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Tata Consultancy Services - DCRUST, Murthal, Oct 10, 2012

Posted By : Deepak Kumar Rating : +254, -2
Interview Experience:

Hi Friends.
Few days ago I was among one of you. I got selected in TCS on 10th Oct, 2012. I am a CSE Under-Grad. I have read many of the exp, so I thought why not to write one myself and help the people like me.

I was not having 75%. So, I appeared for online aptitude test. As you all know it has 30 questions and 80 Minutes time.

On 9th Oct TCS gave PPT (Pre-placement Talk). They will tell you Top 10 reasons to join TCS. And Eligibility criteria and you can ask any question. It was around one hour.

Online test started around 12PM. There were some server problems and test for second slot was cancelled and it was scheduled next day on 10th Oct for second slot. My test started in 4th slot around 8:30PM. Questions were repeating from previous slots. From my slot most of student cleared the test. And very few students cleared from first slot. For aptitude I prepared RS Aggarwal.

The pattern was completely new in our college. I attempted sure shot 24 questions out of 30.  I cleared the aptitude test; my name was third in the list. And one of my friends who attempted 25 questions was second in the list. I really don't have any idea if the list was according to the marks or random.  They never reveal cut-off. But they confirmed that cut-off varies from slot to slot. I have collected some aptitude question from my friends also.

Few of them were:
Q.) A 9*9 Sudoku. Find value of 11X+7Y.
Q.) A 3*3 magic square. Find value of Y+Z.
Q. ) Eesha lies on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Usha lies on Thursday, Friday, Saturdays.
Eesha says: Yesterday was one of my lying days.
Usha says: Yesterday was one of my lying day.
What day was it?
Q.) A series of book was published at 7 seven year intervals. When the seventh book was published the total some of publication year was  13,524. First book was published in??
Q.) Some time, work, wages questions was also there.
Q.) One question was based on clock mirror timing. It was something like a women watch time in the mirror. After 20 minutes she reaches her school. She watched time in school clock and realize the difference was 2:30 hours. What was the actual arrival time?
Q.) A pentagon was cut from rectangle and all dimensions of pentagon were given. Find area of pentagon?
Q.) Probability
Q.) Permutation & Combination
Q.) Volume & area

Interviews started around 11AM. There were mainly three interview rounds Technical, MR(Managerial Round), and HR. Not all the students faced three round. It was random. Some faced one/two/three. Some students even faced 4/5 rounds. First they interviewed test waiver students (Top 5 and Above 75%). Technical interview questions vary from person to person. Many of the students were asked to write C/C++/Java programs but not necessary all. My turn came around 3:15PM.
Me: Good After noon mam
TI: Hi.. Take ur seat.
Me: Thank you mam.
TI: how are you?
Me: I am fine.
TI: How was your day?
Me: It's a good day, mam.
(Be careful friends while answering this question. Basically they want to test your patience, your desperation for TCS and your ability to stay calm in spite of so hectic situation. Anyone would have got frustrated, if he/she has to wait for 7 hours. But, it is the time to show that you are still cheerful in spite of such a long wait. This shows that you are really interested for this job.)
TI: Aren't you tired?
ME: not at all, mam.
TI: Since when you are waiting for interview?
Me: from 8AM mam.
TI: What is your favorite subject? (Unexpected question, because most of us think the first question will be "Introduce yourself?")
Me: Computer Network.
TI: What is the difference between Co-axial and Optic-fiber cable?
Me: told.
TI: Why Optic-fiber is faster than Co-axial cable?
Me: told.
TI: What are different methods of information passing?
Me: told.
TI: What are different types of network?
Me: told.
TI: You low score in your 10th, but constantly improved your percentage. How is it?
ME: I have constantly improved upon myself. I always analyze shortcoming or mistakes that I make and I act accordingly.
(Friends be frank about your academics. If you lie, you will be caught. And you are certainly out.)
TI: Have you studied DBMS?
TI: Yes, mam.
TI: What is NOT NULL?
Me: told.
TI: What is Primary key?
Me: told.
TI: What is candidate key?
Me:  told.
TI: What is ACID property of DBMS?
Me: A means Atomicity, C means consistency, I stand for Integrity. Mam, I forgot D.
(If you don't know frankly say "NO". Don't beat around the bush. Many of the students try to make guess just like theory papers. This is a major turn off for the interviewer. If you have read a subject, it does not mean you must know answer of every single question)
TI: She drew two tables on the paper. Asked me to retrieve some data.
Emp_no add

