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In the following questions choose the word which is the exact OPPOSITE of the given words.



[A]. Copious
[B]. Extravagant
[C]. Generous
[D]. Ostentatious

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Anusha said: (Jan 8, 2011)  


Basheer said: (May 17, 2011)  
Frugal means economical its opposite is generous.

Minnu said: (Aug 23, 2011)  
Can you provide complete information?

Vinod Kumar said: (Aug 25, 2011)  
Copious = plentiful,
extravagant = one who spends more than what is needed,
ostentatious = showy in a way to impress,
frugal = plain and cheap.

So antonym of frugal is extravagant.

Nithin said: (May 29, 2012)  
Frugal means a a very small and meager amount so the correct opposite would be copious as it means, a lot, and not generous as it is given as the answer best it has variable meanings.

Gopikrishna Puli said: (Dec 12, 2013)  
Frugal=avoiding waste.


Mainak said: (Mar 31, 2014)  
Frugal = Economical.

Extravagant = Spendthrift.

Jayshri said: (Nov 3, 2014)  
Antonyms for frugal : careless, incautious, spendthrift, wasteful, generous.

Lavish, spend thrifty, uneconomical.

Pri said: (Aug 15, 2015)  
Frugal's opposite is extravagant.

Heena said: (Aug 10, 2016)  
Frugal : avoiding waste.

Extravagant : wasting money.

Ananya said: (Dec 7, 2018)  
Why can't opposite of frugal be ostentatious? It's the synonym of extravagant!

Vinod Sharma said: (May 25, 2019)  
Frugal:- avoiding, wasting money.

Extravagant:- wasting money.

Kashif said: (Aug 10, 2020)  
Why not generous?

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