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Hi Friends

TCS was on campus in our college SGGSIE&T, Nanded on 12-13th Jan-08. I got selected & now i m very happy. First let m thank to Friends for provoding such a nice platform for freshers

Here i m giving all my experience right from scratch, so plz read it very carefully, if u dont hav enough time then no need to go many papers just go thru my paper & some others, I hav tried to give all the stuff from my experiences.

College- SGGSIE&T, NANDED(MH) Appeared- Above 250
Apti.Cleared- 193
Tech. Interview cleared- 120 Approx
HR finally selected- 71

First they give presentation about thier company. Listen it very carefiul. Hav a pen & paper with u & note the points very carefullly, the points like..When company was established,b y whom, where. How many fortune clients r there, no of branches, no of countries in which the branches r spread, how employees get chance to go up step-by-step, other products of TCS,services provided by company. Here itself u can b prapared for much info about the TCS. Make out notes because after some times u may forget the info.

After presentation APTITUDE TEST was there. The test was online. So, something about ONLINE TEST. Their software named "QUEBEX" is really very good. Firstly mute the volume of ur PC because page gets refreshed frequently, so unnecessarily the voice may disturb u. When instructor will say to click on TCS.. internet sign then click, u il get user id & password from them. To go at password field u need to press tab key from ur keyboard. After logging there will b one sample test of 3 minutes at the same time instructor will give info. have a look on color code for Attempted, visited but not attempted, not visited questions. solve the sample test in order to b familiar with the software. After this main test will start. Remeber only one question is displayed on the screen.

Every question has to be submitted individually. After choosing the appropriate option immediatly submit the option with the help of SUBMIT button. If u think that u il first click all the questions & then submit at the same time.. THE SILLY MISTAKE.. because when u go to the next question without submitting it then option to which u hav clicked gets disappears. So Submit it immediately. It may happen that just before submitting page gets refeshed & the option clicked disappears, then don't worry again click & submit. U can change the option at any time in the respective session. After submitting next question automatically comes on the screen.

If u don't want to answer the question & move to the next question then on the right hand side there will be question number list, select the que no.(((But my advice is though u dint know answer click any option because it may be the case that u dont get time later on, & there is no loss in doing that because later on u can change the answer option.)))

Time will not be carried forward, i.e.if u finish any section before time then that time u il not get as extra time for next session.

The test was of 90 minutes (1 & half hour) Marks 80 - 90 (I dont remember exact)
3 sections
1> English (32 Questions, 20 minutes ) - 10 syonyms, 10 antonyms, 6-8 paragraph based questions, 4-6 paragraph completion.
2> Quantitative section (38 questions, 40 minutes)
3> Critical Reasoning (12 questions, 30 minutes) - 3 short logical puzzle type paragraphs 4 questions each.(3X4=12)

1> English Section::::::::------->>>
While solving this section be careful about what is asked? On the right side there will be heading SYNONYM and ANTONYM. There is not any separator between Antonyms, sentence completion & reading comprehension.

Frnds, don't rely upon antonynms & synonyms, because not a single word was from the words whatever I mugged up (I had remembered many words from previous papers). All the words were different. The only word I remember is Antonym of HARBINGER. But till u prepare whatever u could.

For reading comprehensions u prepare RC section+RC passages from Model tests of the 12 th edition BARRON's. Sentence completion will be from the this RC's only. For sentence completion One Reading Comprehension passage will b given with Blanks. Blanks will be not of a single or double word but that il b also a sentence. So be careful.

Some of the sentence completion passages are-----

1> "Observe the dilemma of fungus.........." page no 117 RC Ex-E from 12 th edition Barrons.


Some passages for the RC questions-----------

2>" Like her white.......related to Bethune.frm RC Q's pg no 113)

3> "The atmosphere........related to gases ( pg no 119)

Better way read all d passages.It will not take much time to prepare.

2> Quantitative Section::::::::------->>
Previous papers only............ For this section no need to go thru any other book & all, just prepare the previous question papers only. I m giving here the Q's from my & my frnds papers...

