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Virtusa Interview Experience - NIT Silchar 27-28 November 2017
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Anurag Mishra
Hi all, I have attended Virtusa-Polaris pool drive recently. All NE NIT\'s has taken part in this pool drive. Their selection process is as following:

Aptitude Round.
Technical Round.
HR Round.

First-round which was Aptitude round has happened at our college. There were mainly two parts of the paper. The first part consists of questions and the second one was the coding round. In first parts, Questions are mainly from the Software engineering, Java, Database, quantitative aptitude, and English. The question was easy but need the basic understanding of these subjects. In the second round, there was two coding question. We can only choose java as a coding language. The question was easy, If you have knowledge about Collection, Thread in java then you can very easily do these questions.
After this round, all selected students were called to a specific NIT for further rounds.

Second round which was technical round, was taken by online. This round was pure technical. They were asking questions from Projects, Internship, Database, Java and Software Engineering. I can\'t recall all question but few of them are following:

Basic functionality of my project
Difference between abstract class and interface
Difference between union and unionAll
We can use printf() apart from just printing values, if yes then where?

Difference between checked and unchecked error?
What if we directly use run method to start a thread?
What is different in extend Thread class and implement Runnable interface?

SDLC Model and its type.

Difference between left join and right join
If you have good knowledge thread, collection and basic oops concept, database, and basic software engineering, then you can easily clear this round.

After this round, 24 students are selected out of 43 students for next HR round.

Third round which was HR round was taken telephonically. In this round, they didn\'t ask any technical. They were mainly checking the candidate\'s communication skill and thought process. They asked following question to me:

Tell me about yourself.
Why do you not want to go for MS, despite of good academic record?
What will you do if we don\'t hire you?
What will you do if we hire you?
Why are you better than rest of candidate?
In 3 idiots movie, from which character you can relate yourself?

This round was mainly focused on student\'s thought process. Interviewers\' questions depend on candidate\'s reply. So be cool and relax for this round.

After this round, they have selected 15 students out of 24 students. Luckily I was one of them.


Prepare for your projects very thoroughly .
Know the all basic concept of java.
Prepare all the basic question of database.
Have some knowledge of basic SDLC Model.