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VIRTUSA POLARIS Interview Experience - 3/12/2016
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It had three rounds and all of them were rejection rounds.

First round: Technical Aptitude and Coding (MAJOR ELIMINATION)

For technical Aptitude, I Suggest you brush up thoroughly on your basics.

Questions: (Technical MCQs)

Complexity of inserting element, adding element in priority queue. Java questions regarding pre-increment, post increment operations, constructor overloading, overriding Java code snippets (IndiaBix will do) and go through OOP concepts.

Use case Diagrams (actors, Use cases) only 2 or 3 were asked. Given a SQL Query predict output. Coding (only one question will be asked. You will be required to code only in JAVA).

1) WAP to print string with space delimiter.
building india

-->MY friends were asked these,

- Print prime numbers
- Even odd
- Technical(Elimination)
- Basic questions on project.
- Family background.
- SDLC concepts.
- Agile development.
- Basic DBMS queries

--> Write a query to retrieve student name given ID
--> Join two tables using any join.

Then, I was asked to write a Java code of my choice.


- Why should I hire you?
- Family background?

This was a firing round for me. I was asked to give proof for my strengths and weaknesses (I narrated incidents which proved my abilities).

Throughout the processes don\'t loose your confidence. They sometimes test your capability to handle pressure. Just be calm and have right knowledge.