1) Match the following:
1. Male - Boy ---> a. A type of
2. Square - Polygon ---> b. A part of
3. Roof - Building ---> c. Not a type of
4. Mushroom - Vegetables ---> d. A superset of
Ans. 1- d, 2- a, 3- b, 4- c

2) G(0)= -1, G(1)=1, G(N)=G(N-1) + G(N-2), G(6)= ? ans.3

3) Which set of data exhibits a higher Standard Deviation?
(a) 9, 0, -9, 9, 0, -9 (b) 9, 9, 9, 0, 9, 9 (c) -9, -9, -9, -9, -9, -9 (d) 9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9 (e) 9, -9, 9, -9, 9, -9
Ans: e.......take mean(sumof all/no.of elmnts),take difference of all frm mean,now apply formula (s.d)^2=(sum of (diff)^2/n)

4) In Chennai, temperature at noon varies according to -t^2/2 + 8t + 3, where t is elapsed time. Find how much temperature more or less in 4pm to 9pm.
Ans. (put 9 & 4in eq. n subtract )

5)Number of faces, vertices and edges of a cube
Ans. 6, 12, 8

6)Largest prime nos in n-bits register( nh may be 5 to 9 )
Ans: Largest prime no in 9-bit register-509
Largest prime no in 8-bit register-251
Largest prime no in 7-bit register-127
Largest prime no in 6-bit register-61
Largest prime no in 5-bit register-31

7) Largest prime no 3 digit
Ans: 997

8) . The size of a program is N. And the memory occupied by the program is given by M = square root of 3000N. If the size of the program is increased by 1% then how much more memory now occupied?
Ans: 0.5 %

9) Evaluate the expression
M(843,11) + R(5.8) + T(7.7) - R(3.4) where M stands for Modulo arithmetic, R stands for Round-off operation and T stands for Truncation Operation
(a)15 (b)13 (c) 17 (d)16 (e)12
Ans C

In R( )if the digit after decimal point is 5 or more then round the digit to next whole int.In T( ) leave the part after decimal point
S0 7+6+7-3=17

10) Find the value of @@+25 - ++@16, where @ denotes "square" and + denotes "square root".
Ans. 621

After - sign, for ++@16 start from RHS so ++256 then +16 then 4
For @@+25......then @@5 then @25 then then 625
Now 625-4=621

11) A power cable is run by the bank of the river of 900 meters width. A cable is made from power unit to power a plant opposite to that of the river and 3000mts away from the power unit. The cost of the cable below water is Rs. 5/- per meter and cost of cable on the bank is Rs.4/- per meter. Find the point downstream where the cable is to cut across the river.
Ans: 2100m

Some times they may ask the total cost. (900*5 + {3000-900)*4) Once again confirm this..i m nt sure.

12) Find the singularity matrix from a given set of matrices?
Ans. Whose (det(A)==0)

13) (Momentum*Velocity)/(Acceleration * distance ) find units.
Ans. mass

Momentum means mass*velocity. convert into its units,velocity means m/s (kg.m.m)/(s.s) Acc. m/s^2,distance m

Now substitute the values , cancel out , remains kg i.e. Mass

14) A man, a woman, and a child can do a piece of work in 6 days. Man only can do it in 24 days. Woman can do it in 16 days and in how many days child can do the same work?
Ans. 8 days

15) In a two-dimensional array, X(9,7), with each element occupying 2 bytes of memory, with the address of the element X(1,1) is 3000,
find the address of X(8,5)?
Ans: 3106

16) 3 questions were on identifying the nature of the graph i.e. y=logx,y=tanx

17) Three independent mechanisms A, B and C have been incorporated for power saving in a plant producing respectively 30%, 40% and 10% efficiency. Assuming that they operate independently, what is the net power efficiency achieved?
(a) 62.2% (b) 68% (c) 61% (d) 64% (e) 56%

18) Find the fourth row, having the bit pattern as an integer in an 8-bit computer, and express the answer in its decimal value.
A 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1
B 0 0 1 1 0 0 1 1
C 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1
(A OR(B AND C)) ?
Ans: B AND C

1 AND 1=1 else 0
1 OR 0/1=1
So B AND C--à 00010001 This OR A->00011111

19) An aircraft takes off from A (89o N Lat, 20o E ) at 6.00 AM local time to B (50o S, 40o W ). If the flying time is 10 hours what is the local time of landing at B?
don't take care of N & S.E & W matters only.
1o change == 4mins
Here 20 o+40 o=60 o
So 60*4=240 mins....4hrs
If time change not considered then After 10 hrs it il reach at the same palce after 6:00+10:00=4:00pm
Going frm east to west so substract 4hrs frm 4:00pm..
(if plane is going frm west to east then then Add those hrs)

