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Tata Consultancy Services Interview Experience - Navi Mumbai, September 29, 2014

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Hi all,

The entire process of selection was as follows :

DAY 1 : Email Writing.

I had only Email writing and was exempted from aptitude. The question was as follows:

Write an Email to the Branch manager, Mr. Ahmed informing him that your wallet had been stolen 2 days ago and request him to block your card. Sign as William.
Wallet - Stolen - Pickpocket - Valuable - Misuse - Block - Police - FIR - Credit card -              Documents - Report- Confirm

(I don't remember all the keywords but most of them are cited above)

1. Juzz make sure that you use all the phrases given in the question

a) Try to use the given keywords without changing the tense as much as                                      possible.
b) If it is not possible to use the word as given in the question then change its                          form as required but do not do it for all words (For eg : I used pickpocketed instead of pickpocket) .
c) It is not necessary to use the words in same sequence but usage of all words                    is a must.      

3. Form small sentences using each word.

4. Connect them using connectives and form proper sentences without any                              grammatical error.
5. Make sure you don't write a lengthy one and stick to the point (min 50 words and                   max 100 words).

DAY 2 :

PART 1 : Technical Interview.

There was a panel of 2 members for my technical interview.

Me : Good afternoon, Sir. Good afternoon, Mam.

(I was standing there for a minute and then I asked)

Me : Mam, Can I have a seat?
Interviewer : (Smiled) Yes, of course. Please sit down.

Interviewer : So tell us about yourself?
Me : Explained. Try to explain this by highlighting your academics as well as your extra curricular activities and how you maintain a strong balance b/w them.

Interviewer : What are your strengths?
Me : Use words like ready to accept challenges, hardworking , sincere, analytical, problem solving capability, leadership and so on.

Be ready to support any of these qualities with an example.

Interviewer : (Looked at my CV and smiled) You like Computer networks! (I had mentioned it in my CV)
Me : Yes, Sir.

Interviewer : So what is Distributed Computing?
Me : (I was lyk ye kya puch rahe hain) Sorry sir, I am not aware of it (Though I had a little idea about it, I preferred not to tell.

Because the other questions would be on that. Be honest and answer "No" if you don't know. But if you say "Yes" and answer wrong, it spoils your impression.)

Interviewer : But you have written Computer Networks as your area of interest and you don't know what it is!?
Me : Sir, I know the basics of Networking which I had studied as a subject in Engineering.

Interviewer : So what do you know about Networks?
Me : I know TCP/IP model, OSI model and so on.

Interviewer : Explain what is TCP/IP model? Explain its layers and their functions.
Me : Explained. Tried to confuse me by asking what is MAC address, physical address, IP address, Ethernet address. But be strong at your basics and answer.

Interviewer : What is Cloud computing?
Me : Explained.

(Juzz make a note of latest technologies like cloud, hadoop and their applications)

Interviewer : (And then he deviated from my resume and asked me about Software Engineering (SE). Actually I had written Java, SQL, Data Structures, Computer networks and DBMS). So you know about SDLC?

Note: Be prepared with all the subjects not everything but at least the basics. You never know what subject the interviewer might be interested in.

Me : (I first tried to recover from the shock that he was asking me SE. I hadn't studied it at all. But I couldn't even say "No" because, i had studied it in Engineering Sir, SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) rite??? (Trying to recall the fullform first :) )

Interviewer: Yes.
Me : Explained with all the phases.

Interviewer : What is Agile Process?
Me : Explained.

Interviewer : What are the different models?
Me : Named a few. Waterfall Model, Spiral model, RAD model.

Interviewer : Explain RAD model.
Me : Explained.

Interviewer : Draw any two model and compare them.
Me : (I thought of drawing waterfall and spiral model but he asked me to draw waterfall and RAD model) Explained.

(The best thing was, I was able to recall all the things one after the other. So don't panic at all, if they ask you something different than what you expected)

Interviewer : Asked me questions on them.
Me : Answered all of them.

Interviewer : What is UML? what is its use?
Me : Answered.

Interviewer : So what are different Static and Dynamic diagrams?
Me : Stated and explained.

Interviewer : Can you draw a sequence diagram?
Me : (Was very nervous since I was thinking whether I would be able to recall all the notations and their meaning) Definitely, Sir.

Interviewer : Asked me questions on my diagram.
Me : Answered.

Interviewer : Is this diagram Synchronous or Asynchronous?
Me : It is synchronous, because for each message sent there is an acknowledgement.

Interviewer : Are you sure?
Me : Yes, Sir.

Interviewer : I say its Asynchronous.
Me : (Now I was in a fix) Maybe you are right, but since I see acknowledgement for each and every message I say its synchronous.

Interviewer : I still say it is Asynchronous.
Me : (Extremely nervous) Sir, can you please explain it to me. May be I have interpreted the diagram in a wrong manner.

Interviewer : (Explained me why he said its Asynchronous) Now you got it?
Me : (I had to just extend that activation line then my answer would have been right) Yes sir, thank you so much for clearing that.

