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Tata Concultancy Services - Jabalpur, September 28, 2012

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On-line test comprised 30 questions which were to be done in 80 minutes. Cut-off was around 10 as most of us attempted only 15-22 questions.
There was negative marking of 1 for incorrect answer and positive 1 for correct answer. the test window was the same as the open sesame practice test on next step. tcs website.

40% of the on-line test questions were based on work and time. Others were based on-
1> Time speed distance
2> Logical reasoning
3> Some questions with figures. Answer using logic.
4> Arithmetic progression
5> Permutations and combinations

To be safe one must practice all the important topics like probability, time speed distance, work time, number systems, clocks, calendars ( I got only 1 question from this topic).
Those preparing for CAT will surely clear the on-line test. Others must not rely on R S Agrawal only. They should try solving some questions with higher level of difficulty from CL or TIME packages.

I remember some questions -

Q. There are two employees in a company. One is younger and the other is older. The older employee leaves his house at 10:00 am and walks to the company with a speed of 20 metres per minute. After 5 minutes the younger employee also leaves his home and walks towards office with a speed of 30 metres per minute. When will he meet the older employee?

a> 11:00
b> 10:10
c> 10:15
d> 10:30

speed of older = 3o m/min, speed of younger = 20 m/min
in 5 minutes the older employee walks.. ?
distance = 20 * 5 = 100 metres
now younger employee will cover 100 metres in..?
t = d/s
t = 100/ 30-20 = 10 minutes
30 - 20 is the relative speed of the two as both of them are walking in the same direction.

so answer is c> 10:15 am.

Q. Car A leaves city C at 5 pm and drives at a speed of 40 kmph. 2 hours later another car B leaves city C and drives in the same direction as car A. In how much time will car B be 9 km ahead of car A. Speed of car B is 60 kmph.

a> 4.25 hrs
b> 4.17 hrs
c> 4.30 hrs
d> 4.45 hrs

speed of A = 40 kmph, speed of B = 60 kmph
distance traveled by A in 2 hours..
d = s*t = 40 * 2 = 80 km
distance B must travel to be 9 km ahead of A = 80 km + 9 km = 89 km
Relative speed of A  and B = 60 - 40 = 20 kmph
time taken by B to be 9 km ahead of A : t = d/s = 89km/20kmph = 4.45 hours

answer is d.

    /\       /\       /
   /  \     /  \     /
  /    \   /    \   /
 /___ \/____\/___  ......

a> 43
b> 42
c> 47
d> 45

Using 3 sticks one triangle is formed. If there are 87 sticks. How many triangles with be formed as shown in figure?

I coudnt add picture here. So assume that

/  is one stick only. dont consider it as dashed line, considr it to be a stright line.

for forming first triangle we need 3 sticks, for all others we need only two sticks.
so 87 - 3 = 84. using first 3 stickes, 1 triangle is formed. now 84 sticks are remaining.
84/2 = 42 triangles.
total = 42+1 = 43 triangles.

answer- a

Q. how many 5 digit numbers can be formed using the digits 0,1,2,3,4,5,6 if repetition is not allowed.


_ _ _ _ _
5 places are there. In first place we can't place 0 as it must be a 5 digit number. if we place 0, it becomes a 4 digit number.
So in first place we can place 6 digits(1,2,3,4,5,6).
In second place we can place 6 digits(0 and the remaining 5 choices)
In third place we can place 5 digits
In fourth 4 digits
In fifth 3 digits

so 6*6*5*4*3 = 2160

Q. There are three teams, A,B,C. The tallest player of A is shorter than the tallest player of B. The shortest player of A is shorter than the shortest player of C. The tallest player of C is taller than the tallest player of B. What can be said with certainty?
a>C has the tallest players
b>The shortest player of B is shorter than the shorter players of C
2 more options of the sort. I dont remember them.

Answer is A.

Q. In how many ways can we select the captain and vice captain of a cricket team from 11 players?

Ans. 11C2. 11!/9!2!

Technical round---

This round was quite unpredictable. There were two interviewers and most of the questions were simple.

I opened the door and asked "May I come in sir?"
The interviewer asked my name and then said come in.
I said "Good afternoon sir" and smiled at both the interviewers.
They said "Good afternoon. Sit down."

They went through my resume and then asked, "So you're favourite subjects are dbms and oops? What is OOPs?"
I gave a basic definition like, "OOPs stands for object oriented programming. In this programmin methodology, our focus is on objects rather than functions. Data and functions that operate on the data are encapsulated into a single unit called class. OOPs is becoming popular because it allows us to model real world problems more accurately and safely than procedural programming."

