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TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES - Shri Shankaracharya College of Engineering and Technology, 5-Nov-2011

Posted By : Apoorv Panse Rating : +1179, -38
Hii all...
IndiaBix helped me a lot to prepare for Campus as I read many Interview Experiences.
Hence I felt I must post my experience as well.... Hope it help Future TCS Aspirants :)

TCS has 3 rounds of selection:

1) Aptitude Round : Very Simple questions of Maths which can be practiced from RS AGGRAWAL Quantitative Aptitude. 35 questions , 80 Minutes... It is enough time...

How to prepare : Just go through 450 questions and 70 patterns.... Which you can find everywhere on internet... Search and download it.. Next, if you have time, solve RS Aggrawal. Really very basic questions are asked..

New pattern includes 2-5 questions from GMAT Critical Reasoning questions...

Marking scheme : +1 for correct and -0.3 for wrong.... 0 for unattempted.
Cutoff : It vary and depends upon students performances... We had 27-29 marks cutoff..
I attempted 33 questions and was sure All were correct. I cleared and moved to next round.
[We waited for interviews but due to short of time we were told we'll be interviewed the NEXT day... That is 6th november]

Prepare everything what you have written in your CV...
Dont write too many languages unless you KNOW the basics of each of them..
Because they will ask ONLY those subjects which you know..... Let me tell you my interview and how it went..

[opened the door]
Me: May I come in Sir ?
Int: Yes please come in.
[Walk slowly with smile on face.. And stand firmly ]
Me: Good Morning Sir :)
Int: Very Good Morning, please have a seat.
Me: Thankyou sir :)

Int: So Apoorv, Tell me about yourself ? [if asked by technical interviewer, tell your Academics in detail, mention projects and extra academic activities....]
Me: [started with] My pleasure to have this opportunity to give my introduction Sir...
And then I told my Academics, Percentages, about projects etc...

Int: Okay Apoorv, tell me something about your family...
Me: Told...

Int: What are your strengths ? [wasn't expecting this ques in my technicals]
Me: Sir, I have leadership qualities, Team Spirit, Learning Agility (willingness to learn) and  Positive attitude. I am Team Leader in my project, I love to learn NEW things, I always try and don't give up easily...

Int: OK, what are your CORE subjects ?
Me: [Very politely] Sir shall I tell My Favorite subjects or All subjects thats we studied till now ?

Int: No not all, just tell me what you Like ?
Me: Sir, I really Liked programming subjects C, C++, data structure. And yes Object Oriented Programming was my favorite...
[I showed confidence in last one so that Making ROOM for him to ask me from OOP... AND HE DID :) :) ]...

Int: Ok, Can you make a simple program in C++ showing concept of INHERITANCE and POLYMORPHISM ?
Me(confidently): Yeah Sure Sir :)
I made the program inheriting a class, and Overloaded the Constructor of Derived class..

Int: Alright good.... Now, do you know Sorting ? Can you make program for Bubble sorting of Integer Array ?
Me(confident again): Yes Sir.... Told him about sorting and Made a bubble sort program.

Int: I am very dumb, please explain me this code....
Me: Explained him the working of bubble sort..

Int: Great.. But what if I change the ">" to "<" in this line...?
Me: Sir it will sort in Reverse... :)

Int: Alright Apoorv... Can you Solve this puzzle ? [It was quite tough aptitude question]
Me: I'll try sir, I spent time reading it carefully and acting as if m understanding the question with concentration...
Me: Sir is the ans 117 apples ?
Int: No you are wrong, try again...
Me: After a min, Sir I am reaching to the wrong answer again... May be I my appraoch is wrong, shall I try again in a different way Sir ? [He saw the try a again spirit and He smiled]

Int: No, its okay, u have tried enough..  Now, it seems you have interest in HIGHER STUDIES ?
[I had written my GATE percentile hence he asked this one, BEWARE]
Me: No sir, I am not focused to go for higher studies. Its not like I dont have interest, but I want my skills to be applied practically as soon as possible, and gaining as much experience from it... Hence I prefer Job over higher studies.. But if TCS give me opportunity to persue Higher studies for gaining expertise, I will utilize this opportunity and will come back to TCS as an expert in that field :) :)

Int: Thats really good Apoorv... :) [My ans made a positive impact on him...]
Me: Smiled... :)

Int: Its nice to meet you Apoorv, Do you have any questions to ask ?
Me: [Thinking 3 sec] Yes Sir, If I get selected, as I am confident Sir that TCS will give me opportunity, If I get selected then should I get any Certifications for improving myself before joining TCS ?

Int: Its not that mandatory, but certifications are always better for you... I recommend just focus on your core subjects meanwhile thats enough :)
Me: Okay Sir, thankyou for valuable advice.

Int: All the best, Thank you Apoorv, you may go now...
Me: Thankyou Sir, It was really nice meeting you.. :)

[Technical Part Over... I was happy as everything went right.... JUST BE CONFIDENT]
[Do prepare BASICS of C/C++ programming and mug up Short programs... If you are writing DBMS as Area of interest in CV, then prepare SQL queries also, they will surely ask that..... Point is.. Ans in that way which would FORCE them to ask WHAT YOU KNOW]

3.) HR ROUND: [I cleared Technical as obvious]
HR was a young Mam...  Group of 6 students were told to enter simultaneously...
I was first to enter
Me: May we come in Mam :)
HR: Yeah please come inside fast.... And be seated in order..
[After approaching...]
Me: Good Afternoon Mam :) [politely]
HR: Goodafternoon all of you..

HR: Okay lets start with you Apoorv.... Are you Marathi ?
[I was lucky as HR Mam was Marathi too, with fascination she asked...]
Me: Yes mam, I am marathi and I was born in Maharashtra... :)
HR: [she asked this in MARATHI] Great, can you speak it well ?
Me: [I answered in marathi] Yes mam, I usually speak it at home, and Can write in marathi as well..
HR: Thats cool Apoorv...
Me: Thankyou :)
HR: [Again in Marathi] Tell me about your Family....
Me: [I switched to english] Told about my family... [Always praise your family when asked such question, Tell them that your UPBRINGING was very good and you have a great famliy]...
HR: Thats really nice...

[She asked other 5 students many questions, and 2 of them underwent STRESS interview, I felt lucky enough that she was already impressed by me...]

HR: I am giving you all, A topic.. Make a team of three and Debate over it...
[We had a GD... And again I made short and powerful points which impressed HR]
[My advice: Please feel free before HR, make him/her comfortable with you... Smile, gesture properly, treat HR as your friend but in PROFESSIONAL MANNER]

HR: You all know about the BOND ?
All: Yes mam , we all know....
HR: Okay, Any one of you have relocation problem, because you can be "thrown" anywhere...
Me: No problem at all mam... Throw us in any pond, and we'll generate Strong ripples :)
HR: Thats the positive spirit we are looking for... Alright you people may go now... Nice meeting u all... And all the best...  
Me: Thankyou mam, Its nice meeting you too :)

FINALLY , results were out in Evening...
I was confident to get selected....
And I am Part of TCS now :) :)
Prepare well.... Dont take anything for granted, process is very easy, just a little hard work... hope this post help you all.... ALL THE VERY BEST..... :)

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