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TCS Interview Experience - Virtual & 2020
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Venna Venkata Phaneendra
On 29th October:

I wrote TCS Placement First round!...

On 12th November:

I got a mail from TCS saying that I cleared the first round and shortlisted for an Interview.

On 19th November:

I got mail midnight at 1:00 AM, saying that my Interview scheduled on the same day 19th November at 3:00 PM

So at 3:00 PM, Interview:

Finally Into Interview of TCS.


Duration: 42 minutes.

Tell us about yourself?

Total 3 members (2 members are for Technical and 1 member for HR)!...

1st Member:

1.) You wrote, you have knowledge about MS Office(So 2 questions from it), so
2.) What is MS Word and it\'s uses?
3.) What is the ribbon in MS Excel? (Not answered)
4.) What is the main() function in C?
5.) Tell me something more about C?
6.) Write any code using an if-else loop.

2nd Member:

1.) What is JDK in Java?
2.) What\'s the difference between JVM, JRE, and JDK?
3.) What\'s your idea about the final year project?

3rd Member HR:

HR asked me to show my soft copy marks sheets, through the sharing screen.

1.) One puzzle.
2.) Why TCS?
3.) Okay for relocation?
4.) Salary is fine?
5.) Agreement of one year fine?

Finally Selected in TCS.