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Tata Consultancy Services Interview Experience - Lucknow, 24 September 2014

Posted By : Shashank Verma Rating : +124, -3
Hello everyone,

I found that no experience in particular was from Lucknow area student so I found it important to share mine :p.
Also, some experiences from this page were very helpful so I thought why not share mine.

Well I am from IET Lucknow, State govt autonomous Eng college of UPTU.

TCS is one of the bulk recruiters of our college.

Selection procedure:

Cat-1: Direct interview:78% above or top 5 of each branch.
Cat-2: Aptitude+email writing.

However email writing was also conducted for cat-1 students.
Mine was Cat-2 :D.

Aptitude paper:

I do not remember exact questions as my paper had some really lengthy questions.

In all I had 30 questions to solve in 80 mins. +E mail writing 10 mins.

Email: Write an Email to Ms Bett Operation Manager at an airport asking for compensation for lost luggage at the airport.

Sign the mail as Mr. Ram.

Word limit: 70 to 100 words (Counter was there on the page).

Use given words - mismanagement, documents, experience, compensation, late, charge, inconvenience, (some more words like this nearly 10 more).

I used all the keywords and wrote nearly 95 words.  (Just try and use all keywords and keep grammar correct. I was not able to use "Charge" keyword only in my test).

Aptitude: 30 questions (out of them 3 star question (one with extra marks) ).

At my college we were divide in 3 Batches so luckily we were able to hear a few questions from friends in other batches (mine was last batch).

However, to our amazement for first 2 batches paper was same and for us it was changed : (.

My set had: Geometry, Series, Ages, Arithmetic, LR, Permutation, Time and work.

Other set was also similar however it had more probability, PC, Time and work, and so on conventional apti questions.

The big surprise was area volume and geometry, So my Suggestion learn those formulas too.

I was able to do 27/30 (2/3 star one included).


TR: 2 Men were in d room.
Me: Good morning sir, please may I come in.

Tr: Yes come in have your seat.

Tr1: So, howz your day.
Me: very well sir very nice.

Tr2: Hectic?
Me: A little sir (with a smile).

Tr1: SO tell me about yourself (Tell your name, marks, and area of interest only).
ME: told.

Tr2: So you know C, c# and java. What is d diff b/w java and c.
ME: former is oop latter is function oriented.

Tr1: What about c# and java.
Me: Sir both are oop. Very similar in work and feel however with few differences.

Tr2: can you name those?
ME: fumbled. However was able to convey the concept.

Tr1: handover your cv. So you like DBMS?
Me: Yes (was in cv).

Tr2: Acha tell me you know 4 basic concepts of an oop language.
Me: told (abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism).

Tr2: So can you explain it using this bottle here.  (Now this was THE IN SWINGING YORKER TO ME THE BATSMAN).
ME: (PLAYED the Helicopter shot :p) Sir, for sure.

Took a pen and started writing something on paper.
In 1 min I started.

I was so excited on this topic I spoke for 3 mins on the bottle.

Tr1: Ok so have you read BCNF.
ME: Yes. And told with an example (he was impressed).

Tr1: Give me basic of DB. Transactions I mean.
ME: ACID (With example explained).

Tr1 asked few more DBMS basics.

Then while ending my interview he caught an eye on a seminar I had mentioned on IBM Watson (google it if you have no knowledge).

He asked, Hey what is Watson. I think I know about it.

Me: (Super Excited now because this was my forte I had a literal PHD on Watson) I started from its idea, logic, way of implementation, quiz show, and even current use.

(Mind you I had not prepared it for my interview. Seminar was done way back in Jan 14).


TR2: Have you read testing as a subject.
ME: Yes sir.

TR2: Give me types of testing and diff b/w regression and performance testing.
Me: Done that too.

Interview was done by now.

Tr: You have any questions?
ME: No sir it was nice to be here (left with a smile).

Result: I was thru to MR!

Key: Know each and everything you mention in CV. Also many people who were complaining told they were thrashed and bombarded with hi-level questions.

What matters is know little but know everything about that little.

(Also luck matters. Some TR were even asking basic codes like palindrome Armstrong and all in 30sec! Some were asking SQL query and so on so forth).

One More thing Definitions DON'T MATTER AT ALL.


MR round:

Me: Good evening sir, please may I come in.

Mr: Yes come in have your seat.

MR: Tell me about yourself something not in this form.
Me: Told.

Mr: Acha why did you not take a hostel?
Me: Gave a reason.

Mr: So Hostel is not imp?
ME: Explained that it is n how I have my share of that life.

Mr: Tell me about your father.
Me: done.

Mr: Why did you take a break in 2010-11.
Me: For jee prep.

Mr: Did coaching help you?
Me: Yes. With a reason.

Mr: You have any problem in relocation?
Me: No.

Mr: You may leave.

Now you may think what the hell! This is not a MR interview.

I had same reaction as prior to me my friends had the most horrible MR experiences.

Starting from their Training projects they were asked EVERYTHING about themselves and all.

This made me nervous as he had ended with"I had only this much too ask you may leave".

I thought beta kam khatam now : (.

Surprise surprise! 6:30 pm Shashank Verma is called for HR!

HR round:

Me: Good evening ma'am, please may I come in.

Hr: Yes come in have your seat.

Hr: Tell me about yourself.
ME: told.

Hr: you know about TCS bond?
ME: no ma'am. She told.

Then few more formal talks about background checks and all.

Hr: you have any q?
ME: No.

Left the room (Time spent less then 10 mins!).

Now this was even more surprising.

TR- 30Mins.
Mr- 15mins.
Hr - less than 10 mins.

Well I kept hopes alive.

Results were done at 10:30 pm and yes I qualified! :).

So to end my experience a summary:

- Definitions DON'T MATTER AT ALL.


- Attend the Pre-placement talk and learn everything about TCS.

- Try and keep the interviewer in your area of strength. As soon as they move to unknown territory stop speaking at all. They will come to your area show them you know it 100%.

- If you are unsure of anything say"I have read this but m unable to recall".


- Do not panic. Stay Motivated.

- Play around with friends, joke, share, laugh. Create a lite atmosphere IT REALLY HELPS!

- And to end prepare:DBMS, OS, DS, and TESTING very well.

- Know all about language you know.

- And be street smart. In My bottle q I showed some really cool examples.

Also few of my friends were asked which phone they own. Android! Well learn about it please.
You are a B-Tech grad at-least have basic knowledge.


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