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Tata Consultancy Services Interview Experience - Visakhapatnam, September 9, 2014

Posted By : M.S.K.Sandeep Rating : +746, -17
My TR:

Sept 9th around 2:15 pm. Unfortunately I was the first person after Lunch Break.

I entered the big hall where 6 interviews were going. Initially I was scared.

NOTE: The sentences that I wrote in Brackets were my feelings and actions during the interview.

I: Happy Afternoon sir.

TR: Yeah please take your seat.

TR: Can I have your CV?
I: Yeah Sure sir.  (Gave my Resume).

TR: So. Sandeep tell me something about yourself which is not there in your resume.

I: Sir, I am a person who helps everyone who is in need. As my name indicates, I bring light into their life by virtue of my goodness with others.  (Of course everything was scripted from Google :P).

TR: Okay Sandeep, what was the last movie you have watched?

I: (Took a 1 Min pause. I was unable to recollect. Meanwhile, some other person came and TR was talking to him. My mind was completely blank. Finally I realized that I have seen MARDAANI Movie just 2 days back. Then I told "sir, it's Mardaani" while he was talking, I interrupted. He told, "Just a minute". ).

TR: Yeah tell me what was it?

I: It is Mardaani sir. (I was afraid as I thought he may ask about director, producer and all which I had no idea about. ).

TR: Can you narrate me the story in 5 sentences?

I: Yes Sir. The story is about girl child kidnapping and sexual abusement. Rani Mukarjhee played a key role as a police officer in finding out the main culprit for the Kidnapping. She was very energetic and intelligent and traced out the place of the gang and rescues the girls. The moral of the story is that every woman have to be courageous and at least bold enough to protect herself.

TR: Ohk Good. So, coming to your Technical aspects, how much do you rate yourself for Instrumentation?
I: Sir I would rate myself 4 out of 5.

TR: oh. 4/5, then how much do you rate yourself in programming?
I: Ah. I would give 4 out of 5 sir but I would prefer programming than instrumentation.

TR: Why is it so?

I: Actually I like C language a lot. I tried out many programs on my own. But being an instrumentation engineer, I could not learn more than C++ in my curriculum. I found no time to learn JAVA and other HLL.

TR: I see. So, which language are you comfortable in? C or C++?
I: I much very much comfortable in C.

TR: Fine then, tell me what a Local Block is?

I: Sir, a Local block in C is a function. In functions, we declare local variables and they have their scope and extent only within the function. They are local to the function itself.

TR: What is "Lvalue"?

I: (Actually I heard about it for the first time. I thought such word is not there at all and he is trying to test me if I say yes as in VIVA :P) I replied, "I heard about it sir but could not recollect.".

TR: Fine what is meant by a transducer?

I: A transducer is a device that converts a non - electrical (physical parameter) into electrical quantity.

TR: Name some physical parameters.

I: Pressure, level, flow and temperature are main process parameters. Other physical quantities are humidity, viscosity, force, speed, etc.

TR: Tell me something about pressure gauge.

I: (My brain stopped working). I told sir, pressure gauge is a device which is used to sense pressure. It is a pressure sensing device. It has a diaphragm in it. Whenever some pressure is applied, it gives some electrical output either 0-5 V or 4-20mA of current.

TR: I think pressure gauges are of two types. Right?

I: Yes sir. Bourdon tube and Bellows.

(I know what ever answer I said was ABSOLUTELY WRONG as pressure gauge does not contain a diaphragm and Bellows are not pressure gauges. ).

TR: Yeah very good.  (I got fixed. He does not know anything about our core. He was asking some random questions which is found in Google).

TR: What is Microprocessor?

I: A microprocessor is the CPU of a microcomputer that performs arithmetic and logical operations on data. It is an on-board device and all other peripherals like RAM, ROM, I/O Ports, Serial Communication port etc. Have to be connected externally to it.

TR: Okay. What is a Microcontroller? How do you differentiate between a processor and a controller?

I: A Microcontroller is a highly integrated on chip device sir i.e., all the devices are connected on a single chip. A processor is a general purpose one and a controller is an application oriented or domain specific.

TR: What is a regulator?

I: (I got Struck. ) hmm. A regulator is a device that gives a constant DC voltage. i.e., if it is a voltage regulator, then it converts the input DC voltage into some CONSTANT DC output voltage. For example: IC7805 always gives output voltage as +5 V. Whereas if it is IC7912, it gives -12 V.

