answer is correct as it says initial investigation pointed towards him means innocent one would complete it very well.

Pradeep said: (Jan 27, 2019)  
Here the question does not give information either he was found guilt or innocent. Then how this answer comes?

Rao Zohaib said: (Jan 1, 2021)  
In this sentence, the word is used although its mean "even if" it may involve in crime or not and where although is used in the sentence it completely changed the next sense of the tens so according to initial information he is criminal but after evidence proved that he is not a criminal.

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