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Posted By : Saranya Rating : +71, -9
Hi Friends

This is Pramod from LITAM, I got selected for VIRTUSA conducted at V.R.S.R College, Vijayawada on 20-07-06.I will just give the pattern for VIRTUSA. It may help u for just as reference.

         1) Written Test: 2 1/2 hrs
                Vocabulary    45Q:30m
                Aptitude      30Q:30m
                Reasoning     45Q:60m
                Technical     45Q:30m
                Learning      10Q:20m
         2) Group Discussion
         3) Technical Interview
         4) HR Interview


For vocabulary just Basic English knowledge is enough. Questions r just on articals, prepositions two comprehensions etc

For Aptitude it's just mainly on ven diagrams, Cube problems, some from R.s Agarwal.Its really very easy.

Reasoning is also very easy here we can get more marks, just they give silly questions to test our spontaneity .They just give some different words we have to find the correct one. Remaining Questions are also very easy.

Technical section: This is very critical section to answer. They mainly give Questions on C&DS, but they are very tough questions. They gave some large programs of length 1 page we have to check the errors. If we have the basic concepts with us then we can answer some questions easily. Test your C Skills book is useful for this concepts.

Learning section: Here they give one big essay/article of 2 pages for first 10 minutes, we have to read it. Then they take that paper & give some 10 questions on that essay. We have to answer those questions in 20 minutes. We have essay on some Mobile communications.

Note: Friends in this test each & every section has its own time we have to complete each section in allotted time. They take Question papers from us after completion of each section time. There is sectional cutoff for each section.

    Out of 980 students they selected 160 students from written test.

Friends this not the elimination round. We have the topic "Is Vijayawada suitable for Second Capital or not?", but I only oppose this topic. In this GD just we need to speak something about the topic that is enough. From our group they selected total 7 students from group of 8. Just follow the GD rules that are enough to clear this round. Some of our friends have the topics like "media role in corruption", "Affect of movies on Youth", "Love marriages Vs Arranged marriages","Terrarism".

Out of 160 students they selected 101 students.

This is also critical part of entire interview. They mainly ask about the questions on C & DS. They may ask some programs also on mainly DS. My questions are:

1) What is your favorite subject?  I answered as OS.
2) What are the major functions of OS
3) Write the program for reverse the string in any language?
4) What is a ternary operator?  How it is used to compare 3 operators?
5) What are basic search algorithms?
6) What is a binary search?
7) How many sorting algorithms are there? What are they?
8) Explain any sorting algorithm with example?

Interviewer is very calm and he is very jovial person. But my friends face some critical questions on DS.
Write a program to check whether given date is valid or not?
Write a program to delete a node in double linked list? (Entire program)

Just thorough with the basic concepts on C & DS, Java, DBMS, and OS. Out of 101 students they selected nearly 70 students.

My HR was very cool. My questions are

1)  How is your experience up to now in this exam?
2)  Which section did u feel critical?
3)  Tell me about your family background
4)  Why u take Computer Science Engineering?
5)  What r your favorite subjects? I answered as OS,DBMS,UNIX
6)  Why OS?
7)  Why DBMS?
8)  Have u any plans for PG
9)  What will u advice for your juniors about PG?
10) If u have to do PG? Which will u take? I answered it as MBA in INDIA only
11) Which side u will go? I answered it as Marketing
12) Why marketing?
13) What is your pen color?
14) Do have driving license?
15) What is your two wheeler?
16) What is color of your vehicle?
17) Do u have passport?
18) Why u need passport?
19) Does u have any plans to go to abroad? I answered it as No
20) Then why u need passport?
21) Have u attend for any GRE/TOEFEl Exams?
22) Do u no how to prepare food? I answered it as NO
23) Then after how will u prepare food for you? I answered it as I go to mess
24) Sometimes in cities there is a curfew for 5 to 10 days what will u do now?
25) Are u Independent/Dependent? I answered it as up to now I m dependent sir but after getting job I will be independent.
26) How can u prove you're self as independent?
27) We actually participated in some paper presentations, He ask me about some questions on them?
28) We also participated in one HR Workshop, He ask me what will you get from that work shop? What will you learn from that and where will u implement them in your daily life?
29) Draw a cube?
30) What will you do in leisure time? I answered it as browsing ne, gardening
31) What will you surf on net?
32) Do you have garden in your home?
33) What plants do you have in your garden?
34) Are there any rose plants in your garden?
35) What is the color of them? I answered it as white
36) What is your favorite color? Why?
37) What will you do in leisure time other than this? I answered it as Watching TV
38) Which channel do you watch?
39) What is your Latest movie?
40) Who is your favorite hero/heroin?
41) What is your favorite movie? I answered it as Kal ho noha
42) What is there in that film that u likes very much? Why?
43) Do you have any views about your project?
44) What are your future plans about your project?
45) Do u have any queries?

I asked about the platform on which VIRTUSA projects are going on and VIRTUSA is such a big MNC but limited to only four countries I asked the reason.
After 7 hrs they announce the results.

Out of 70 students They finally selected 47 students. I am also the one of them by GOD grace only



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