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This type of pipe is commonly used for water, steam, oil, and gas:
Wrought iron or copper
PVC or steel
Steel or wrought iron
Copper or PVC
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Modreddy45 said:   4 years ago
Why not copper?

Shailesh Shukla said:   7 years ago
GI is galvanised iron in which iron is protected from rust n other oxidation by providing a layer of zinc over the body.

Wrought iron is an alloy of iron in which carbon composition is (0.2-0.4%).

Jen said:   7 years ago
Why not use CS?

K Srinivasan said:   7 years ago
Since the question is commonly used pipe for steam, gas & oil, so when we speak in general of multi-purpose use we shall opt ''C"'.

Sameer said:   8 years ago
In water supply, we use PVC and shield 40. So everything we are using separate materials how you say c is right? Is there any particular reason, please explain.

Fahimuddin said:   8 years ago
Copper can be used as well, but due to its high cost and availability of sizes in large diameters, it is not commonly used.

Anilkumar said:   9 years ago
FRP is used for water because it doesn't contains corrosion, and for gases steel is used SS, CS... is used.

SILAMBARASAN said:   9 years ago
Why did not use copper pipe to water, steam, gas?

Summit said:   9 years ago
Steel pipes are compared to cast iron pipes have much greater strength, ductility and impact resistance. These pipes are used to carry water, steam, gas and sewage. Gas and steam in these pipes can be carried at high pressure.

Wrought-iron galvanized pipes are extensively used for carrying water and gas at low pressure for domestic purpose. These pipes are much lighter than cast iron pipes and can be easily threaded. Galvanized iron pipes are resistance to corrosion.

ASguhj said:   9 years ago
Wrought iron is an alloy of iron in which carbon composition is (0.2-0.4%).

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