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In the following questions choose the word which is the exact OPPOSITE of the given words.

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Srikanth said:   8 months ago
Exodus means departure.

Influx means flowing or coming.

Charlotte Abemigisha said:   9 months ago
Exodus means to leave, which implies that arrival which means influx is correct.

Franky said:   1 year ago
Exodus means a large group of people movement one place to another place at the same time.

Rohit kumar said:   2 years ago
Exodus - a situation in which many people leave a place at the same time.

Shailendra yadav said:   2 years ago
Thanks @Sairam.

Dorami said:   3 years ago
Exodus is many people leaving the place at the same time.

Influx is many people arriving the place at the same time.

Manjula said:   4 years ago
Thanks @sairam. You explained clearly.

Sairam said:   4 years ago
Exodus:: a situation in which many people leave a place at the same time.

Influx:: the arrival of a large number of people.

So, they both are opposite.

Miky said:   5 years ago
Perfect answer, Thanks @Raji.

Maya said:   5 years ago
Well said, thanks @Raji.

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