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Virtusa Interview Experience - 11-10-2017 MANIT, BHOPAL
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Vaishali Jain
Company Name : Virtusa.
Profile : Associate Engineer.
Criteria: 65% throughout.
Location : According to requirement.
Date : 11-oct-2017.

There are 3 rounds.
First Round:- Online Test.

There are 3 sections.

FIRST- (40 minutes) First section is MCQ\'s which consists of Core Java based output questions, Some questions from UML (Unified Modeling Language) [ Which diagram is used for Timing constant:

a) Activity Diagram.
b) Sequence Diagram.
c) Interaction Diagram.
d) Use case Diagram]

Some of the questions from Software Engineering (Which Model is not suitable for accommodating any change is -

a) Build and Fix Model.
b) Prototype Model.
c) RAD Model.
d) Waterfall Model.

[Answer; d) Waterfall Model]).

Some of the questions from DBMS. There is no negative marking in this round.

SECOND & THIRD- (20 minutes for second section code & 20 minutes for third section code) Both are separate sections and both have coding question.

Tip: Give more focus on MCQ\'s. Attempt all the questions. And in coding section, if your test cases is not matches, Don\'t worry. Just try your logic best.

(11 out of 70 Students are shortlisted. I was one of them :D and then same day Next round is happening).

Second Technical Round:- Some people had Telephonic interview but I was called for Face-to-Face Interview.

Me- Could I come in Sir?

Interviewer- Yes. Seat Vaishali.
Me- Thank you Sir.

Interviewer- How are you?
Me- (With smile) I am good Sir.

Interviewer- you feel Nervous?
Me- No sir (Inside Yes Yes Yes :P :P).

Interviewer- Tumse jyada me nervous lag raha hun (both laughed :D).
Interviewer- So vaishali, tell me about your project?
Me- Replied.

(Questions like which server?, which technology? make structure of your project? make sure what you say, you have prepared for that, because they asked many cross questions. The discussion on project is around 15 to 20 minutes something).

Interviewer- He started talking to me in Hindi :D.

Me- (Inside Inko kya ho gya :P) He is too friendly.

(Aisa lag hi nhi rha tha ki me interview room me hu :P).

Interviewer- Some of the questions from SQL?
One of them was Find Max Third highest salary and second was remove duplicates.

Interviewer- Multithreading me kya aata h tumhe? (asked in Hindi).
Me- Shocked. I said sir sab aata h, he smiled. :D (He is so nice and friendly but make sure not everyone is like him).

He was pretty much satisfied with my answers.

Interviewer- what is semaphore?
Me- Replied. (Some of the questions from OS).

Interviewer- Mostly questions from Core java-Exception Handling, Collection, Multithreading, OOPs Concept.

At Last he asked - Do you have any question to ask?

I said yes. Many more questions but I didn\'t remember but Honestly speaking, they just check your confidence nothing else. Be thorough with the basics. They won\'t ask you any high level concepts. They just want you to be clear and confident about the basics.

HR Round:- Describe your CV and some general HR questions.

All the Best :).