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Tata Consultancy Services - Tumkur, 23-Sep-2011

Posted By : Dr. Bhimanagoud Parakanahalli Rating : +112, -4
Hi friends, myself Bhimanagoud pursuing 7th semester CSE  in Siddaganga Institute of Tech ,Tumkur.

M/s TCS had visited our campus on 23rd and 24th of this September, and I would like to share my experience with all of u guys, because this websites helped me a lot. I was nothing before going through this websites. It taught me the way to face the interview starting from dress code.

TCS campus drive has mainly three rounds, sometimes it may exceed more than three too for particular students only..
            1)Touchstone online written test.
            2)Technical interview
            3)HR interview.

Friends even though mine is direct interview, because of 75% through out  my career, i want to put some points about written test which i heard from my friends,
->35 questions 80 minutes, all on quants, dont go for RS Agarwal in detail, go just for basic formulas if you want, instead refer previous year papers, follow the 70 patterns given in some other experiences, adopt to the methods, dont mug up ,the data will be changed, there will be unnecessary data in the question ,practice how to pick only the necessary data.    

->Tick only exact answers you know, dont guess and tick it, there is negative marking, cutoff  will change from college to college, calci allowed in my college.
->You can come back to any question at any point of time, confirm the answers more than once because u have sufficient time ,dont neglect ,dont come out until your times up, dont show your over confidence there.

The next round is Technical round ,Just treat it like external viva, my tech round started at 11am.There were around 30 panels, the volunteer said me to go to the panel number6.
Me: Good mrng sir, [with smile on face].
TR: good morning ,have a seat.[dont have a seat until he give tell you to sit, wait for a while ,if its too late ask him for permission, dont drag the chair ie dont make sound, dont sit like a manager ]
me: thank u sir,
TR:what is ur CGPA?
me:8.65 sir.
TR: what is CGPA?
me: told.
TR:  tell me something about urself.
me: told. [ tell your education background ,followed by family ,followed by ur personal skills, and ur hobbies.. dont include any other things,sometimes he may ask to introduce which is not in your resume, be prepare for that too.
(for examples you can go through]
TR: oh, you love cooking !what u  cook?
me:[as i mentioned my hobby as cooking, (with smile)] Yes sir, i cook rice bath, avalakki, uppit, etc..,sir most of the time during festivals and holidays we dont get food here, so i made it as my hobby.(be prepared for each and every combination's of questions on hobbies.]
TR:Which is your favorite movie?
me: kung Fu Panda sir,[ he may ask ,what message u got from that movie, what changes u seen in u after that movie, and details of that movie].
TR: oh nice!
TR: so, What r ur favorite subjects?
me: programming in c and c++.[mention only those in which u feel perfect]
TR: Whats an array?
me:told confidently,[keep smile and confidence on your face until the end of your interview, he may reject the candidates who shows the variation of smile and confidence even u tel the correct answers, its not the matter of correct answers der, its the matter of confidence, positive attitude,smile even u tel "dont know" through out the interview].
TR: wats the difference b/w structure and union.
me: told  [confidence level increased].
TR: what comes in C++? ie features,
me: told [this is the point where my converted into over confidence, i not only told the features but also the complete details with examples, friends this is the point where he find my weakness, after this question he came to know that im perfect in C,C++, so he didnt ask any questions on C and C++ even though i mentioned C and C++ as my favorite subjects in  my resume.
so tel only what he ask with the same tone, dont show ur extra talent der.]
TR:[with smile] u know unix?
me: yeah sir, but not perfect,
TR: y? that is interesting rt?
me: interesting but i have concentrated more on C and C++! [from this point my confidence level started decreasing, but one thing i never shown my decrease in confidence to him, smile helped me a lot]
TR:do u know unix architecure?
me: not exactly sir.
TR: dont u know that shell, kernal, etc?
me: yes, i know sir
TR: then ,draw the architecture of unix
me: drawn and explained, [i was not perfect in the answer, i just convinced him ]
TR: ok, list out the unix commands
me:[after few seconds] ls, poweroff, ...[i was not remembered any other commands]
TR:[smile] ok, wat is primary key?
me: told
TR: wat r different constraints?
me: told
TR : wat is the basic difference b/w primary and foreign key?
me: told.[he too added some points, argue with him only if u r 100% perfect, otherwise just agree]
TR:drawn two tables and asked 2 queries [which r not der in the books]
me: answered, [i was knowing that the answers are not completely correct, but he accepted them as 100% correct]
TR: [now he dragged me towards soft engg, i think he wanted to decrease my confdence but i never]
do u know SDLC?
me: dont know sir.
TR: dont u know Software Development Life Cycle?
me:[with smle] yeah sir, i know.,
TR: ok ,tel wat comes in that.
me: different modules to build softwares
TR: what r those
me:told 3 to 4.
TR:explain waterfall module with sketch
me: explained.
TR:what r its dis advantages
me: told
TR: wat is the solution,
me: other modules,
TR: mention them?
TR: ok expalin RAD module with diagarm
me:  sir, i dont know the diagram ,but i can expalin u the concept,
TR: ok explain
me: explained.
TR:explain spiral model
me:explained.[ impressed by the way of convincing, i was not knowing the most of the answers, but i convinced him in an effective manner ]
TR:tel in 1 line wat ur project does?
TR :gave me a puzzle to along with hint
me: i tried ,but i cant.
TR: ok, no problem all the best
me:nice to meet u sir, thanked again
Tr: same here.
                  my tech interview went around 30 mins, i was waiting outside to go for the next round ,my name called after an hour,
me:may i come in sir
HR:come in
me:Good afternoon sir,thanked
HR: Good afternoon, hv a seat,
HR:describe urself
me:told[all common questions]
HR: y TCS?
HR:wat u know about TCS?
HR:y should i hire u?
HR: wat r ur qualities?
HR:wats ur project?explain
me:told in detail about 10 mins,
HR:gave me a puzzle
me:solved [80%]
HR:asked questions on hobbies.
HR: do u aware of bond?
me:yes sir.
HR:asked some details of my brother ,as i told my brother is also working in TCS[which is a + point for me]
HR:r u ready to relocate?
me:yes sir.[he was marking all the columns in his sheet ,which is the indication of selection ]
HR:ok Bhimanagouda nice to meet u, u can come to see results
me: thank u sir ,nice to meet u sir..........
For all branch students concentrate on basics of all the subjects,
              Hurrah!!!!! i won my dream company..
I was very happy after hearing my name through my friend....
Friends have a faith in god!..he ll definitely help, thnx for my brother, all websites, friends and to my parents...

C u @ TCS..

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