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TCS - Kohinoor Park, Hyderabad & 24th January 2020
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Pavan Kumar
Hi Friends,

I\'m here to share my entire Interview experience of TCS.

My Interview Experience:

I had attended NQT Exam in August 2019. Questions are more likely to be on Aptitude, Reasoning, Verbal ability, MCQ\'s on C programming, and one Coding question. Indiabix is a very useful platform to practice and clear the written test. Results were announced and I cleared the written test. My Interview was scheduled on 2 PM in Synergy Park, Hyderabad. There were 3 rounds TR, MR and HR. My TR questions were related to the MS Excel formulas which I was not expected. If you are the one\'s who kept MS Office in Resume like me, then please go through it if you can. Also asked few questions on Python and C programming basics and later asked to write a program on a pattern in C language. Unfortunately I got rejected in the TR round itself(I think because I was unable to answer MS Excel formulas) and that\'s how it was ended.

Re-interview :

Later I got another mail in December 2019 to attend the Interview again which was scheduled on 24th of January 2020 at 10 AM in Kohinoor park, Hyderabad. This time I fine tuned my Resume and edited the skills which I\'m perfect. My TR questions were on the basics of electronics(as I\'m from ECE) and OOPs concepts. This time I was very confident in what I put in my Resume and the questions that I expected to be asked on. Also asked to explain my major project of Engineering. Hopefully I\'ve cleared TR. Then there were 2 rounds MR and HR which were clubbed together and it was completely on the Resume and asked few basic questions like, in what way you will utilize if you have free time, strengths, weakness etc...and that\'s how it ended. Results got announced on Feb 2nd and finally I got selected this time. After a week I got my joining letter and my joining date was on 24th Feb.

Key Points at the time of Interview :

1. Be on time at the Interview Venue.
2. Maintain formal dress code.
3. Don\'t forget to carry all the required documents.
4. Prepare well, go through you Resume multiple times and expect questions from every corner of it.
5. Be confident and don\'t lose patience.

Things that I learned :

1. Don\'t put fake skills in the Resume.
2. Learn from your past mistakes.
3. Don\'t lose hope.

If you are not selected don\'t get depressed. Something big is waiting for you. Never give up on anything, try and try till you achieve it. May you all get succeeded in your lives all the very best.