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Virtusa Interview Experience - Hyderabad, Jan 20, 2015
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Srinivas Sarda
Hello Everyone,

I am S.Srinivas, Computer Science and Engineering student at RGM college of Engineering(RGIT), Nandyal.

Recently I have attended a of campus drive conducted by VIRTUSA at CMR group of institutions, Hyderabad.

Now I would like to share my experience with you, which I had during the interview.

The Interview process is started at 9:00 am with the introduction of recruitment team. The interview process consists of four rounds. The recruitment done by VIRTUSA is only for CSE & IT students.

Written Test :

The written test is for 40 questions followed by a java program. we have to take the exam in online. All the questions are related to Technical topics means core topics. It does not contain any aptitude or reasoning questions. The questions are mainly based on JAVA, DBMS & SOFTWARE TESTING. Most of the questions are given from JAVA.

So, one must be through with all the java concepts because it also helps a lot during interview because VIRTUSA interviews are done mainly on JAVA. Coming to DBMS, the questions are related to SQL queries. Some bits are from Data Structures like stacks and queues. There is a less focus on software testing, but basics should be clear and we have to know about types of testing and by whom the testing\'s are done in real world. The time given for these 40 questions is 40 minutes.

The test is followed by one program, we have to write the code for the given program only in java also have to pass the test cases given and the time given is half an hour. The program is not much harder. The programs are mainly asked on Sorting,Strings and Arrays. Partial codes are also considered. So, better try to attempt the logic at-least. Time is not a matter in VIRTUSA written test. There is a enough time.

Technical Round:

After some time it\'s my turn to attend the Technical Round. I entered into the cabin.

Me : Good Morning sir.
Sir : Good Afternoon Srinivas. Take your seat

Me : Thank you sir.

Sir : Drawn some diagram and said what is this? .

Me : Class Diagram and explained what are the fields in class Diagram.

Sir : Drawn some and informed to draw relationships ?
Me : Drawn(doubt fully).

Sir : List of Diagrams available in UML?
Me : Told.

Sir : SQL Like operator Query Example?
Me : explained with example.

Sir : SQL insert query?
Me : explained with example.

Sir : Define View and write syntax of view?
Me : told and written syntax with example.

Sir : Explain and try and Cache block with Example?
Me : Done.(But He was not Satisfied with the way I was done).

Sir : Is this Correct, if it is correct Explain how it works?
Me : it is correct sir. Explained but not satisfied again.

Sir : Define Interface and Abstract Classes?
Me : Told.

Sir : Difference between Final, Finally ?
Me : Told about Final and said i don\'t know about Finally sir.

Sir : Ok.

Sir : What is Checked & Unchecked Exceptions?
Me : Sir I know the Basics of Exception Concepts. But I don\'t what is Checked and Unchecked Exceptions.

Sir : Ok. Tell me about Transient Variable?
Me : Told.

Sir : What is meant by Collections?
Me : Told.

Sir : Explain SDLC phases?
Me : Told.

Sir : Last question Tell me about Serialization ?
Me : I Don\'t know Sir.

Sir : Given a white paper and told to write a program to count no of words in the given string?
Me :Written and Explained.

Sir : Write a program to check & count the occurrence of character in the given string?
Me : Done my best.
String : IndiaBix
Char : i
Output should be 3.

Sir : You can go now... :).
Me : Thank you sir... :).

HR Round :

After knowing that I have cleared the technical, I was asked to wait for HR interview. After some time I have received a call for HR interview.

Me : Good Afternoon sir.

Sir : Yeah Good Afternoon. Take your seat.
Me : Thank you sir.

Sir : Introduce about yourself ?
Me : (said about my academic records, activities that I have participated, achievements that I have achieved, my hobbies and about my family background).

Sir : What is Documentary(As I have mentioned in my Achievements).
Me : Told.

Sir : Don\'t you have any problem with your family members.
Me : No sir.(gave an explanation)

Sir : What are your strengths and weakness ?
Me : (Said about some of my strengths and weakness in an impressing way and you must be in a position to support your answer, try to prove your weakness is also one of your strength).

Sir : What motivates you to do good job?
Me : Told.

Sir : Why ?
Me : (Explained the reason that why I was not interested in higher studies).

Sir : Ok. Do you have any questions ?
Me : If i came with new ideas will your company encourage me.

Sir : Not all ideas. Some ideas we will encourage you.

Me : Ok sir. Thank you... :).

Within a short time, one of the recruitment member came out with the list of some members and announced. Luckily I am one of them.

Be confident all the time never give up.