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TCS Interview Experience - Patna, 10 January 2022
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I applied for TCS on last week of October 2021, I gave my aptitude test on last week of November. Then after about 2 months I got mail for interview round. I had my TR and HR both together in online mode. Firstly TR round was held they asked me directly with technical questions.

1. What is oops concept?
2. What is encapsulation?
3. What is difference between data abstraction and encapsulation?
4. How can you apply encapsulation?
5. What is class and objects?

Then they ask me tell me any 3 company name that are using latest technologies.
That\'s all in TR round.

In HR round they asked me if I can relocate?
And what are two problems any one face in relocating.

That\'s all.
All the best for your interview. Hope it will help you.