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TCS Test Paper - Institute of Technical Research (ITER); Bhubaneswar. September 19-20, 2011

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Q.1) 9 years ago, I was five times as old as my eldest son. Today I am 3 times his age. HOW old am I now? Express my age in binary numbers.
a)10100    b)10010    c)110110   d)110111
ans. 110110

Q.2) A group of friends Tom, Tina, Dick, Diana, Harry, Harriet go out to a fair three hundred meters from the McDonalds which is five kms away. They see a weighing machine and decide to have some fun. However the girls refuse to step on it. So Tom, Dick and Harry weigh themselves In a particular order. First Tom, Dick and Harry weigh themselves individually and then Tom and Dick, Dick and Harry, Tom and Harry and then Tom,Dick,Harry respectively. The recorded weight for the last measure is 161 kgs. The average weight of their measures is:-
a) 92.00   b) 115.00 c) 207.00 d) 53.67
ans. 92.00

Q.3) the thousand pillar temple of Hyderabad was built by the kakatiyans of chalukyan dynasty in the 12th century. Each pillar has a carving made of black monolithic rocks of basalt which are polished to give a brilliant look. Three tourists visit the temple. Sandeep is taller than Richie and taller than two of the thousand pillars and jithes is shorter than sandeep and the three pillars. Which of the following statements would be most accurate?
a) Richie is taller than sitesh
b) Richie is shorter than sitesh
c) sitesh is as tall as Ritchie
d) it's impossible to tell
ans. D

Q.4) A  grocer was selling oranges at a penny each, olives at 2 for a penny and pears at 3 for a penny. A father spent 7p and got the same amount of each type of fruits for each of his children: Jane, Joe and Jill. Jane is three years older than Jill and Joe is exactly half the age of Jane and Jill together. What did each child get?
a) 1 orange, 2 olives, 1 pear
b) 1 orange, 2 olives, 2 pears
c) 1 orange, 3 olives, 2 pears
d) 1 orange, 1 olive, 1 pear
ans. A

Q.5) a toy train produces at least 10 diff. sounds when it moves around a circular toy track of radius 5 mts at 10 mts per minute. However, the toy train is defective and it now produces only two different tunes at random. What are the odds that the toy train produces 5 consecutive music tunes of the same type?
a) 25.00
b) 5.00
c) 32.00
d) 16.00
ans. D

Q.6) two blocks of copper with density of 100 kg/m3 are twisted into wires of length 100km and thickness 0.1mm. Copper is a very ductile material. Its ductility is measures in terms of percentage elongation into application of tensile forces. The conductivity of the copper wire is extremely high rendering it useful in the construction of many electronic circuits. If the voltage through tone such circuit is 14V and the current flowing in the circuit is 215mA. What is the resistance of the wire?
a) 3010.00
b) 15.36
c) 229.00
d) .07
ans. D

Q.7) 8 years ago, Andromeda's  age was twice Achilles' age, 8 years twice, Andomeda's age will be 4/3 times the age of Achilles'. Find Andromeda's present age in binary numbers?
a) 10101
b) 1001
c) 1000
d) 11000
ans.  Options are not matching, so we skipped the question

Q.8) the New Year public library is one of the world's greatest repositories of books and journals. It has a beautiful reading room facing Manhattan's famous fifth avenue. The reading rooms are 10 reading spots. Each reading spot consists of a round table with 4 chairs placed around it. There are some readers such that in each occupied reading spots there are different numbers of readers. If in all there are 10 readers, how many reading spots are empty?
a) 5
b) 3
c) 6
d) 4
ans. C

Q.9) 1/3 of a number is 6 more than 1/6 of the same number. What is the number in the binary systems?
a) 10101
b) 110
c) 100100
d) 100101
ans. C

Q.10) one day rapunzel meets pal and rat in the Disneyland. She knows that pal lies on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesdays and tells truth on the other days of the week. Rat on the other hand lies on Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays, but tells truth on the other days of the week. Now they make the following statements to rapunzel- pal: yesterday was one of the days when I lie. Rat: yesterday was one of the days when I lie too. What day is it?
a) Thursday
b) B Sunday
c) C Tuesday
d) D Monday
ans. A

Q.11)  a car manufacturer located 29 km due west of Chennai produces 250 cars lot for export to Europe. However there is a problem in the paint shop and the lights have gone out. It seems that the cars can be painted only red and blue and nobody has noticed this except you as the cars come out the testing through the area onto nh4 at random. What are the odds that 6 consecutive cars of the same color will come through the test area at any one time?
a) 32.00
b) 128.00
c) 6.00
d) 36.00
ans. A

Q. 12) the product of two prime numbers is smaller than the total number of problems. Now if the diff of any two numbers is 6 and their product is 18, what is the sum of their squares?
a) 72.00
b) 54.00
c) 42.00
d) 44.00
ans. A

In the second round, since the number of candidates were high, technical and HR round took place simultaneously.
Q1) give ur introduction:-
Q2) define ur strength and weaknesses
Q3) why should I hire you?
Q4) name your core subjects and their importance
Q5) can u relocate?
Q6) define success
Q7) questions to us

Since I ws a student of "bachelor of pharmacy" I got the following questions in technical round:-
Q1) define drug.
Q2) define pharmacovigilance and drug analysis.
Q3) define clinical trial steps briefly
Q4) a new drug is to be launched, define the whole process from it's discovery to post market study
Q5) describe analgesics
Q6) describe about laboratory animals.

We sat for the interview with the students, a total of 726 students (723 btech,mca,mtech and 3 bpharm) have been selected among 1100 students. Thank god, I was in the list too.

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