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Discussion :: Computer Aided Design Basics - General Questions (Q.No.4)


The UCS icon represents the intersection of the ________.

[A]. X axis
[B]. Y axis
[C]. Z axis
[D]. All of the above

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Gururaja G said: (Dec 27, 2015)  
These questions are related to auto cad commands.

Simon said: (Feb 18, 2017)  
The UCS is a transformed WCS so that the user can the reorient his/her axes XYZ. For example one may decide that the first quadrant be the third quadrant for ease of drafting. So answer D is correct.

Amit Kumar said: (Mar 18, 2017)  
What is UCS and WCS? Explain in detail.

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