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In the following questions choose the word which is the exact OPPOSITE of the given words.



[A]. Reliable
[B]. Honest
[C]. Prudent
[D]. Stupid

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Anusha said: (Jan 8, 2011)  
Prudent means wise, discreet.

Chirag said: (Aug 31, 2013)  
What is Indiscreet?

Mahananda Roy said: (Sep 6, 2013)  
If you describe someone as indiscreet,you mean that they do or say things in public which they should only do or say secretly or in private.

Saritha said: (Sep 16, 2014)  
Prudent : acting with or showing care and thought for the future.

Deepali said: (Oct 16, 2014)  
Prudent: If you show good and careful judgment when handling practical matters, you can be described as prudent. Similarly, a wise and well-thought-through decision or action can be called prudent.

Sreekanth said: (Aug 5, 2016)  
In- : not.

Discreet = careful, prudent.

In|Discreet== Not prudent.

Not Prudent x Prudent.

Gayatri said: (Jun 4, 2017)  
Now got exact meaning. Thank you @Sreekanth.

Nikita said: (Oct 27, 2017)  
Thank you @Sreekanth.

Trinadh said: (Dec 12, 2018)  
Super, Thanks @Sreekanth.

Sudhanshu said: (Mar 5, 2020)  
By the meaning of the word INDISCREET however, It sounds that PRUDENT is NOT the correct choice but RELIABLE is. But It actually seems to be PRUDENT.

There is an exact word for Synonym of INDISCREET = IMPRUDENT.

In my opinion, the options are not correct. Nowhere in dictionaries, you will find those words be antonyms for each other.

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