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Posted By : Priya Rating : +1308, -40
Hello everyone! I got placed into TCS through TCS OFF CAMPUS RECRUITMENT 2014 in hyderabad.

I am a B.Tech student from CSE background. (2014 passout).

Initially I have registered and applied for TCS Off Campus Recruitment process in the last week of february 2014.

Then in the first week of march I have received the hall ticket for the first round, ie; the written test (Aptitude and Verbal) which is on 8th March, 2014.

I had five days of time to prepare. I started of with basic aptitude problems, formulae from Probability, Time and Distance, Permutations and Combinations, Time and Work, Pipes and Cisterns etc. Concentrate on Number Systems* as well.

And then referred as many previous papers and sample papers as I could!

The day arrived.. We were allotted different centers for the examination. My examination slot was morning 10 to 1.

Verbal section was pretty easy where we have to write a mail with given phrases and words! Just remember to use all the words given there in the specified order. You are done!

Nextly, the aptitude part also seemed a little easy to me. Most important thing is to manage the given time there. But friends you can crack this aptitude only through good practice as I have done.

As the aptitude includes negative marking, mark only those answers which you are sure with.

On march 11th, I received a mail saying that I have been selected for the next round. That is, interview on 15th march which comprises Technical, Managerial and HR rounds on the same day at TCS deccan park, hyd.

I got 3 days to prepare.

Let me first tell you.. I am a student with average technical knowledge. I am not one of those geeky toppers of the class! :D.

So, I firstly got a little tensed about cracking this one! But I was determined and started my preparation.

If you are a computer science student, then be thorough with C Language. If not the whole thing.. at least with basic concepts, sortings and its programs, basic C lang programs etc.

And please don't put whatever language you heard about into your resumes technical skills section.The interviewers are smart. You can't fool them! :D

Mention only those which you are perfect or well aware with.

I seriously had a hard time preparing all the stuff as everything seemed new to me those 3 days! :D.

The interview day arrived.. There were around 1000 to 2000 students scheduled for the whole day of interviews! :O.

I had been allotted morning 10 to 1 slot for the interview at panel no.55!

Nervous, tensed and had been waiting for a long time for my turn.
I got my turn at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Can you believe it!!?

The first round of interview (Technical) for each person went on very long for about 30 minutes to 45 minutes!

My turn was on!

Took a deep breath and went inside the room!

There were two interviewers. Two were male and looked like somewhat between 37 to 47 years of age! A TR and an MR!

I went inside with a smiling face on, wished both of them 'Good Afternoon', asked if I can take the seat, and then sat.

TR: Can we have your resume please?
ME: Yes sir, sure. Here it is! :)

TR: Introduce yourself.
ME: 'I started of form my childhood, place I stay, my educational details, family (mother,father,sister) and then about my goals and aspirations etc.

--The TR looked very friendly. He asked about my address and the route of it. LOL I was indeed laughing inside :D explained him.. It was kind of a casual talk.

TR: Brief your major and mini projects.
ME: I started with basic terms, requirements, technologies we have used.. Why we got to choose JAVA, what module did I work on and all.

TR: Asked many questions regarding my project usage and all!
ME: I have answered them all very well!

TR: Why have you chosen 'My Sql' for your project?
ME: (I don't know the exact uses of My sql over Sql server, but I managed to tell so).

      Sir, we are three in a group.. the database module was done by one of my team mates. We choose technologies in whatever we were perfect with. I looked after the front end which includes java, jsp, servlets, html (blah, blah, blah)..

TR: So you don't know the uses of My Sql?
ME: Sorry sir, I don't! :)

TR: Explain. Why is java platform independent?
ME: I explained it very very well as I have prepared for this way before. I even mentioned the differences in C++ and JAVA with respect to platform independency!
(I could see he was impressed! :D )

TR: Write a fibonacci series program in java. (He gave me a paper and a pen)
ME: (I actually know how fibonacci works but I realize forgot the code to it. :D As I told you before I am an average student!)