TR: What are the other types of regulators?

I: There are many other regulators, we do have speed regulators, power regulators etc.  (Actually I did not know if they really existed. ).

TR: Then what is the difference between a voltage controller and a voltage regulator?

I: (Shocked! thought I was booked as he knew something about it. ) Sir, in voltage regulator, we get a CONSTANT output voltage, whereas if we use a voltage controller, we can vary or control the voltage according to our need. A POT is an example of voltage controller.

TR: Okay. Sandeep, you have excellent grades in your academics, so why don't you opt for a core job?

I: Sir, as I told you previously, I am very much interested in programming and I want to be in software field. And many of my seniors and family members told that getting into TCS, a leading multinational software company is like getting a government Job.

TR: So, you want job security?

I: Yes sir of course. I am very dedicated person. As long as I work in a company, I work for the progress of the company and mine as well. So, I can see my growth in correspondence to the growth of your company. (BISCUIT).

TR: You would have studied about Engineering physics and chemistry in your 1st year. Right? Tell me where you find chemistry in your day to day life.

I: (I thought he is got mad as he was asking me all bloody questions. I hate chemistry in fact. ) Sir, we find chemistry everywhere in our life, right from the toothpaste that we use regularly to salt without which our food becomes tasteless, we find chemistry.

TR: Impressive.

I: (Thank god, Chemistry impressed).

TR: What is a control system?

I: (What the Hell? How many question still you want to ask? Ask me something on C language!) Sir, a system that gives a desired output for a given input is called a control system. If it was a normal system, it would give an output which may not be desired.

TR: So, how do you get this desired output?

I: We usually use feedback systems.

TR: How many types of feedbacks are there?

I: (Actually many are there. ) There are two types sir: Positive and Negative.

TR: What is calibration?

I: Testing the device over some standards and adjusting the static and dynamic characteristics to the desired form is called calibration.

TR: How do you calibrate a pressure gauge?

I: (Are you mad? Stop asking such questions. ) Sir, we calibrate pressure gauge using some standards. Strain gauge measurement and using dead load test.  (I heard those words somewhere. But, the answer was wrong I suppose. ).

TR: Good.
I: (Thought of slapping him. ).

TR: Tell me something about your project and Industrial training.

I: I am working on a project named Water level measurement and control using Programmable Logic Controller and I have done my Industrial training in ETDC (Electronics Test and Development center) where I learnt about PLC, Microcontrollers and Calibration.

TR: What is a PLC?

I: A Programmable Logic Controller, PLC or Programmable Controller is a digital computer used for automation of typically industrial electromechanical processes.  (A memorized answer from Google. ).

TR: Okay Sandeep. That was good talking to you. You can leave.

I: Same here sir. Thank you.

That was all about my Technical Interview which was done for around 20 Minutes. Actually he asked me more questions only because I had good CGPA. Otherwise in TR, usually basic questions and C programming is asked. So, everyone must be thorough with C language and coding at least all the standard programs. As I told I was very good at C, he did not ask me anything on C.

Here is the twist.

All those who got their TR done on 8th Sept. , had their MR and HR on 9th and all those who had their TR on 9th were supposed to have their HR and MR on 10th.

But, ours was the toughest panel for TR which completed their TR round and released the names of selected candidates for MR and HR on the same day by 5:00 pm. Only Panel 11 (ours) had TR, HR and MR on same day.

I saw the list of students selected for HR and MR out of Panel -11.

My name was NOT there. I was disqualified.

Not only me, but there were 4 more members like me who thought they will surely clear their TR. But unfortunately we did not find our names in the list.

We, remaining 4 members waited with all the rest qualified members.

Their HR and MR was started at 6:00pm and each person 20 Minutes. I saw, the persons coming out were literally crying even boys. I found two of my friends having no words after coming out. They were just scolding HR like hell and rushed away from the place. Actually they had a STRESS Interview which is tough to handle and the HR would test our emotions and all our reactions.

Around 7:00pm, TCS HR came out with another small list and said: "Who is Sandeep? I replied, "Sir, I am here.

HR: Oh. You are still here? Me: Yes sir.

Then he read 4 more names.

Actually we were all selected for HR and MR. But they hided our names.

HR: You are all qualified for your HR and MR. You will have them in Panel -5 Get ready for it in 5 Minutes.

