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Directions to Solve
The principal advantage in having a clear cut objective of business is that it does not derail; the enterprise does not stray ...(1)... the direct route that it has set for ...(2)... Enterprises with well defined objectives can conveniently undertake ...(3)... and follow long range development policies. Recognition of objectives ...(4)... the temptation to compromise long range ...(5)... for short term gains and improves coordination in work and consistency in policy.


(solve as per the direction given above)

Answer: Option
No answer description is available. Let's discuss.
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Ashwini said:   5 years ago
Why can't be research?

Mr.se7enpatil said:   7 years ago
Production - It is something enterprise do to make money.
Appraisal - Enterprise does an appraisal to celebrate or appreciate the work at end of work. (They call it Appraisal Cycle).
Research - It means they think and work on future plans and applies to the enterprise.
Audit - It is an inspection or observation of past performance (Generally finance).

So according to all definitions, I think the answer could be "Research" or "Audit".
But research doesn't fit in the sentence.

Enterprises with well-defined objectives can conveniently undertake Research (But research of what) and follow long range development policies.

So according to me, answer is "Audit".

Smr said:   7 years ago
Why can't it be appraisal?

Anchal said:   8 years ago
I think it's appraisal.

San said:   9 years ago
You are true brother but this passage is about enterprises and in general enterprises production is occur not research.

SGR said:   9 years ago
Could any one explain me.

I think its [B].

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