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The section view drawing in which one fourth of an object has been marked for removal is known as a ________ section.

[A]. full
[B]. half
[C]. quarter
[D]. none of the above

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

M.Pachaimuthu said: (Mar 10, 2015)  
The correct answer is option C. If the two fourth of the section has been marked means then only it called as half section.

Nithish Kumar.S said: (Mar 18, 2016)  
Correct answer is option "B" The cutting-plane line cuts halfway through the part and removes one quarter of the material.

Prit said: (Aug 13, 2016)  
Yes. Right. If we view it from the top. One fourth of cylinder.

Ritchard said: (Aug 25, 2016)  
According to me, the correct option is C.

Akshay Bag said: (Jul 21, 2017)  
Yes, the correct option is C.

Divyakant said: (Aug 2, 2017)  
Option B is correct one because when we pass cutting plane alone center line then the section that we see is full section in drawing terms. And if we cut 1/4 part of material then that will be half section of that material. So option B is the right one.

Chirag said: (Oct 23, 2018)  
Why option B is answer?

Please explain it.

Sai Babu said: (Nov 10, 2018)  
You are absolutely right. Thanks @Divyakant.

Amit Kumar said: (May 9, 2020)  
Option B is right.

If cut half quarter portion and remove these part then the remaining parts is known as a half-section view.

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