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Directions to Solve
Without science there is no future for any society. Even with science, ...(1)... it is controlled by some spiritual impulses, there is no future. One great thing about science is that it does not accept anything on mere ...(2)... everything has to be ...(3)... beyond any doubt. All acceptance comes after experiment which has no room for any ...(4)... This is the reason ...(5)... development of science and technology has revolutionised human life all over the world. There are very few spheres of human activity which have not experienced the ...(6)... of such development. However, despite its manifold ...(7)... science has not been ...(8)... to solve any of man's moral or spiritual problems. Society is still ...(9)... in the dark to find out what its future will be. The need, therefore, is to make science ...(10)... for the ultimate truth.


(solve as per the direction given above)

Answer: Option
No answer description is available. Let's discuss.
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