First name was mine. I quickly got ready, washed my face and put on tie and got ready for MR and HR.

My MR:

I was tensed. Scolded those TCS people for such a test of Patience.

After 10 minutes, I entered a room. There was a middle aged person which his white hair who looked young because of his dressing style but was old for sure.

I: Happy Evening sir.

MR: Hello. Happy Evening. So, you are a student of Gampa Nageswara rao. Right?

I: Yeah sir. I am an IMPACT student.

MR: That's great.

MR: So, How was your reaction when you did not find your name in the TR list initially?

I: I felt a bit disappointed. But I was very confident that I will clear my TR and that is why I stayed back and was waiting for this call.

MR: Yeah, actually we intentionally hidden your names to check how you react to the situation and thought of finding your patience and confidence levels.

MR: Can I have your Resume?

I: (Gave him my resume).

MR: So, all usual questions. Tell answers one by one.

I: Sir, I didn't get you.

MR: (Smiled). Your friends would have told you out what I am asking inside. All general questions.

I: Hmm. Tell me about yourself?

MR: How many times you will say that answer? Again you must tell the same to the MR. So, tell me something very special about yourself and the answer must impress me.

I: Whatever work is given to me, I do it completely putting all my efforts. That shows how dedicated I am and this is my greatest strength. I am good in leading people. I am the class representative of my class and have been the class monitor even in my schooling. I know how to handle people as I have good organizing skills. I have organized many events and was successful. As an example, I would quote my Industrial Tour in 2nd year. I was the person who took everything into consideration while organizing the tour and it was a great trip.

(I kept on saying things like that and he kept on listening to them. ).

MR: So, where did you go for your Industrial tour?

I: We went to Hyderabad and Araku sir.

MR: Why TCS?

I:I have been passionate about software job right from when I joined GITAM University. Many of my seniors and family members told TCS is one of the best companies globally. So, I want to get into TCS.

MR: Again a routine answer. I am fed up with such answers yaar. Tell me something new. Something innovative which would impress me.

I: Out of my research, I came to know about your company and its Initial Learning Program which is the best out of what other companies provide. Even few of my seniors told that getting into TCS and being an associate of TCS is one of the greatest achievements in life. My Family members and many other relatives are a part of TCS. So, I also would like to be a part of this Company and give my best to the company.

MR: Who among your family members is a part of TCS?

I: My Brother in Law is working for TCS in Bangalore. He is under Retail sector of TCS.

MR: Okay. Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

I: I am career oriented sir. I would like to see my growth along with the company growth. As I told you, I am good in leading people, I want to be a Team leader or Project head within 5 years of my joining.

MR: Okay Sandeep. I am done with my questions. You can wait outside for your HR.

I: Thank you so much sir.

That was all about my MR. I was lucky that he was also an IMPACT student and it was an advantage to me as I wished HAPPY EVENING. Thankful to Gampa Nageswara Rao sir and my friends who took me to IMPACT program. He got good impression on me. My MR was for about 15 minutes. Then I waited out for 10 minutes and was called for HR.

My HR:

I: Happy Evening sir.  (Used the same trick).

HR: Good Evening. Take your seat. Why so Happy?

I: Sir, actually when someone wishes on birthday, we say Happy Birthday, on some festival we say, Happy Diwali or Happy Holi etc. So, I thought why we can't wish daily Happy Morning, Happy Evening instead of Good Morning and Good Evening. This will in a way make the person feel happy too.

HR: Nice. Give your resume and tell me about yourself.

I: (I got used to this answer. ) I am Sandeep. As my name indicates I am a person who shows light into others life by virtue of my goodness with everyone. I am from Hyderabad. I am persuing my B-Tech final year in Gitam Institute of Technology, under the discipline of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering. I have completed my Intermediate in Hyderabad and my schooling in various parts of India. I belong to a typical Middle Class family. My father is an ex-serviceman from the Indian Air Force. Whatever work is assigned to me, I put all my efforts, and work hard to complete it within the stipulated time. I am very responsible person and care for others and their well-being.

HR: So, your father is an Ex-Serviceman from Indian Air Force. Do you know what is the highest rank or position in IAF?

I: (Shocked!) It is AOC sir (Air Office Commander).

HR: I am asking the highest rank as we have General in Army.

