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TCS Virtual Interview Pattern - 23 March 2021
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Padmaja Vepakomma
Hello friends,

I am Padmaja, I wrote TCS NQT on 10th March.

I got selected for next round and my interview was completed on 23rd March.
In 1st round, there 5 sections.

1. English   (24Q - 30 minutes).
2. Aptitude  (26Q - 40 minutes).
3. Reasoning (30Q-50 minutes).
4. Technical  MCQ questions (Pseudo code, Data structures) (10Q - 15 minutes).
5. Coding   (2Q - 45 minutes).

English and reasoning is very easy if you solve this two sections better definitely you might be selected.
In English they asked.

1. Word completion.
2. Errors in sentence.
3. Jumbled sentences.
4. Full in the banks.
5. Short paragraphs.

In aptitude:

1. Ages.
2. Simple interest.
3. Ratios and proportions.
4. Allegations and mixtures.
5. Profit and loss
6. Time and speed, distance
7. Time and work
8. Mean, mode, median, standard deviation and variance.


1. Syllogism.
2. Statement and argument.
3. Statement and conclusion.
4. Figure analytics.
5. Blood relations.

Some questions from they give some points based on that we have to give which one is better based on that for example:
Topic like college admission.They will give eligibility criteria.

They asked question like she is eligible for admission or not. This type questions also asked it is easy to crack this.

Round - 2:

It is virtual interview three members are interviewers TR, MR and HR.
All are very friendly.

My interview was around 30 minutes
I am 2019 passed out.
1st question is no need to say tell me about yourself.

Next MR asking about my academic project I did\'t give answer properly for this questions so please keep sure in your projects what ever your are mentioned in the resume.

Next TR asked about what languages you know I said I am good in java, C and Python,
Then he asked what do you know in python.
Next he asked what is the importance of C.
Next he asked about what is difference b/w local and global variables.
Next What is an array, what is an inheritance.

What is multi threading, why C is not a secure
Do have any idea about SQL I said no sir.

Next do you know back end and front end technologies, did you used Java or python in your project. This questions asked TR.
Next MR asked about my project being a non -it why do you choose it field and about TCS.

Some more questions he asked but didn\'t understand what he asked, after that he asked so your 2019 passed after completion did you learn any new technologies. I said no then said you don\'t no technologies how do you work I said sir if company need that I will definitely learn sir he asked why TCS.
Then coming to HR she is very friendly.

She asked are you ready to relocate?
And she also asked after completion of B.Tech what did you do I said I am searching for the job madam I prepare aptitude and coding even MR also asked that if learnt coding where did you practice I said I practiced in platform like hacker rank, code chef he asked.
What program you recently write I said I wrote java programs in TCS NQT.

He asked what questions those are:
I explained that and HR asked relocate in b/w I did audible her voice I think this is the question she asked but I said Chennai Bangalore Hyderabad.

That\'s all about my interview I think it will helpful for you.

Be prepare before going to interview mostly in your projects and resume.

I am waiting for my result I think i didn\'t perform well in my interview so please be prepare.

All the best.
Thank you.