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In the following questions choose the word which is the exact OPPOSITE of the given words.



[A]. Freed
[B]. Burdened
[C]. Convicted
[D]. Entrusted

Answer: Option C


No answer description available for this question.

Raman said: (Aug 26, 2011)  
Acquitted: Law To free or clear from a charge or accusation.

Convicted: Law To find or prove (someone) guilty of an offense or crime

Farhad said: (Sep 17, 2013)  

To relieve from a charge of fault or crime; declare not guilty: They acquitted him of the crime. The jury acquitted her, but I still think she's guilty.

Prateek said: (Mar 31, 2018)  
Acquitted: clear, Declare innocent.

Convicted: Declare to be guilty.

Shikha said: (Dec 29, 2019)  
Acquitted: to make free.
Convicted: to declare guilty.

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