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Virtusa Interview Experience - 14.09.2021
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I have attended the Virtusa On Campus Placement Drive that was done through Online Mode that was organized by our College.

Firstly I attended the Online Test. Online Test Link was Send 1 day before the test. The Online Test is full of Verbal Skills and Analytical Thinking. Only 3 to 5 Qns are from Quantitative Qns and too are easy. At the last section of the test, they have tell us to write an email by giving particular Situation. After Finishing the test, The Same Evening, I got Selected for Next Round.

2nd Round : Technical Interview

Technical Interview was done on the next day. It goes only for 10 mins. They ask only basic Qns if AI and IOT etc. They also asked about their Company and role that they are hiring. They asked about the ourself and our Achievements too.

After the Interview, I was something confident about my Interview. After 1 Week, A Mail came from Virtusa that I am Selected for the Job. The Package also listed in that and they tell that we have to undergo 2 years Service bond if we joined.

That\'s all from my Interview Experience. Hope it may be Useful for Virtusa Interview Attendees.