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Posted By : Arnab Mandal Rating : +46, -12
Hi Friends

I am Arnab Mandal from RCCIIT, CSE, KOLKATA. TCS came our college on 15 March 2010. Tolal 159 candidate appeared only 50 cleared in Aptitude test. Finnaly 33 Got selelected. Don't get tensed about HR round if you clear TCS aptitude test I think 75% job you have done only 25% left to do. So for the rest of 25% you should be cool & confident in the HR round. I was also very much tenced before result out of aptitude test when I saw, I cleared aptitude test I got some extra confidence that only 50 persons selected & I am one of them. Finally I am a TCSIAN.


Enlish: 32 Questions, 20 Minutes
I got anly 4 common.
For antonym you prepare from all Model test parer of barron 12. Don't waste time for preparing synnonym becoz there are lots of synnonym so you can,t collct all synnonym.
6-fill in the blank. Exatly this fill in the blank came in my paper.

Observe the dilemma of the fungus; it is a plant, but possesses no chlorophyll. While all other plants put the sun’s energy to work for them combining the nutrients of ground and air into the body structure._____1______.Chlorophyll is found in these other plants which, having received their energy free from the sun, relinquish it__2__.

In this search of energy, the fungus has become the earth’s major source of rot and decay. Wherever you see mould forming on   a piece of bread, or a pile of leaves turning to compost, or a bloom down tree becoming pulp on the ground, _____3___.

With fungus action, the earth would be pooled high with_____4______.

In fact, certain plants which contain resins that are ____5_______. Specimen of the redwood tree, for instance can still be found ______6________.

1. You are watching a fungus acting
2. Resting on the forest floor centuries after having been cut down
3. Responsible for decomposition of much plant life
4. Fungus must look elsewhere for an energy supply
5. Cannot produce their own store of energy
6. The dead plant life of past centuries
7. At some point in their cycle either to animal or to fungi
8. Fungus is vastly different from other plants
9. Toxic to fungi will last indefinitely.

One large passage-6marks.
I answer all question from passage in guess because I have no time to read whole passage care fully.

Quantitative: 38 Questions, 40 Minutes
All came from previous year question papers. you should keep on your memory the answer of each question. There are 3 Questions from venn diagram & 3 from pie chart.

Here I am giving the answer of the puzzle which are from Barron 12 edition. Those people can’t solve the puzzle just keep the answer in your memory. Don’t worry here all answers are correct for the puzzle. I have written the first line of the puzzle with answer.

For a motorist there are three ways :ADCE
Project Consolidated : ABECE
Red and Brown : CBAE
Letters A, B, C,D,E,F andG : BEDCCC
In country X : DDBC
Latin Sanskrit  : DADB

Joe, Larry, Ned : CCBAEBE
A causes B or C but not both : DCCC
Eight varsity baseball players : ADBE
Delegations from Wallachia and Rumelia : AECE
Byram and Adoniram  : CDEA
Ashalan is north of East Liverpool : BEDAC
Spelunkers International : CCBB
Mr. Pesth……: BDEAAC

On Sunday Dec 23: CDABA
Airedale, Boxer, Collie: BCCADC
All G’s are H’s: EECD
Hotel Miranmar: DBCA
Each word in a horizontal row: AEDE
A B C or W may causes D: AABC
Five executive of European: EADBD
All A’s B’s C’s D’s E’s F’s are Q’s: EDBC
Progressive federal party: CADEBB

Mrs. F official hostess: EADE
Homer Meuseum: CCBB
A is the father: DEEB
Prahtu and Brihtu marriage: DDABE
Seven varsity basket ball: DCCB

Mr.pict must: DECDB

HR Interview: A mam took my HR. she is very cool person. I gave very cool interview to the mam

she asked me the question.

introduce urself?
Why TCS?? (I told TCS is the top 10 global company. TCS viges us very good tranning. & very good working environment. Previously most of the siniors were recruited by TCS, they told me to join TCS.

I told playing cricket & searching google.

she ask me have you seen yesterdays IPL match ?

I told yes mam. kkr vs bangalore. dada scores 40 run. hit a great six. monoj tewary got man of the match.
I asked her have you seen the match... she told no, i can't get time to see the match

whats your weakness?
I told i can't give up my hope until i finish my job..
the she asked me so are you a hopefull person?

I told yes mam. and i am hopefull thet today I will get job. after listenning she gave a little smile at me.

Extracurricular activity?
we made a short movie.
what is the massage of the movie?
i told the massage of the movie is :-if you dont get a job don't be frustretred, don't break your mind one day you will be a successfull man
do you know unique key?
i answered.
what is reffrencial integrity?
i answered.

what is triggered?
i told i don't know pl/sql.

she asked some question from my final yr project.......
i answered.

Atlast final result out 8 pm. I was selected. A special thanks to the mam who took my interview & selected me.

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