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TCS Interview Experience - 12 September 2021 & online
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Vedant Modi
Round-1 (EXAM).

I done the TCS NQT exam on the 12th September 2021 in the exam there was a Aptitude, Reasoning, English and 2 coding questions.

And the result declared on the 29th Sept 2021 midnight at 12:10 AM and I just shocked I tell my friend check this mail originally came from TCS or what then she said no its not fake its officially TCS mail id still I can\'t believe on her and do research on TCS fake mails & all till mornings 4 AM then I know its official cam e from TCS and.

I am getting super shock how I passed exam because during exam whole 30 questions of aptitude I just answered all questions then comes to logical and English that\'s part I know.

And then comes to 2 coding questions in 1st coding question I just write only few lines of code that did not even compiled in 2nd coding questions I just write only. (Dot) because I don\'t even understand the question and without writing anything we can not submit so I just write dot. XD.

Round-2 (Technical Interview).

After all that on 7th October I got the mail for interview. There are 3 Interviewer TR, MR and HR.

First start with TR.

They asked tell about your self, interested field I said java then they asked all question from java like:-.

Super, static, final, this keywords.
Override - overloading.
Diff- java & python.
Constructer and types.
Inheritance and types.
Can we execute java without main method.
Latest jdk version.
Then he asked 2-3 questions from C++ but I got answered only question.

Then he came to dbms.

What is join & types.
Left join.
Primary key.
Normalization (he goes deep in normalization and I just said no idea sir no idea).

ACID and more 2-3 question.

Then he asked from html and css.
Span tag (that I don\'t know).

Css and types.
Goes deep on css types.
And more 2 question.

Then MR (managerial) comes.

Asked about SEO (that mention on my resume) how can I boost my website ranking.
He don\'t know about flutter (that also mention on my resume) so asked what comes in flutter and many more.

Question about flutter.
Asked about API (that also mention on my resume) , how many API you know and what uses all of them.

And then he asked about situation (what I have to do in that situation) regarding API. But I did not understand well what they want to say I just answered accordingly (here I thought I disappointed him).
Even he don\'t know about diploma studies (like wow he don\'t know anything about diploma) & asked silly question like is it equivalence to 12th or not. And then is it take 7 years and many more.
And then about TPO (that also mention on my resume). What you mean by TPO and their works etc.

Then HR comes.

Why we choose you along from another candidate.
Can you agree for relocate.
Comfortable with night shift.

And last document verification.


Pro tip => don\'t be stressed out about placements. What\'s yours is find you just keep calm and BELIEVE IN GOD\'S SUPERMACY.