Emp_no Name Salary

(She gave me two queries)
First query was really simple. I need to find out name of employee with emp_no greater than 5 or something.
Second query needed to retrieve a employee address from add table whose name starts from "s".
I asked for some time. I solved the query, but with a little mistake. And when I realized, I tried to write it correctly, but she said this is "OK".
TI: Tell me about your project? (Pointing to one of my projects in resume. I wrote two projects. I suggest you not to write too many projects in your resume. You should write only if you have done it yourself, otherwise it will be very problematic to answer project questions.)
TI: She wrote if p=3 than what will be the value of **p?
Me: told. (But later I found my answer was incorrect).
TI: Ok KUMAR, you may leave. Thank you.
Me: Thank you, mam.
(Keep your answer short and meaningful. Don't give un-necessary explanations. And watch your words. Don't use the technical buzzword if you don't know the meaning.)

After 6PM, I got another call for second round. I really don't know if it was a TR/HR/MR or some combination of both because of the type of questions that were asked.
ME: Good evening, Sir.
HE: Good evening
(He did not ask to take chair. I waited. He said "please sit down")
HE: Tell me about yourself?
ME: told. (Please don't give the details that you have already given in your resume. Tell him the things like what you like, why you like your department, special interests etc.)
HE: What is your favorite subject?
ME: Computer networks.
HE: Can you solve the numerical?
ME: Yes, sir.
HE: What have you read in computer networks?
ME: Sir, I have studied how to connect computers those are spread over varied areas like computer within a campus, within a city and worldwide.
HE: Which topology is implemented in your university?
ME: Hybrid topology sir.
HE: How?
ME: Sir, should I draw a diagram?
HE: yes. (Giving me paper and pen)
ME: I explained everything very well. He asked me several questions about speed at different places and topology in our university.
HE: Apart from college study, how you updated yourself with latest tech trends?
ME: Sir, I regularly visit "tech news" page on "Times of India" website.
HE: Tell me few of them, you have read recently.
ME: I told 2-3 of latest tech news.
HE: Have you read about 1 billion facebook user news?
ME: yes sir.
HE: Do you use facebook?
ME: Yes, Sir.
HE: How many hours?
ME: 1/2 hours.
HE: When you type in your browser how it is accessed?
ME: I explained confidently.
HE: What are implications of changing IP Address of a web site?
ME: Sorry, sir I couldn't understand what do you want to ask?
HE: If we change the IP Address of a website what will happen? Can we still access it.

HE: Have you read Operating System?
ME: Yes, sir (Of course I am a CSE student.)
HE: What is O/S?
ME: told in simple language. (Don't give bookish definition. Just tell him what you understand by O/S)
HE: What are the services of the operating system?
ME: Process management.
HE: What are various process management techniques that you have studied?
ME: Paging, Segmentation, Swapping.
HE: Some more applications of O/S?
ME: File management
HE: What are various file management techniques?
ME: FAT and NTFS (I answered incorrectly. But he didn't interrupt me.)
HE: What is the difference between FAT & NTFS?
ME: Sir, FAT stands for File allocation table it was an older file system which was used on the windows XP and earlier windows. NTFS stands for New Technology File system; it started with Windows vista, 7. (I didn't know the exact range but said it with full confidence.)
HE: What is the difference between these two?
ME: Sir, in FAT individual file size was lesser while NTFS allows much larger size for a file. I don't remember the exact values.
HE: What is OOPS?
ME: Told.
HE: what is template?
ME: Told.
HE: Can we use union in place of template.
ME: No sir.
HE: What is a static function?
ME: I don't know, sir. (I know this was easy one but I was confused at that time, so I decided to say "NO" instead of making some guess.)
HE: What is a structure?
ME: told.
HE: What is Stack?
ME: told.
HE: Diff between stack and heap?
ME: told.
HE: In C language, when you declare an array, from which, stack or heap memory would be allocated?
ME: Sir, please give me few moments.  (I read it once. But I was not able to recall.)
ME: sorry Sir, I am not able to recall it.
HE: What is DBMS?
ME: told.
HE: What is entity?
ME: told.
HE: How you represent an entity?
ME: told.
HE: Have you read about normalization?
ME: Yes, Sir.
HE: Tell me how many types of normalization have you studied?
ME: told.
(Finally he made a decision about my level.)
HE: Ok, KUMAR. What is your long term goal?
ME: Sir, I want to be a recognizable person in my organization. By recognizable I means, whenever we talk about an organization only few people will come into our mind. And I want to be among one of them.
(He was very impressed by this answer and decided to end this session.)
HE: Ok KUMAR. Thank you. You may go.
ME: Thank you.

