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What is Extensible Markup Language (XML).
XML is a simple and flexible markup language in the text format. Nowadays, it is widely used to exchange a large variety of data over the Internet. XML consists of data as text in well-defined customized layouts by using self-defining tags. These user-defined tags are user friendly because they contain the name given by the user and make the information easily understandable to a user. These user-friendly features made XML to be widely used as a standard data-interchange format. The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) frequently develops new standard for XML usage by different software vendors and solution providers. XML plays a very significant role with respect to .NET Framework 4.0. .NET Framework 4.0 provides us with a namespace called System.Xml, which includes classes that are used to work with XML.

What is the version information in XML?
"Version" tag shows which version of XML is used.

If XML does not have closing tag will it work?
No, every tag in XML, which is opened, should have a closing tag.

Is XML case sensitive?
Yes, XML is case sensitive.