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Tata Consultancy Services(TCS) Interview Pattern - Kolkata, March 13, 2015

Posted By : Ayan Ghatak Rating : +53, -5
Hello everyone,

After clearing the aptitude exam @TCS Off campus, Feb 20, 2015, I was called for interview at TCS Gitanjali Park office Kolkata. Without elaborating much, let me start with my interview experience.

It was a big room and 2-3 interviews were being simultaneously held in different corners of the room. The co-ordinator directed me to a corner. All I found was an empty chair and three interviewer facing me. They were One sir and two mam. After greeting them with a smile, I was asked to take a seat.

Interviewer 2 : Ok Ayan, you are in your 8th semester right?
Me : Yes mam.

Interviewer 2 : Well, you must be doing your final year project. Can you tell us a bit about that.
Me : Yes mam, I am doing the numerical modeling of heat source during welding using ansys..bla...blah....Why is it important and all?

Interviewer 3 : Did you use any hardware or was it only computational?
Me : Told.

Interviewer 2: So, you are from mechanical department. What are the subjects you read in mechanical course?
Me: Mam mechanical engineering course covers a wide range of subjects. To name a few are Machine Design , ...(interrupted)

Interviewer 2 : Well, what kind of machines you design ?
Me: Mam in machine design we mainly study the underlying principles in designing machines.

Interviewer 2 : Give me an example. (She gave me a paper to illustrate).
Me : (I did not prepare Design that day, I studied Strength of Materials , Don't know why the hell I said machine design) Anyway I started explaining the failure theories , its importances , one or two plot diagrams.

Interviewer 2 : Ok, Do you know programming ?
Me : Yes Mam. I done Java, C++ and C in my secondary, higher secondary and first year of graduation respectively. But I have a problem in remembering the formats of different languages. It will be kind of you if I choose to answer only in C++ , because that's what I prepared for today.

Interviewer 2 : Good, So you know Object Oriented Programming. Tell me what is it?
Me : I looked blanked for a 5 sec.(I was trying hard to recollect my first page of my class 9 notebook or even chapter 2 of class 12 sumit arora book, but it was blank.).

Interviewer 1 : We mean tell us some of the features of OOPs.
Me : Sir I don't remember them all, but yea I can try some. I said Inheritance, Polymorphism, and there was something by which we hide the details of unnecessary stuffs(I was trying to say encapsulation, but was not able to reach the term. They smiled).

Interviewer 2 : What is Polymorphism ?
Me : (taking a grasp and putting a fake smile) Mam we implement it by function overloading...blah blah....Told.

Interviewer 1 : And what about Inheritance ?
Me : Explained but did a mistake. Instead of saying protected, I said private type data.

Interviewer 1 : Can you inherit a private member?
Me : Silent.

Interviewer 1 : Tell me how many types of ways you can define.
Me : Public, Private and Protected.

He immediately said "That's right protected " (I got his hint).
I explained inheritance with the protected type. Gave an example to illustrate and prove I am confident.

Interviewer 1 : Well Ayan, What else than studies? Do you play?
Me : (I knew about this. A friend of mine, already warned me this. They always want to corner you. If you say cricket, they will ask what is the weight of cricket ball, dimension of cricket ground, records of players bla bla) I put a smile and said no sir I don't have a passion of any particular game. I don't play outdoors. Sometimes I play Chess on mobile. Sometimes I watch cricket or football or even play NFS, CS on laptop but nothing so much interested or addicted to.

He laughed. I made my room. He can't corner me.

Interviewer 1 : Don't you love music at least ?
Me : Of Course sir.

Interviewer 1 :  Who is your favourite musician?
Me : (Oh my god, I wasn't prepared for this. Only 1 name came in my mind) I love A.R.Rahman Sir compositions.

Interviewer 2 :  Why do you like him?
Me :(Wierd, how can you explain quality) He is the best. I love his style.

Interviewer 1 : No, but why you like him?
Me : (Feeling to shout at him) I smiled stupidly, sir just no reason. out of all the other musicians I hear, his compositions sound best to my ears till date .

All of them smiled. (Thank God they did not ask other musician or music details. I was blank)

Interviewer 1 : Why TCS? We want anything other than bookish answers. Please.
Me: I smiled. Oh sir I prepared a very good bookish answer remembering the statistics and figures, but if you insist a non- bookish answer. Let me tell you. I have a couple of my relatives who had been at TCS. They have been to US a lot of times. When I was small, I was told to be like them. My neighbour son also joined TCS. They all are very happy and satisfied with what they are, so I want to earn a job satisfaction like them joining TCS. They had been my inspirations sir.

Interviewer 2 : So they are in TCS now?
Me: No mam, one is working in TCS and the other has moved to another company. They are very senior and old. I didn't let them know I am getting interviewed at TCS.(Truth is they are my long distant maternal uncles. one is in IBM and the other in Accenture. They both were at TCS at some point. Who cares, confidence is the key. :D)

Interviewer 2 : Why joining TCS from Mechanical background? You know you can't find thermal science and other favourite subjects you mentioned, here.
Me : Mam IT is a diverse field. I have a senior friend and he is now in energy department. He is developing software for them. In those cases I can understand clients better as I am a mechanical guy. And whatever else is required will be learned by me in due, because I am a quick learner.

Interviewer 3 :(She is awesome and beautiful and had been quite all the time. I guess she was for HR questions)Tell us about your family?
Me : Told.

Interviewer 3 : So how is your joint family different from your nuclear ones ?
Me : Told. (They smiled back in response with some nods at times :p).

Interviewer 3 : Where do you want to see yourself 5 years from now?
Me : Mam I want to learn from all experience I get on my way. No such expectation as now I am a fresher. My that senior brother said normally one becomes a senior lead manager once he has a 8 year experience. May be. Whatever 5 years I get, I will learn and perform my best when required.

Interviewer 2 : Are you  ready to relocate?
Me : Of Course mam.

Interviewer 3 : Do you have any problem in working in shifts ?
Me : No mam.    

Interview 2 : Thank you. You may go now.
Me: Thank you sir, thank you mam(2)...(I left the room. They were happy, smiling. I feel that's all meant to be positive.)

The co-ordinator said me to wait for the feedback. Later he said you are off for the day. Actually some were facing 2-member panel and some like me faced 3-member panel. The 2-member panels are for technical interview and so, ones who are facing 2 member panel again had to wait for their HR round. I was lucky to get all at a time. They said me to leave for the day and they will let me know by the end of the month.

I was happy. It was my 2nd interview experience, first being at Infosys. In this I was more confident and  prepared. Getting selected at Infosys was easier, it was college campus job but TCS is a off campus drive. Someone said there were total 25000 students appeared for TCS Off campus drive written exam. So getting selected must a more challenging. Waiting for the results. But enjoyed my life 2nd Interview.

Thanks to all my friends who gave me suggestions and confidences and also to seniors who helped me.

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