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Tata Consultancy Services - S.V.I.T.S. Indore 18-19 October, 2013

Posted By : Mufaddal Bagwala Rating : +501, -16
Hi All,

Recently TCS visited in Our college: Shri Vaishnav Institute of Technology and Science, Indore.

Campus Drive was scheduled from 18-19 October 2013.

I attended the Campus drive and My branch is Textile Technology.

On the First Day that is 18th October 2013, their was an orientation program by TCS in which they gave the basic overview of their company and explained us the rule for Test exemption Criterion, Written Test, Selection Procedures etc.

Since, I belong to 75% + Criterion (in X. XII & B.E./ I was Exempted From the Aptitude Test but  Verbal ability test was mandatory for all.

(Suggestion for cracking verbal ability test (max. time: 10 minutes)): Write the Salutation and Closing remarks first with proper names provided in the question. Also Try to use all the key words provided in the question in the way the are provided (don't manipulate it for making grammatically correct sentence). Prepare for the format of writing emails from any site on the Internet. Always mention subject at the top as it will cover few Keywords. Try to write email within 70 words as it will provide you more time to think for making grammatically correct phrases

For Me Verbal Ability Question was:

Write an email in not less than 50 words to your company Administrative Manager Mr. Jack for seeking permission to take photos in the office premises:

bring - camera - take pictures -successful completion - high tea - celebrations - security personnel - not in the working area - only in cafeteria -  orders to- much obliged

Sign in as Anna.

My Answer:

Subject: Permission for photos in office premises.
Dear Mr. Jack,

I am writing in reference to the successful completion of my project for which i have arranged for high tea celebrations in the cafeteria. I would be much obliged if you will allow me to bring camera and take pictures only in the cafeteria (not in the working area).
Kindly instruct the orders to the security personnel for the same.

Thank you for your consideration.
Best Regards,

(Suggestions for Aptitude round (80 minutes)): The question in this section are not tough they are just logical. Practice of one week could help you to clear that. Cut off for each session is different. Try to go only in the round in which your name has been called don't wait for later sessions.

As soon as the result was declared I get to know that I was selected for the Technical Interview.

On the Day Second 19th October, 2013 Interview round started.

I was called for the Technical Interview:
Their were two interviewers in the panel looking quiet experienced and intelligent.

Myself: May I come in sir!
Int. 1 & 2: Yes, come in,

Myself: Sir, May I have a seat.
Int 1.: Yes, sure please.

They were having my application form and resume on the computer screen.They both introduced theirselves to me.

Int.2 : So, Mr. Mufaddal Bagwala please brief yourself.
Myself: explained for (5 minutes). They were quiet Impressed. (Suggestion 1: So, prepare your resume,remember it thoroughly and try to justify each and every sentence you have write in it by yourself only)

Int.1: As i can see your pointers (9.09/10 C.G.P.A.) on the screen are you a branch topper ??
Myself: (Quiet Nervous because you should not reveal at the time of interview that you are a topper or like that)

Yes Sir!

Int2. : Branch or College Topper??
Myself: College Topper sir!

Int1.: If you are so good and consistent in Textile field then why u want a job in TCS which is an information technology and consultancy related company. How can you contribute to us.
Myself: Trying to explain them but they were not convincing from my reasons.
(Suggestion 2: Don't state any false reason they will catch you. Be on your first and primary reason).

After 25 minutes of rapid questioning about above questions, finally i managed to convinced them for my aim to join TCS.

Int1 &2: How many programming languages are you familiar with??
Myself: Sir, since my optional subject in 11th and 12th standard was Informatics Practices I have a basic knowledge of V.B. 6.0 and S.Q.L.
Also in my first year of engineering I have studied C, C++ and Database Structure and Computer Networking, I have basic overview of all these.

Int1: Can you write a Query in S.Q.L. for me?
Myself: Yes sure sir.

Int1: How can you select the salary just lesser than maximum salary from the table emp??
Myself: Explained. (I was having strong knowledge of SQL queries.)

Int2: What is TCP/IP and OSI-ISO models. what does they signify?
Myself: Explained (At this time they were totally impressed from me).

Int1: What was your minor project about.
Myself: Explained (It took almost 15 minutes to clear that rapid fire round ;-). they were asking  lots of question on them).
(Suggestion 3: Prepare about your minor project thoroughly so that you can answer any query by asked by them. Do not write too many programming languages in your resume if you are not from core branch).

