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virtusa Polaris - SJBIT, Bangalore 12/12/2017
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Praveen Gowda PK
Hi all, I have attended Virtusa-Polaris pool drive recently. SJBIT Bangalore has taken part in this pool drive. Their selection process is as following:

Technical aptitude and Program Execution.
Technical face to face Round.
HR Round.

In First round there were mainly two parts of the paper.

Section-1: which was technical MCQ which consists of Java snippets, SQL MCQ, Software Engineering and UML modelling MCQ questions Total 40 MCQ questions .

Section 2:
coding questions. It consists of 2 questions for each questions 20 minuutes after 20 minutes it will be automatically navigate to next question. For mine 1st question on customised exception problem 2nd one is User input validation.

Out of 300 members 80 members are shortlisted.

Second round which was technical face 2 face round it takes more than 20 minutes
This round was pure technical. Some of questions asked for me as follows:

Write a java program snippet for thread synchronisation concept.
Case study; Assume if you have 2GB information in one memory disk how do you transfer these data line by line to another disk.

Basic functionality of my project
Explain software development life cycle.
Explain SDLC model.
SQL date function and sysdate function.
Round () function in SQL.
Difference between abstract class and interface
Difference between union and unionAll
Difference between Arraylist and Vector.
In between Arraylist and vector which one is better.
Explain string function.
Explain types of polymorphism
Difference between checked and unchecked error?
What if we directly use run method to start a thread?
What is different in extend Thread class and implement Runnable interface?
Explain inner join and outer join.
Difference between left join and right join
If you have good knowledge thread, collection and basic oops concept, database, and basic software engineering, then you can easily clear this round.

After this round, 60 students are selectend.

Third round which was HR round .
In this round, they didn\'t ask any technical.

They were mainly checking the candidate\'s communication skill and thought process. They asked following question to me:

Tell me about yourself.
basically I am from Information science and engineering so they asked What is the difference between And ISE
And What is the difference between CSE and ISE
This job how much important for you.
Tell me about your family
Are you ready to relocate

This round was mainly focused on student\'s thought process. Interviewers\' questions depend on candidate\'s reply. So be cool and relax for this round.

After this round, they have selected 42 students out of 60 students. Luckily I was one of them.


Prepare for your projects very thoroughly .
Know the all basic concept of java.
Prepare all the basic question of database.
Have some knowledge of basic SDLC Model.