Concept. (Always try to show your willingness to learn if you are wrong)

Interviewer : Asked some more questions on the diagram (and then he started doing something on the Laptop)
Me : Explained.

Interviewer (Mam) : So Pratima what is OOPS concept?
Me : Explained.

Interviewer : Write any program in any language.
Me : I wrote the factorial program using Java.

Note : If you are a Computer or IT student then write the program using object ka concept. Two classes one for program logic and other for testing that program using objects. This is what they expect from us.

Interviewer : Have you learnt this program?  
Me : No, Sir. (Gathering some courage) You want me to write some other program. I will do it.

Interviewer : No, its ok.
Me : Relieved Thinking if he had given me some other program what would have happened?!!!!!

Interviewer : Any questions?
Me : Sir, what kind of skills do you expect from a fresher?

Interviewer : You have all the skills. (Mam joined and said the same) Just brush them up nicely.
Me : (Very very happy) Thank you so much.

(They had given me a hint that I was through)

PART 2 : HR Interview.

Within 10-15 minutes after my technical round I had my HR round.

Me  : Good Afternoon, Sir.
Sir : Good afternoon.

(There were two chairs in front of him. One was opposite him and the other to his right. I wondered where to sit.)

Me : Can I have a seat?
Sir : Yes.

Me : Sir where should i sit?
Sir : Sit wherever you want.

Me : (I chose the one which was opposite to him).

Sir : Why did you choose this chair?
Me : Sir because you are sitting exactly in my line of sight. So communication would be better. (I know many will laugh at this)

Sir : So if you sit on that chair then also I would be in your line of sight.
Me : I said I will have an to sit in an inclined way to face you.

Sir : Its ok, I have no problem.
Me : Ok, Sir I said and shifted to that chair (And fortunately that conversation ended).

Sir : So what's your name?
Me : My name is Pratima Purohit.

Sir : What is the meaning of your name?
Me : It means an idol or a statue.

Sir : So you believe in idol worship?
Me : No sir.

Sir : But your name means idol rite?
Me : Yes, sir. But my parents gave me that name.

Sir : So what do you believe in?
Me : Sir, I believe do good deeds and good will happen to you.

Sir : Ok, so what do you think about women empowerment in India?
Me : Explained.

Sir : (Not convinced) No but everyday in the news we see female foeticide, child marriages and all happening.
Me : Yes, sir. But the Scenario is changing.

Sir : (Still not convinced) In Bollywood also Heroes get paid more than their Heroines.
Me : Yes sir. But women centric films are also being made .I said the scenario is changing.

Sir : So what are the women centric films?
Me : I said Kahaani and he numbered 1 , Queen 2, Mary Kom 3. I couldnt remember more. I said Zeenat aman in older times but he was not convinced.

Sir : Ohk, so you are selected by TCS and relocated to tamil nadu. Your father is ok with it but mother is not convinced. What will you do?
Me : I will try to convince my mom.

Sir : Still she is not convinced.
Me : I will try to convince her in the best possible way.

Sir : Still she is not convinced.
Me : Sir I will ask my father to convince her:):):)

Sir : So the deadline has come and you need to tell me "YES" or "NO" just now.
Me : Sir I will ask my mom to relocate along with me.

Sir : Now see what you think about women empowerment. Why should your mother relocate and sacrifice? Why not your father?
Me : Even if I ask my father it will always be a YES.

Sir : How many backlogs do you have and what is your percentage?
Me : I have no backlogs at all in engineering and I have an aggregate of 81.16%.

Sir : Ok you have two backlogs!
Me : Sir, I said I have no backlogs in Engineering.

Sir : But just now you said you have two backlogs.
Me : Sir, I said I have no backlogs in Engineering.

(He was just trying to check my patience)

Sir : You know that we have a background check?
Me : Yes sir.

Sir : We will have your background check.
Me : (He thought that i would angrily say something negative but to his surprise I said) Sir ,you can do it anytime.

Sir : You have any questions?
Me : Will training be provided on latest technologies?

Sir : What kind of latest technologies you want to be trained on?
Me : (I did not know it much and changed it like) Not exactly technologies but if some new networking tools come in market will there be training for us?

Sir : Depends. If your job needs it training will be provided otherwise you are free to learn from the Net and your colleagues.
Me : Ok sir. Thank You so much.

And then we had to wait for an hour more and then the results were announced.

I got selected (after that joke of not calling all the names at once).


1. Prepare your CV well. Whatever you write in your CV will be asked. I was not asked about my project anywhere but many people. Had their entire interview on project.

2. It just depends on your luck and the kind of panel you have. I had written nothing about SE but my entire technical interview was on SE.

3. Prepare all the subjects thoroughly. (Important ones for Comp/IT are Java/C/C++, SQL basics, SE, Data Structures, DBMS, OS, CN, Compiler(basics)).

4. Do not panic at all. If I would have panicked when he asked me SE, I would have been rejected.

5. Just prepare short answers for frequently asked questions in HR interview.

Hope this helps you all.

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