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Tata Consultancy Services Interview Experience - Haridwar, October 09, 2014

Posted By : Alok Kumar Maurya Rating : +227, -2
Hi Everyone,

This is Alok Kumar Maurya from Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Gurukul Kangri University, Haridwar. Here, I am sharing my first interview experience.

It was September, 15th 2014. We were informed that TCS is going to visit our campus on 9th October. We were happy, and felt relieved that at least recruitment is going to start in campus otherwise there were many rumors about TCS that TCS has broken up with this college.

Above all, I started for preparing my technical subjects at the very next day. I was confident about the placement in TCS and I was having full belief that it will be easy to crack the interview.

I reviewed my CV by my brothers and Teachers, CV was good. Instead of this, I made the corrections there in CV as suggested. At last end up with proper corrections in my CV and reviewed thoroughly. You need to take sincere care about your CV as there before you speak, your CV speaks and 90% questions asked from there only because at prior they don't have anything to make any judgment about you.

I planned my studies accordingly, like my favorite subjects first and then other subjects. I prepared short notes on each subject. Just focused on basics of each subject. I went through following subjects C, C++, Core Java, PHP, DBMS, Mysql, MongoDB, HTML, CSS. PHP and DBMS were my favorite.

Two days before, that is October 7th, I looked for the pattern they used for every recruitment. So, their pattern was like below.

1. Being in Top 5 in your respective branch, you will have to face only 1 round (Verbal Ability (10 min): Writing an email from the given phrases).(ELIMINATION ROUND)

2. For all, 1st Round consists of 2 stages, first Verbal Ability (10 min) and second Analytical Ability (80 min). (ELIMINATION ROUND)

Don't take chance of misjudging Verbal Ability Round, as in my college 7 toppers were not able to qualify this round. The reason is not that this round was tough but you need to take care of the rules and you must know what is required and what is not while writing an email. This round is easy only when you know certain things about this round.

TIPS for Verbal Ability:

1. Don't cross 100 words limit. This is not mentioned anywhere upto what word limit we can use. In case  you are crossing 100 words, you will get -20 score added in your overall score, this may lead you to below cutoff. So, Beware.

2. Use the phrases as given, in my suggestion don't change the tense of verb.

3. Start with Dear ABC, Respected Sir etc. and end up with Thanks and Regards.

TIPS for Analytical Ability:

1. Go through R. S. Aggarwal first, if you are weak in Aptitude.

2. TCS used to ask questions from these website m4maths (most preferred), campusgate, knowaptitude. (almost 8-10 questions you will see directly asked from these websites)

1st Day (9th October 2014):

And the most awaited day came for the first round of mine. Being at position 2 in my branch I was supposed to write only mail for the project discussions with my Project Manager. I wrote the mail in 96 words and used all the mentioned phrases there in hints.

Result announced, I was qualified for the Interview round. Approx. 169 students + 20 toppers sat in 1st round. Form there only 75 Students + 13 Toppers i.e 88 students qualified for the Interview round.

I came back to my hostel and slept for 2 hours in the evening but at 7 o'clock I realized that I had been attacked by an eye flu. My eyes were red and itching too much. I consulted the doctor and took the eye drop from the medical store. I was in trouble whole night as it was impossible for me to close my eyes because every time I close them, it was very hard for me to open again. I had to run for every 15 mins to washroom to wash my eyes. I put the eye drops for every 2 hour in my eyes.

2nd Day (10th October 2014):

It was 5 o'clock in the morning, I felt that there was no change in my eyes, in fact now the condition was worse as both eyes were infected. My roommate was just boosting myself at every moment. Instead of this, there were many times thought came to my mind that this may lead to rejection but positive hope always works and the only thing that is required - is to have full belief on yours, it really works.

I rushed myself to bathroom, took bath and ready for the college. At every moment I was keep motivating myself. I kept my all the documents and certificates. I took the breakfast and left the hostel. Before catching the bus, I found myself at the specs shop right there behind the hostel. I bought a black goggles from there with no reason to choice for me.
Reached College and sat in a big hall where all my friends were already there. Everybody given me a hazy look and asked for this kind that they never expected as it was just 24 hrs before they had seen me normally.

A volunteer came in the hall and announced that any 6 students can go to have their interview. I was not ready at that moment and decided to go in next round. Unfortunately, the call for next was just after 15 mins, as already stated I left the hall for the 1st round of interview. Took a deep long breath all the way before reaching the interviewer door.

Interview was consist of three rounds:

1. TR
2. HR
3. MR

1st Round - TR

Me: Sir, May I come in.
I: Yes
Me: Good Afternoon Sir.

I: Good Afternoon, Have a seat and give me your CV. Are you suffering from eye flu?
Me: (handed over him my CV) yes sir, and said thanks.

I: Ok, no issue. Introduce yourself.
Me: Introduced myself shortly.

I: What are your favorite subjects?
Me: DBMS and PHP.

