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Directions to Solve
Now-a-days, under the ...(1)... system of education, however good it may be, when a young man comes out of the university, there seems to be this ...(2)... in him that the higher the standard of living raises, the less should a man work. Thus, mathematically, the higher the standard of living, according to this misconceived notion, the less the ...(3)... Ultimately, what should be the highest standard of living then? ...(4)... work! This leads to an unhealthy ...(5)...among the workers. A typist who types over twenty letters a day asks his ...(6)... how many letters he had types that day. The latter ...(7)... "fifteen". The former thinks, "Tomorrow I should type only fifteen or even ...(8)... This tendency is quite ...(9)... and may ultimately lead to ...(10)... Even one's family life may be affected adversely due to such tendency.


(solve as per the direction given above)

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