I: My father told it long back sir. It has already been 5 years he retired from IAF. I think AOC is the Highest Position in that particular wing or air force station. My father was a Junior Warrant Officer.

HR: I know. My Father is also from Indian Air Force.

I: (What the hell. Was this coincidence necessary when I had no idea about IAF?).

HR: Why don't you go into Defense then?

I: I do not have interest in that field sir. I am good at programming, I like to work in an atmosphere where I can excel my coding skills.  (I diverted the topic to programming and wished he asks any question on C).

HR: Why did you join in Electronics and Instrumentation engineering?

I: During my counselling, I had no other option but to choose EIE. Though I got into this branch by chance, I worked very hard and got good grades even in my core subjects. But still I like C, C++ languages and programming.

HR: Are you a native of Vizag?

I: No sir. My native is Eluru (W. G. Dist. ). My parents live in Hyderabad.

HR: So, how come you are here in Vizag? You would have got Computer Science in GITAM Hyderabad I suppose, why didn't you opt that.

I: Sir that was a newly established college and I thought the infrastructure would not be good. And, Vizag campus was the Mother campus of GITAM and was fully established with infrastructure and experienced faculty. So, I chose that.

HR: How can you justify that, may be as it is a newly established campus, it is more developing and may be experienced faculty are transferred to that campus?

I: (I had no answer and just smiled. ).

HR: How do you justify yourself as a leader?

I: Sir, I am the class representative of my class as of now from 3 years and I was the class monitor throughout my schooling. I am responsible in bridging the gap between teachers and my mates. I would give few examples to justify, during my Industrial Training, I was the person who coordinated everything and made it successful. Even during this placements time, I have to communicate with my mates and inform everything.

HR: Do you mind relocation?

I: No sir, I am flexible. I can adjust to any kind of situation. I have already been to many cities and can speak and understand Hindi, English and Telugu.

HR: Why do you want to be in a software company?

I: (Again same story. Let's apply some butter this time :P) Sir, I am good at programming. I like C language a lot and was so passionate to learn more programming languages. But unfortunately I could lean only till C++. So, if I come to a software company, I will get a chance to learn new programming languages and work with them.

HR: So, you are good at C language? Can you tell me something that you like in C?

I: I would like to tell you about the so called hardest topic in C, Pointers. I started explaining the importance of pointers in a programming language. Pointers are the variables that can hold the address of other variables of same type. This is a bookish definition and well known to everyone. I would give some real time applications of Pointers. A pointer can be used in allocating the size of an array dynamically I. E. , DMM and also, pointers are used to return more than one value from a function.

HR: Can you justify using a program?

I: Yes sir sure.  (I wrote the code for both the examples that I quoted. He was very impressed when I explained him the concept very clearly. ).

HR: How come you are explaining very well?

I: (This was the question which put me in dilemma. ) I told, "I am good at Teaching." (That's it Caught. ).

HR: Then why can't you go for Teaching as your profession?

I: I like to teach but, I don't want it as my profession. It is just a passion. My friends say that I explain concepts very clearly.

HR: Okay, if you get a chance in TCS and you are supposed to move abroad, will you accept it?

I: Obviously yes sir.

HR: That was good talking to you. I am done.

I: Thank you so much sir. Good night.

That was all my interview experience in TCS. It was completed by 8:10 pm on Sept. 9th 2014.

The results were declared those who were finally qualified on 13th Sept. 2014 through mails.

A Call letter was sent to Gmail at around 9:30 pm.

I checked my mail with all anxiety and I saw, I WAS SELECTED. I felt so happy and 551 members were selected in overall university. We had to accept the call letter before 7 days of its receipt by specifying the Location preferences after ILP. I put it Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore. So, let us see which city is waiting for my presence for the next few years.

Hope you all got an idea how an interview would be.

"It is so easy to get into TCS only if you have presence of mind. I suggest my juniors who are in need of a job immediately after B.Tech, to attend TCS placements for sure though the package is less. I tell you, I have seen my friends suffering a lot because of placements who are rejected in TCS and intentionally did not attend TCS drive. Because, other companies will have a tough selection criteria and process of selection will be in different rounds including Aptitude and programming written test, Group Discussion, Video Synthesis, and around 3 rounds of interviews. So utilize this opportunity provided by TCS. And if your CGPA is maintained above 8, directly you can perform well in interview and get selected so easily.".

All The Best.

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