They Googled on the Internet and  started asking me about textiles.

I successfully managed them to explain all the questions with proper reasons correctly.

Int1.: How will you survive in TCS after getting placed??
Myself: Sir, programming is not a rocket science. I wish if would  get selected then in my remaining 8 months of engineering I will start learning SQL, C, C++, Java. With few projects and proper training I know , I would become master in Programming.

Int.1 & 2 : Thank You Mufaddal. Wish You All the Best for Future and Your Project.
Myself: Good Day Sir!!

My Technical round was of about one hour 4:30-5:30 p.m. Volunteers were annoyed from me.

After a wait for 2.5 hours I was called for M.R. Interview. Only Single person was sitting inside the cabin having my resume and application form loaded on the computer Screen.

Myself: May I come in Sir!
Int.: Yes Sure, Please have a seat.

Int.: So Mufaddal you have been waiting  too long for the M.R. Interview. Is it So?
Myself: No Sir, its fine for me. I was enjoying the thrill.

Int. smiled. and asked me: What will you do if you are leading a team of five members in which one person is extremely talented and hard working and other work is below average person and is not doing any work properly ??
You have to complete your project in the given timeline, how will you manage this??

Myself: I would  give more work to below average person so that he will improve himself and less work to extremely intelligent person so that he can give more time to other members and mentor themselves if any problem occurs. I will never leave my team or any member form it. (M.R. Was really Impressed by this answer he was just expecting the same.)

Int. : Will you Mange to work with engineers having better programming skills than you?
Myself: Yes, But i am competitive in nature I will try to improve my skills as soon as possible. I am having Rapid learning capabilities sir which will help me to do this.

Int. : will you opt for Higher Studies??
Myself: Maybe in Future but not now.

There was one more question which I cannot post but I gave the explanation for it.

M.R. Interviewer gave me a formal handshake with big smile on his face.

Just After 5 minutes from M.R. I was Called for H.R. Interview. there was only one person in the cabin at the start of H.R. Interview.

Myself: My I Come in Sir!
H.R. Int. : Yes, plz have a seat.

Myself: Good evening sir!
Int.: he replied and asked me to introduce about your family.
Myself: explained.

Int: Mufaddal is everything fine? You are looking so tired?
Myself: No, Sir everything is fine. I am in habit of this.

Int: How you are ifit for our Company??
Myself: explained.

Int.: What's your elder brother doing?
Myself: explained.

Int: Do you like Traveling??
Myself: Yes Sir, I have won first prize in 13 national level paper presentations all over the India in various NITs and govt. colleges so I like traveling very much as I also discover/ learn new things in new places.

Int: Means If after getting job you are being transferred to other cities then you will manage it?
Myself: Yes Sir.

Int.: what are your hobbies??
Myself: Sir, Yoga, Power lifting, Judo, Mimicry, watching Science Fiction movies and Signature Reading.

Int: what is Signature reading?
Myself: I can tell you about your behavior or nature from your signature and sign written in your hand writing.

Int: So, You are Superstitious?
Myself: No sir, signature reading is based on psychology of individual person. Our signature is always different and unique from others and it signifies what we are thinking in our mind.

Int: (He signed on the blank paper and wrote is name on it). Please Tell me about my nature /behavior.
Myself: I told five things to him out of which four were exactly correct and one was partially correct. (He was very much impressed from me.)

H.R. interviewer called his other colleagues inside cabin (Head H.R., Head M.R., and few other interviewers) and I was the last person whose H.R. Interview was going on. They all signed on the paper with their names I got little bit nervous. But then I gather my confidence and Answered them one by one. They all were Impressed and offered me a Handshake. I was feeling out of this world. I came out of the cabin with signature and names of few most important personalities.

After Half an Hour Results were Declared in the Auditorium and Though being a Textile Engineer I got placed in the Tata Consultancy services, the top company of India and amongst 40 in the world.

Be confident about yourself during any interview. Everyone  feels goosebumps during that but try to take a deep breathe before going inside cabin and Try to keep calm yourself.

I wish my this interview experience would be help full to those who lacks confident in open campus or intradisciplinary placement.

All the best for your Interview!!

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