20) 11. Select the odd one out
a. SMTP b.WAP c. SAP d.ARP
ans : c

21). Select the odd man out.
a. Java b.Lisp c. Smalltalk d.Eiffel
Ans: b

22). Which of the following are orthogonal pairs?
a. 3i+2j b.i+j c. 2i-3j d.-7i+j
ans: a & c(bcz dot product is zero)

23) select odd one- sql,db2,sybase,http {ans-htttp}

24) select odd one-sybase,db2,oracle,unix {ans-unix}

25-27) venn diagram is given specifying dat sum people eat indian,sum Chinese,and one more So b prepared for venn diagrams of 3 circles 3 Q's il b there on this

28-30)3 Qs on Data interpretation(Bar+line+circle graph may b asked) Prepare it from RS Agrawal

31) 534 in decimal system is 1362 in certain system.find base of that.
Trial & error

32)A can copy 50 papers in 10 hrs while A &B together can copy 70 papers in 10 many hrs will be required for B to copy 26 papers?
Ans: 13hrs

33)Find eqn of line having intercepts (0,3) & (-2,0)
Ans Y=(3/2)X + 3
Formula x/a + y/b = 1

34) if n=68*12*51 which one is not int?
a>n/136 b>n/244 c> n/72
ans: c

35) which one is the power of 3
a> 6245 b> 6762 c> 6074 d> 6561 e> 6178
ans d

36) Series completion...

37) If VXUPLVH is written as SURMISE, what is COVER?
I solved this section approx 30 correctly

Critical Reasoning
GRE 12th edition's 5 Model Test papers only. 3 passages il b there having 3 Q's each Prepare the critical reasoning passages having 4 or more Q's If u r prepared for this then u il not need more than 2 mins to solve this.I solved this section within just 2 minutes.Rest of the 28 mins I was thinking whether I il b thru or not becz in English section I was not sure for 5 mArks even.

These passages were in my paper

1> Delegations frm Wallacia & no 475 model test 2
2> Tom ..latin, no 446 model test 1
3> Each word in horizontal no 591 model test 4

For my frnds Atul Patil, Anil Borse, Jagdish Patil passages were
4>Mr Pesth........MNORSTUVW .pg no 497 model test 2
5>The organizer of local 58 .hospital pg no 475 model test 2
6>In country Conservative,Dmocratic, no 445 model test 1
7>In a certain ...Red no 443 model test 1
8>John is no 540 model test 3
9>In the days........related to scurvy....frm model test 5 (pg no 646 last psg)
10>All A's B's C' no 594 model test 4
11>A is the father of no 630 model test 5
12>In a certain society .Prahtu Brithu no 644 model test 5
13>Ashland is no 496 model test 2

Some imp critical psgs r:
14> no-496 model test 2
15>A B C...... pg no 592 model test 4
16>Mr A ..Spanish, no 594 model test 4
17>At a no 594 model test 4
18>for a A B no-442 model test 1
19>A project to no 443 model test 1
20>joy , lerry no 446 model test 1
21>A causes B or no 447 model test 1
22>In order to conduct.mon,tue, no 590 model test 4

As soon as the time finishes result gets displayed..
Thank u if not cracked
Congrats if cracked.
Thank god I cracked the apti!!
After cracking the apti they il giv their own form fill it carefully.

Now interview....Interview was scheduled on 13th
First Technical Inteview
Then HR+MR