I: Do you know what stored procedures are?
Me: Told.

I: What are the advantages of Stored Procedures?
Me: Told.

I: Explain Difference b/w Function and Stored Procedure?
Me: Told.

I: Write a code to describe the difference b/w normal function calling and stored procedure invocation?
Me: Told, but he made me to confuse at a point, but at that point I nodded and requested to ask next question (this is the best thing to skip the questions that you are not sure about rather falling into the argument with interviewer resulting to rejection).

I: What are Constructors?
Me: Told.

I: Explain Difference b/w Constructor and Method also write the code which can describe the difference b/w the two?
Me: Told and written code satisfactorily.

I: What are the properties of Constructor?
Me: Told.

I: What is the difference b/w assignment and initialization?
Me: Told but he was not satisfied with the difference.

I: Write a code to allocate the memory to object?
Me: Wrote.

I: What will be the output of the following?

int i=5; i=i++ + i++ + i++ + i++ + i++;
i=++i + ++i + ++i + ++i + ++i ;
printf("%d, i);

Me: Told him wrong as 30 but after he said "Are you sure?", later I changed it to 35, which was right.

I: Explain DBMS?
Me: Told and he was satisfied.

I: Explain characteristics of DBMS?
Me: Told.

I: What do you understand by Deadlocks?
Me: Told.

I: Do you Know Phantom Deadlocks?
Me: Told satisfactorily.

I: What is the difference b/w Procedural Programming and OOP Concept? What are the problems with C in this context?
Me: Told satisfactorily.

I: Do you Know JSP? What is JSP? Its Advantages?
Me: Told satisfactorily.

I: Why do you learn PHP, if JSP is more secure?
Me: Told.

I: What do you know about File System in C++?
Me: Told satisfactorily.

I: What do you mean by Paging?
Me: Told.

I:  What are types of File System in OS?
Me: Told only two types of file system.

I: Explain about your Intern Project? What was your role? Explain in Detail?
Me: Told satisfactorily.

I: Tell me something innovative thing that you have done in your College related to your projects.
Me: Told satisfactorily.

I: What is the difference b/w thread and process?
Me: Told satisfactorily.

I: What are cookies in PHP?
Me: Told satisfactorily.

I: What do you know about Protocols? Explain Different types of Protocols?
Me: Told satisfactorily.

I: Why do you want to join TCS?
Me: Told satisfactorily and interviewer was impressed at the end when I said I want to experience certainty.(impressed on this line)

I: What do you mean by experience certainty?
Me: Told as "To count on all the measures of results, partnership and business". (impressed again)

I: Okay Alok, I'm done with you, so wait outside for the results until you are called for the next round.
Me: Thanks Sir, It was nice conversation with you.

After 5 minutes , I was called for the next round.

2nd Round - HR :

There was a lady for the HR interview. She was kind hearted.

Q1. Introduce Yourself?

Q2. What are your extra-curricular Activities?
Me: Writing, Listening to music.

Q3. Write a paragraph on "Your experience in last semester" on a sheet of paper?

Q4. How do you think you are a team worker?

Q5. What kind of freelancer you are?

Q6. Who are the team members in your freelancing? Name them?

Q7. Where do you see yourself in next 5 years? Do you planned for further studies?

Q8. Take a Scenario "You are a project Manager. You have the team of 6 members. 2 are on official leave, 1 member is out of reach yours for any case. Now, you have to complete the project within 2 months." What's your take on that? How will you deal with this situation?
Me: I answered this question with 6 possible situations and at last I was able to make her convinced with my answer.

Q9. How you enjoy your working?

Q10. What do you write when you have your free time?

Q11. What was the time when you felt like achiever?

Q12. Do you know about TCS bond agreement?

After I finished, she said me to go home as I do not need to go through 3rd round.

I came back to my hostel and took medicine.

Lastly, result published at 9:30 PM, phone rang there was my best friend Amit at the screen. I picked up the call along with raised heart beat and heard the voice "party de diya bhai kal bas tu."

That was the moment, I sat calm for a minute, felt a kind of relief in my core of the heart from everything and forgot the past two days that were being so hectic and tough. I just said thanks to my parents, god, my teachers, my well-wishers.

The obvious reason for this happiness was because it was my life's first interview.
The things that I noticed for selection is - just seven things required to crack TCS interview:

1. Confidence (25%).

2. Smile (10%).

3. Keep in mind "they came there to select you not to reject". (5%).

4. English Communication (20%).

5. Little-bit Technical (20%).

6. General awareness (observe everything) (10%).

7. Your belief on yourself (10%).

Here, My dear friends, percentage signify how much weight-age you carry out with yourself while facing the interview. As you can see 80% thing are non-academic and in our whole life we spend money on building our 20% values. So, be confident and ready to take any challenge. Everybody is equally capable. My best wishes to you all. May you achieve more and more.

Have Fun!!! Feel free ask any question.

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