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In the following questions choose the word which is the exact OPPOSITE of the given words.



[A]. Attend
[B]. Concentrate
[C]. Continue
[D]. Attract

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Mercy said: (Oct 15, 2011)  
Repel- Fail to mix
Attract- Get Response

Niketa Bhattacharya said: (Feb 11, 2015)  
Word : REPEL.

Part of speech : Verb.

Meaning : Drive or force back or away.

Origin : Latin repellere.

Re means back.

Pellere means to drive.

Late late Middle English: From Latin repellere, from re- \'back\' + pellere \'to drive\'.

Bijay said: (Sep 14, 2017)  
Correct answer is continue.

Repeal means putting to end.

So the antonyms is continue.

Momin said: (Oct 20, 2017)  
You are right @Bijay.

Bighneswar said: (Feb 25, 2018)  
Continue is the correct option.

Ajay said: (Aug 24, 2019)  
Repel means opposing force.

Connection said: (Dec 7, 2019)  
Repel means like someone is avoiding you or eliminating you or removing.

Attract means like someone is pulling you.

Continue means keeping some work continue or doing work continuously.

So the correct answer is Attract.

Sunidhi Das said: (Jul 19, 2020)  
In a simple way we can say that,

Repel -Unpleasant.
Attract- Pleasant.

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