whole interview il b on ur resume, so b perfect with ur resume, if u havn't done any project when company comes (i.e. 6th sem mostly)then don't worry, TCS doesn't expect projects. Here I m telling my T.I. refernce to my resume.Watch it how he tried to trap m.
TI : Hello I m ..
I : Good morning sir
TI : Don't call m sir, otherwise I il make u out
I : OK! (then he looked my resume. Remember friends they il b firstly attracted by ur academic scores, if it is best then u hav 80% chances of getting into TCS)
TI :10th, 12th, engineering CGPA good, excellent!
(frnds if u hav done any paper presentation then plz put it in ur resume.I had done 1 paper presentation on CDMA Technology)
TI : Do u know what is GSM?
I : Global Service Mobile
TI : u hav done ppt on CDMA so Tell something on GSM
I : Sir, my area of discussion was not concerned with GSM, I mainly differentiated TDMA, FDMA, CDMA....(so I told about that.)
TI : Tell m the companies providing CDMA
I : TATA indicom, Reliance (in my resume I mentioned convincing power is my strength,)
TI : Convince me to hire u.
I : I was telling my good qualities. then he interrupted m
TI : Ganesh, u r telling about urself, I asked u to convince m. ok forget it. (They will hav one sheet on which they il remark, comment on u. Also they ask fav. Subjects. SO be prepared for atleast 3 subjects. No need of going into depth, just brush up the imp concepts )
TI : Tell ur fav.sub.
I : OS, DS, TOC.
TI : TOC ??? R u sure ???
I : Yes
TI : x is true. Either it is true or false.
I : Depends on situation. Actually it is not logical premise (frnds I m not sure about this ans.)
TI : ((He gave m 2 stmnts))x=y is false,y=x is true. Comment on this.
I : ((I tried a lot,but he was making me confused... he was observing my stress handling capacity. SO DON'T BUFFALE)) after a lot of time he told
TI : Actually the question was wrong, I was just watching ur approach.
TI : What is DAG? Represent it, create a DATA STRUCTURE for it.
I :Directed acyclic graph. I made diagram & matrix representation ((I took a lot of time for this, Friends they il provide many blank pages, but use only one, becz these rough work is sent to HR along with resume, so keep it clean, clear. My frnd was rejected just bcz he took 5 pages TI told him this fact))
TI :Very good! U r half way thru....
TI : Tell me the difference betn Windows & Linux
I :told......code hidden/open source....
TI : Congrats Ganesh u hav qualified this round,All d best 4 next round
I :Thank u

After 1 hr I was called FOR HR+MR
MR : ((asked about exception handling ))
I : told very confidently
MR : Basic diagram of OS.
I : drawn
HR : (saw my resume, I had put in xtra curricular that I hav organized Persoality development workshop) What is Softskills,body language.
I : told
HR : Tell something about ur hobby
I : Listening songs of singer
HR : Tell the latest song of singer. ((Actally I was prepared for his first song,debute album,birth date, place, his father.But I didn't know his latest song.i told something. just hav confidence bcz they look for confidence & communication skills only )
I : told
HR : Who is CEO, FOUNDER??
I : told as ramdorai, F C kohli....((mistake - due to tension I forgot to use Mr. before nm)
HR : Tell GSM, disadvantages of CDMA.
MR : Why TCS
I : I m a strong believer of regularity. I like the regularity of TCS. Bcz 96.6% deliveries hav been right on time. Also TCS has a strong competency building for employees. I can work on many technologies & I can enter into any field like buiseness, banking as TCS provides services to them.
MR : What TCS does?
I : provides services to Banking, buiseness etc..
HR : What did u do yesterday?
I : I was in college, giving apti in the evening as my batch was the last.
HR : Ur birthday is coming soon, what r ur plans?
I : told very enthusiastically!
MR : Do u wanna ask anything?
I : Yes sir, recently US $ valu has decreased so in what manner il it affect TCS?

HR+MR : ((Now they actually trapped m & bombarded many Q's on managemet field)) What is US bondage? What do u think how TCS il b affected ?Will it reduce salaries of employees? [[I said no ]] why?? [[I said I know the ethical practices of the TCS. It is firm to its norms]] What do u know about Norms of the company,what is meant by norms, rules & regulations?If the company is in loss then why TCS il not reduce salary though it is in loss??

Friends let them askin Q's u keep ur haed cool, don't show stress on ur face, they il not expecting mush, only ur self confidence, comm.. skills.

IMP TIPS::-> Don't show overconfidence. Dont show them that u r interested in Post Graduation.. If u say in any way about PG then thogh u hav 100 % u il b rejected definitely.. If they ask about PG then say that .--- I think mam that theoretical knowledge is enough, I want to implement it practically so I must join company. Also I need to support family & bla bla.... Listen presentation carefully. Visit website of the company, find out clients of TCS, competitors.

Practice the Q's like Tell about urself, why TCS.

Because I prepared 8 points for Why TCS but I could tell only 3.

!!!Friends at this stage u hav completed 98% of the war in ur academic life only 2% is remaining, but this little war is going to change ur whole life so plz b cautious at this stage. If U don't get placed in this opportunity then frustration, hunting for job here & there will come to ur life. If u hav not been serious up till now till its OK! because the students who enjoy rest of the times but become serious at this stage they win & if hav been always good before this then this is the time to prove urself. Remember "NONE CAN CRUSH A TRUE DIAMOND!!!" So don't give up inbetween. So gear up, increase ur study timings, avail the time with full concentration..

Don't take tension of interview bcz they make environment very free. Many of us couldn't believe that how we could speak fluent & clear at that time.

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