(As I took the paper to try something down.. the interviewer saw my face and just told no problem write any program you know in JAVA)

(I felt a big relief and felt a little lucky too! :P ).

I wrote a program on constructor utilization, how to use private variables, object utilization, calling n all in a simple addition java program. :D.

I explained them very well as I was very confident about what I wrote!

TR: Tell me what is RDBMS?
ME: I defined it and as I was about to go into deep he interrupted and asked another question.

TR: What is SQL Server? Explain some concepts?
ME: I defined.. Briefly explained with some commands, its purpose and all.

TR: He gave me two small commands to write!
ME: I wrote the first one which was simple! ( But second one! Again.. :D I didn't prepare for the joins concept :D and I told him the same).
Sir, I think the command to be used here is by using joins. But, sorry sir.. I didn't go through them..).

TR: Okay that's fine! No problem! :)

TR: What is GNIIT you have included here in your resume?
ME: (As I am a student of GNIIT , I explained him about it! That infact added a little weight to my resume! :) )

(And now comes the MR.. This whole time he was just watching us both sitting beside :D )

MR: Your percentages have decreased orderly in your Btech. What is the reason?

ME: ( I gave him a long answer starting from my first year, my GNIIT classes, my co curricular activities, my achievements and all.. then assured him that I would score around 85% in my last semester.. which will take up my whole score around 73%).

(I tell you he definitely got impressed! :D ).

MR: Tell me any two of your strengths?
ME: Told! :D (I told my strengths and I also explained them along with who and what all inspires me to do anything)

MR: Why TCS?
ME: ( The before night I went through a lot of information about TCS on google! and also collected a lot of info form many people).

I explained his each question with a perfect answer!

MR: Are you ready to relocate?
ME: (Striking answer.. 'Yes' :D with a striking explanation).

MR: Why?
ME: (A much striking answer this time ! :D).
(Here be prepared with your version of why you want to relocate.. Just don't leave the answer with a word yes).

MR and ME: A lot of conversation went on.. on this relocation and TCS!
ME: (I told my goals, aspirations, one who inspires me, how will I able to get success in the IT field, what I want to be someday and a lot).

(MR asked questions similar to HR)

And then they had a little conversation in between them.. TR asked MR aloud that if anything you would like to ask is left? MR said no nothing left!

They both smiled together!

Both shook my hands, wished me All the best!

ME: Thank you sir, Thank You! :) :) :)

And then I came outside.

Waited for a short time.. and then my name was announced for the HR round!

I was soo soo happy! :D.

Time for the HR round now!

It was a small cabin!
I went inside! There was a lady there around 30 years of age!

ME: Good Evening mam! :)

HR: Good evening, please sit down!

She was busy writing something and made me wait for sometime. I waited inside!

HR: Okay well... Tell me something very interesting about TCS?
ME: (As I mentioned before I prepared for this part very well the before night and told her all the statistics of TCS, why TCS stands number 1, about tcs clients and everything) The HR kept noting down something the whole time I was answering, I guess they were the grades according to the students performance!

HR: Okay, Now Is all the info in your application form intact and correct??
ME: Yes mam. It is! :)

HR: If we find anything wrong that would lead to disqualification!
ME: Oh yes mam! As I was about to answer more.. she interrupted!

HR: Do you know about TCS bond agreement?
ME: No mam!

HR: She explained about it!

She was again writing down something and after sometime again.. she wished me thank you with a BIG smile! :D

MR: May I know your good name mam? :)

HR: She told and smiled!

I wished thank you and came out! :)

Asked some of them there that when can they give the final selected candidate results? Some of them said that they may take around 15 days!

After a long wait.. On March 27th I received my Offer Letter from TCS!

OMG!! Happiness to the peaks!!! :)

God! I had to write a lot!

Hope this helps everyone! Friends just remember to stay confident all the interview time and never forget to smile! Just keep smiling whatever it is!

And if you don't know any answer just tell them that you don't know! But please don't act as if you know!

Prepare well for the aptitude part. Stick to the basics. Stay confident!

And you are done!

All the best for all TCS aspirants! :)

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