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Tata Consultancy Services Interview Experience - Hyderabad, March 24, 2015

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Dear Friends,

We hear many times that it's a cakewalk to grab a job in TCS, but that is not true always. If it is off campus then the probability of getting rejected is a bit more.

Okay, cleared written test conducted on FEB 20th and the exam mostly stresses on the basic concepts of quant which we can clear with some practice. Apart from quant we need to write an e-mail to the situation they give. This can also be cleared by following the e-mail etiquette. Though I didn't follow campus gate, many recommended practicing questions from that. E-mail is all about using the words given (need not to be in the same order) without grammatical mistakes and punctuation mistakes. I can tell you Clearing written doesn't require a tedious preparation.

Clearing interview is not that easy as written.

DAY 1:

There are around 800 students aspiring to start their career with TCS in two batches morning and afternoon. Patience is much needed with TCS recruitment as it is a tedious process. Nearly 24 panels for each session with at least two members of every panel.

Mine is an afternoon session and we were asked to report by 2:30 and the actual process started at 4:00 PM with allocating candidates to the panels.

I am the second candidate in my panel. First candidate came in 5 mins and I didn't even get a chance to interact with him. The most important factor to clear an interview is CONFIDENCE we build up all these days. It is much more important in TCS. Friends through all the rounds just try to be confident (Not overconfident) , then job is yours.

Asked their permission and entered (basic). My panel consists of two members.

Greeted them and they didn't ask me to sit, after 5 seconds I asked their permission and sat. They are smart and try to explore you and be confident in answering.

TR: Tell me about you? (expected and be prepared for these basic questions).
Me: Told.
(believe one of them looked my resume for 5 mins while other was listening to my introduction and asked few questions from my introduction).

TR: Why did you come to this interview? you are not meant to be here.
Me:  (I have good and consistent academics GATE qualification and MERIT in M.Tech with ECE background).

I gave a smile and it took me next 10 mins to convince them saying how compatible I am for TCS.

TR: Man you are going on highway road and now you want to take a U-turn to get into a street. Why?
ME: This may look like a compliment but it is not. I answered very carefully telling how knowledge in my course may be important at times in dealing different projects as TCS gets some Embedded systems projects.

(If you are from Non-IT background be prepared to convince them with reasons and good explanation).

TR: Impressive. Now let's get into real technical.
ME: Okay sir.(confidently).

For the next 15 mins I was asked from each and every corner of the resume.

(projects, embedded systems and technically many basic questions).

(please be conscious while preparing the resume. Include all you are confident of. I included only C language in my resume though I had OOPS in my curriculum as I am not comfortable with it).

TR: What is a prime number?
(In that notch discussion it was a blank for me a moment).

TR: Man? prime number? Not able to answer with this academic background?
ME:  (for a 15 second pause I was pulled badly. Don't take the pressure at these times. Bounce backed. ).

TR: Write a program for the prime number?
ME: Try to write with different logics. I explained them a different logic which shows my confidence in concepts like Functions.

TR: How much you give on a scale of ten for your C skills?
ME: If it is up to concepts like functions I rate 9/10 and for concepts like strings, pointers, and structures 5/10.

TR: Why?
ME: I revised for just two days.  (interrupted).

TR: Just two days?
ME:  (be confident) yes sir. I was able to revise till functions and I am proficient in using them. Later topics were not revised by me.

TR: Okay.
Few more questions on C.

TR: How many bytes for an int?
ME: 4 bytes.

TR: Short and long?
ME: 2 and 4 bytes.

TR: Same for both long and int? (he gave me a cruel smile indicating they caught me as I said proficient till functions).
ME: I stood by my answer and told him it depends on the compiler we get to use.

TR: He is now really impressed. Okay. What else than academics?
For the next 5 mins we spoke about cricket.

My technical went for 45 minutes approx.

Finally, I was asked to leave and thanked them very confidently and left the room. Be conscious while you open and close the door. Make sure you close without banging sound.

Results were given after a long wait and my name is there for next rounds.


Nearly 400 students were present i.e. they filtered half from 800.

Few panels were MR+HR and few are just MR.

It is better if you fall into MR only panel because you get to know whether you are in for next round HR or not. But for MR+HR panels we do not know till we get the final result which will be mailed later.

One person in the MR panel and he is very friendly.

MR: Tell me about yourself?
ME: Told.

Few questions from my introduction.

MR you are now the team lead and it is Friday evening and only 70% of the work is done for the project delivery set on MONDAY morning.

I tried to give some solution. He used to tighten the situation even more.

JUST DON"T LOOSE SMILE ON YOUR FACE in this round. Very much important.

Anyway after totally screwing up the situation and no response from me in this situation other than a smile, he told the answer and we discussed it.

MR: We have a branch in ASSAM would you work if you were given?
ME: YES.  (tell what happens).

MR: I am strongly suggesting you to go to HR directly.
ME: Thank you very much with a confident smile.

People think MR is not filtering round. They do. Many were rejected in this round.

After 2 long hours wait got to face HR.

HR: There is nothing other than academics in your resume. So tell me anything other than academics.
ME: I said I play cricket, read books.  (interrupted).

HR: Tell me what all you read?
ME: Said about the novels I read.  (If you say reading, you have to pay for it).

HR: Tell me what all you read?
ME: Books, newspapers and google news.

HR: What is the news today?
ME:  (I know the day we go to an interview we have to peep into paper once. But due to a tight schedule I didn't).

Sorry madam, because of the tight schedule I've got no chance to refer paper once.

HR: That's okay. Tell me 3 days back news other than sports?
MR:  (Blank for 10 seconds. BUT never show that on your face).

I told there was a swine flu case recorded in Visakhapatnam (I did lie then as I was blank for a moment and nothing is popping up).

HR: She smiled. Anything other than SWINE FLU CASE MR. ?
ME:  (She wrote that information on a paper for further verification and looking at me).

I was confident. Rather I say acted confident.

HR: Family background.
ME: Told.

HR: Okay. You can leave.
ME: Thanked her very confidently.

There were no questions from the HR about relocation and on TCS bond and I took for a grant that I would n't be selected as I was not asked these questions.

But after few days I got an offer letter from the TCS.

There is a lot of difference in ON-CAMPUS and OFF-CAMPUS recruitment. It is a great experience. It would have not went like this if it were an ON-CAMPUS.

BE CONFIDENT with some preparation. ALL THE BEST.

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