(This year TCS is asking basic questions from all your major subjects like C, C++, DBMS, CN, OS. In the past year they used to ask questions only from your favorite subject. And also there is no fixed pattern. With some of students it happened that HR was asking technical question and Technical interviewer asking to justify your hobbies.)

After few minutes, I got my HR Call.

ME: Good evening mam
HR: Good evening  take your seat. How are you?
ME: I am good mam.
HR: So, How was your day?
ME: It has been an excellent day, mam.
HR: Are you tired?
ME: No mam, not at all. (Same question was also asked in my Technical and you all know the reason.)
HR: So you are from. (Looking in my resume)
ME: Told.
HR: Who is in your family?
ME: told. (Don't try to make it long. They want to hire you, not your family members.)
HR: Why do you want to join TCS? (Most expected and well prepared.)
ME: Mam, First of all the brand name itself. Everyone knows. There is a social saying in our country "Chappal ho to BATA ki, Job ho to TATA ki" (If you Use slippers it must be of BATA, and job should be of TATAs.) Apart from this I have also consulted with my seniors who are working with TCS. And they have advised me that TCS is the best start for a fresher. And TCS will provide global exposure because it is present across 45 countries. And TCS provides opportunities to work on multiple domains. TCS provides work life balance. (This question is very important. If you want to join any organization you must have some good reasons for that.)
HR: Do you have any gap in education?
ME: No.
HR: You have done diploma. In which subject?  Do you have certificate for it? (Indicating towards my resume.)
ME: Yes mam, I can show you (I tried to open file.)
HR: No, No.  It's Ok.
HR: Where do you see yourself after 4 years? (Again this question is very important. They want to check whether you really have some plan to stay in their company or you will join another company after few years.)
ME: As a project leader or team leader.
HR: Why? You may be a programmer or something else?
ME: I have very good management capabilities. I am working as a training & placement coordinator in Training & placement cell. I call the HRs, invite them to campus, managing campus drive etc. And keep the students updated about latest information. (You must give a reason for your position after 4 years.)
HR: why you decided to go for graduate?
ME: Mam, after diploma I find out there are fewer opportunities for diploma holders. Growth rate is very slow. And college life itself is a fun. Also I want to increase my level of knowledge.
HR: Are you aware of TCS bond and Back Ground check process?
ME: Yes , mam.
HR: Are you comfortable with relocation?
ME: Yes, I am absolutely comfortable. I have been leaving away from my home since last 7 years. I can manage anywhere.
HR: Do you want to share any experience?
ME: No, mam.
HR: Ok KUMAR. Thank you. You can go now.
ME: Thank you, mam.

And finally result was announced 8:30PM. 120 out of 215 who appeared for interviews were selected and I was among one of them.

Interview questions always depend on the person who is taking interview.

For interview, be confident and stay calm and take care of your body language, maintain a good smile, eye contact. Before facing my interview I have always read about these things, and used to think "O my God! This is all nonsense". But believe me all these things exists and they are very important. That's all from my side. Best of luck!

PS: For any grammatical mistakes.

"Chances favor prepared minds"

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