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Directions to Solve
As a rule of thumb, a manned mission costs from fifty to a hundred times more than a comparable unmanned mission. Thus, for scientific exploration alone, ...(1)... missions, employing machine intelligence, are ...(2)... However, there may well be ...(3)... other than scientific for exploring ...(4)... social, economic, political, cultural or ...(5)...


(solve as per the direction given above)

Answer: Option
No answer description is available. Let's discuss.
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Anurag said:   5 years ago
Yes, it's clear. Thanks for your explanation @Azam.

Azam Firdosh said:   8 years ago
Cause and Reason are two words that are often used as synonyms. Strictly speaking they are not synonyms. They have to be used with difference. Hence they are not interchangeable.

A cause is the one that produces the effect. For example you can say that a typical virus is the cause of the disease of chickenpox. It is understood that the particular virus produces the effect called chickenpox. Hence anything that produces an effect is called a cause.

On the other hand reason refers to a thought or a consideration in support of an opinion. Observe the usage of the word \'reason\' in the sentences given below:

1. What is the reason for your decision?

2. You may give me the reason behind your suggestion.

In both sentences given above the word \'reason\' is used in the sense of \'a thought\' in support of an opinion or a decision.

I hope it is clear.

RADHA said:   8 years ago
Please someone explain why reason is used here?

Navdeep said:   9 years ago
Why reasons should be place here?

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