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Tata Consultancy Services(TCS) - Tirupati, October 7th 2013

Posted By : Kishore Kumar Rating : +140, -14
First round details :

Aptitude was a bit tough and many of the questions are of CAT level. I was exempted to Analytical section as I have >79% and was allowed to write only verbal section i.e., email part. Written exam is conducted on 23rd September, 2013. and I think I wrote average about 90 words exact and my email concept is : "Appreciation to team mate for his work".

Around 343 are Eligible for Analytical exempted candidates and around 300+ people took analytical. And results were out on 3rd October around 1 week after the written. 340 students are eligible for P.I rounds.

Interview experiences The long awaited day came and on October 6th we have a received a mail regarding Panel and Slot for TR.MR rounds.
Total people are divided into 8 panels. And 30 for each panel.

My slot is panel-7 and Am the fourth member to be interviewed.

I was bit tensed at the start and first 5 members of my people were called and asked to be seated infront the interview room. My first three people are from CSE...CSE..EEE respectively and  Am an IT guy.

First one went in and was interviewed for 45 minutes and I was getting tensed . Finally he came out and said there are THREE interviewers in our panel and they asked about DBMS real time examples like that sort. He also said those are very friendly don't worry.

I was shell shocked. I was thinking like this :-"This is my first interview and how do i face three members.??" like that with in no time 2nd and 3rd persons were over and was called in.

And now its my turn.!!!!

Interviewers were seating and talking each other,

Me: Excuse me sir, May I get in?

Interviewer(I1): Yeah, come in kishore kumar.
Me : Good morning sir,

I2. Yeah nice morning have your seat.
Me : Thank you.

I2. May I have your resume(and he took my resume)
and my TR round went on like this:

Brief yourself.?

little bit tensed and there were sweating too.. one of the TR took bottle and said have it don't be tensed take you time.. this is the time where I feel and talk to myself "Yeah.. am okay these guys are too friendly.. don't panic.. you can do it..come on" and said no thanks sir I can manage.)

Q1. You are from IT right..> okay tell me difference between CSE and IT
Explained(As I was expecting this from since long time :P lucky chance explained well)

Q2: Tell me some subjects that CSE has and It dont has?
A: Aaid DC(Data Communications).

Q3: Asked about Routing a packet from sender to receiver?
A: Explained.

Q4: You know CN.. then You know OSI layers.. Please explain what happens in each layer with a diagram?
A. Explained(I think they were impressed here itself :D :P :) ;) ).

Q5. Okay can you explain how a webpage works.?
A. Explained, am not too sure about this but I tried here.

Q6. About mini-project?
A. Explained.

Q7. Why only this project?
A. Said with a convincing answer.

Q8. What's your interesting subject?
A. Said C.

Q9. Okay then what's the interesting topic in C?
A. Said Arrays..functions.

Q10. What is function pointer. and call by value and call by reference.
A. Explained with examples on paper.

Q11. What do you know about string functions and how many are there.
A. Said.

Q12. Stop and say about how output will be for "strcmp" function.
A. Explained (here they were impressed again, it was a lucky break through that I explained strcmp the day before to one of my friend)

Q13. What if string.h is not mention.? is there any error.. why... if error then what is that.. have you tried in your lab.?
A. Justified my answer but I am not sure.. but I said yes whatever I said it was correct,

Q14. Asked about one of my co-curricular activity and how I leaded the team kind of things.

Q15. Said, You kept Oracle 11g. what is 'g' stands for?
A. Explained , as I was expecting this question since because I was asked this in mock interview conducted by our college.

Q16. Difference between 11g and 11i?
A. Said that 11g for databases and am not aware of 11i and then one of the TR given the information of about both 11i and 11g and I was listening very carefully. :P

Q17. Difference between java and C?
A. Explaining and I was stooped in the middle and asked polymorphism with example?

Q18. They asked "if I give various return types to the methods, then it comes under polymorphism or not.?"
A. i was thinked a bit and said NO... they asked are you confident.. I said YES.. I am confident and that dont be acted as polymorphism (but once when came out and googled, I realized what I said is wrong but I am confident on my answer at that time..)

Q18. Over riding and examples .. types of inheritences..
(Now its MR time:- in the same interview.. the TR in middle posed these questions).

1. What if your team has 10 members with you as head and 2 of them were not working anything and how do you take the responsibility and how do you complete the work?
A. Given an answer and justified it.

2. What do you do if a friend or classmate irritates you while the class is going on or in the leisure time.
A. Explained by starting( yes, it do happens with me quite often.. like that).

3. Do you quarrel with your sister or not..?
A. Explained funnily :P :D
and next

Genereal questions like:
Why TCS?

What do you know about TCS?

TCS services and Products?

Explained every thing.. I explained each and every thing with a smile on my face and haven't taken away my eye contact. :D :P :P :D I think this was the key..
Finally they asked:-
" Do you think you will get into TCS for sure?"
I answered pretty confidently and again they asked :- Is it.. sure..
I said YES.. some what loudly.

And they asked me to ask any questions if have?
Asked two questions :P
That's it... it was finished and around it took 35 minutes I think.. finally came out with a smiling face.. thank god.. after 10mins I was called for HR( means I cleared TR).. feeling happy and my HR was at the afternoon session..

HR time:

It was  lady who did HR for me... it was horrible : as the girl who went before me was interviewed for around 40mins.. I was getting tensed outside.. and finally I was called in..!!

1. Brief yourself.

2. How do you rate morning TR interview on a 10 scale.

3. At this time one of the man came in and kept "snacks" . it was the horrible thing which I wish I don't want to come across :'(

A. I said No..NO.. she was posing question by question to make me eat those snacks.. but since from the start am at single stance that NO I DON'T EAT.. thank you mam... like that.. friends please dont change your stances it reflects bad attitude I think :-\

4.  Why dont you speak hindi.?
A.  Convinced for around 2-3minutes.

5. TCS Agreement?

6. TCS Bond?

7. TCS eligibility?

8. Products and services of TCS?

9. TCS workflow..?

10. Googled and given a puzzle to solve as I slipped that " am good at problem solving.. friends be careful on what you are talking :(
(tried  4 times and said I am unable to solve it).

11. Kept chess as my hobby.. (asked how many squares are there in a board generalized :P :) )
A. Expected this question but didn't remember the formula for number of squares in a chess board.. I tried two times and said I can't.

12. Will you work any where..? why do you have to leave AP and go some where else.?
finally, she said thank you and asked do you have any questions.?

I asked the very same questions, that I asked in TR.. and she said Thank you.
I said Thank you mam.

And came out it was around another 30mins of time.. I was very feared because the HR mam didn't even smile once also. and I think this was gone..
after two days, I got a mail from TCS and when I opened it, it was like :- "

Congratulations. You are selected please accept this offer letter.." then I was @ cloud-9...""

Total 126 were placed out of 800. Cracked my first interview and that too placed for TCS.. and now I can say am a "TCSER".

I thank god and my parents and my friends who encouraged me a lot.

Hope this will be useful for you people..

Books sites used for overall interview experience :

1. C by Dennis Ritchie and Balagurusamy
2. java A.R. kishore and Complete Edition
3. DBMS by korth
4. Google :P

Advice to aspirants:  Be confident on what you speak, it's enough.

Don't panic and get tensed.

Just stick to basics and practise "brief yourself in a different manner so that the interviewer gains your attention. because first impression is the best impression right.?! :P :D :D "

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