The interviewer nodded then asked, "What is DBMS?"
Me: DBMS stands for datababse management systems. Database is a collection of interrelated data. The collection of this data and the applications that help store and retrieve this data are collectively called database management systems. They allow us to insert, delete and modify data.

Interviewer: Modify data? How can you modify data?
Me: Using DML commands like update table, alter table, delete.

Interviewer: Write one query to show use of PL SQL procedure.
I got confused as I could not remember the syntax. I hadn't revised PL SQL. So I took pen and stared at paper for a few seconds.

Interviewer: Okay write one query to show all the tables present in database.
Again I forgot the command to show all tables in database.
Me: Sir, I am not able to remember that keyword used to write this query.

Interviewer thought for a minute then said: Okay write any query.
I wrote a simple update query for table employee.
"update employee set salary = 15000 where emp_id = 1001;"

Interviewer: Do you know about networking?
Me: Yes sir.

Interviewer: what is IP address?
Me: it is a 32 bit address which is dynamically assigned to clients when they join the network. This address helps us in identifying the hosts.

Interviewer: So is client server architecture required for this?
Me: Yes sir.

Interviewer: which server will assign IP address?
Me: DHCP server.

Interviewer: Suppose we dont have DHCP server? Now?
Me: Then we'll use a simple server with a network operating system and manually assign the IP address. DHCP server will assign automatically whenever a host joins network.

Interviewer: Okay.
He again went through my resume and said, "So your project is in c++?"
Me: No sir. It's in Java.

Interviewer: Tell me about your project.
Me:I told the name of project, problem statement, number of modules. Platform used - java, backend technology derby apache and IDE netbeans 6.0

Interviewer: Your major training is on network design?
Me: Yes sir.
Interviewer: What is WAN?
Me: Wide area network that spans large areas.
Interviewer: example?
Me: Internet.
Interviewer: LAN?
Me: Local area network that spans smaller geographical areas.
Interviewer: example?
Me: Our college computer lab is an example of LAN.
Interviewer: Is there any other type of network?
Me: Yes sir. MAN - metropolitan area network.

Interviewer: okay now tell me about your background.
Me: I told about my father's occupation. And they cross questioned quite a lot and asked in depth about my father's job.

Finally the interviewer said, "Good. You belong to a good background."

5 minutes after this I was called  for the HR round----

I stepped into the conference room where 10-12 people were sitting on a round table. I got a little nervous but then 7-8 of them moved out of the room immediately.

Interviewer: tell me about yourself.
Me: I told my name, branch, average, high school's name, hobbies.
Interviewer: That's it?
Me: Yes sir.
Interviewer: What about your strengths and weaknesses?
Me: My strength is commitment to work and I'm resilient.
Interviewer: Resilient?
Me: I easily forget failures.
Interviewer: Give me an example of ur failure?
Me: IIT was a failure for me. As I could not clear the JEE. I thought about taking drop but then gave a chance to the other entrance exams. I focussed and worked hard for the other entrances even though IIT was my dream. I did not take drop.
Interviewer: Okay. And what are your weaknesses?
Me: Slow handwriting.
Interviewer: Anything else you want to improve on?
Me: Personality
Interviewer: what in personality?
Me: Posture, body language and communication skills.
Interviewer: Okay, what did you do to improve your personality?
Me: I joined a workshop on personality development. I attended classes there for 2 weeks and have clearly seen a difference. I'm a little more confident now.
Interviewer: okay. Do you know about the bond of TCS?
Me: yes sir.
Interviewer: do you have a problem if we relocate you?
Me: No sir. I love travelling.
Interviewer: you like travelling? Okay, good. Do you plan to leave our company?
Me: It would be an honour to work for TCS as its ranked 1 in India and 7 in the world for providing IT services. I have no plans of leaving.
Interviewer: Do you have any questions?
Me:No sir.
Interviewer: Sure?
Me: yes sir.
Interviewer: Sure?
Me: yes sir I'm sure...
Interviewer: ok now you may leave.
Me: Thank you sir.

I left the room at 2 pm. Results were announced at 12 am. Those that gave only 2 rounds were selected. Some who were called for managerial rounds were doubtful cases. Some of them were rejected. Some even gave 4 rounds but were still selected. So it was all a mystery until night time when I got to now I'm selected.

The aptitude test was mass rejection round. 3/4th of the students were out during this round only.

Good luck to everyone else who's preparing to be a part of TCS.

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