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VIRTUSA POLARIS Interview Experience - HYDERABAD 3/12/2016
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Hai Friends,

I attended Virtusa Polaris drive in Hyderabad.

The selection process consists of 3 rounds:

1) TECHNICAL ONLINE TEST: This Round consists of two sections. First section we have 50 MCQ\'s from Java, DBMS, Mysql, software testing, UML diagrams. In the second section, there is a program for which we need to write the code in Java. You have chances even if your logic is correct with minimal number of errors.

2) TECHNICAL INTERVIEW: In technical interview, they asked questions related to the following topics,

1. Final, Static keywords
2. Wrapper classes
3. Abstract class and interfaces
4. Create, insert, update queries
5. Commit, Rollback
6. Exception handling in Java
7. Throw, throws difference
8. Agile model
9. Final, finally, finalizer
10. Garbage values
11. Arraylists
12. Class and objects

3) HR INTERVIEW: The HR interview went on by asking me about my family, drop of percentages from intermediate to engineering, my project, salary, work timings, relocation and some simple questions related to me.

Finally, I was selected and they said that offer letters will be sent by October 2017 so I was a bit tensed of that offer letter (long delay :P).