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TCS Interview Experience - Tiruppur
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My Interview was held in TEAMS platform.

There were 3 members in the panel.

First they asked me about my 10th and 12th marks and my CGPA. After that my interview begins, I gave my self intro then. Many technical questions from oops concepts were asked like:

Polymorphism, inheritance,
What are the pillars of OOPS.
Difference between reference and pointer,
difference between calloc and malloc,
What are the access specifiers, 
What do you know about free.
What are the different datatypes.

Which datatype we use the most. Syntax of for loop and one coding logic (how to reverse a digit) then I mentioned in my self intro that I know HTML and CSS. So they asked the format of HTML5,

how to close a tag in html?,
what is <marquee>?
What is selector property in css?
Thus my technical part was done.

Then my HR part was started. They asked bunch of questions like. What is your strength. Where will you see you after 5 years, . Differentiate between college and office atmosphere. Explain about your one of the best achievement in your life for the past 15 years, what are the challenges that you have faced when you enter into your college for the first time. What are the clubs that you were a part of it in your campus, did you conduct any technical events in your department? Then my HR section gets over. Then they verified my marksheets and my interview got over.

It was about 30 to 40 minutes and I answered almost all questions. Even though you didn\'t know the answer try to say something related to it and be confident.