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In the following questions choose the word which is the exact OPPOSITE of the given words.



[A]. Frugal
[B]. Thrifty
[C]. Stingy
[D]. Generous

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Ravindra said: (Aug 27, 2011)  
NIGGARDLY: Petty or reluctant in giving or spending.

Suvigya said: (Jul 10, 2013)  
Niggardly : stingy, mean, closefisted.

Opposite is giving, generous.

Rishitha said: (Sep 24, 2014)  
What is meant by frugal?

Nischay said: (Jan 31, 2015)  
Frugal means economical.

A person who thinks about saving money.

Raj said: (Sep 3, 2015)  
I think answer should be thrifty that means willing to spend a lot than it needed.

Sujatha said: (Oct 12, 2015)  
What is Stingy?

Dhana said: (Mar 6, 2017)  
Can anyone explain all the above five words?

Jamirul Islam said: (Feb 15, 2018)  
Niggardly=adj, petty or reluctant in giving or spending.

Frugal: Economical.
Thrifty: Economical.
Stingy: unwilling to spend (money, time, resources, etc.).
Generous: willing to give and share unstintingly.

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