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Hi Friends

I am APARAJIT MAZUMDER of Radiophysics and Electronics [Electronics and Communication] department of Rajabazar Science College. I am sharing my experiences of joining TCS as nicely as I can.

1> APTITUDE has 3 sections

a. VOCABULARY: [10 antonyms.10 synnonyms,1 fill in the blank, with 5-6 blanks, 5-6 passages with one qs from each]
synonyms, antonyms: learn only the words from tcs papers, don't try to learn from barrons it will be useless and tiresome, learn from tcs papers and u will have a general idea, then u will get at least 5 common in each. take the words from tcs papers. specially follow the recent papers, like the ones uploaded say, 2 days before your exam.. there were 10 synonyms and 10 antonyms.

Fill in the blanks: this is very very easy.. u can do it there itself, only one big fill in the blanks will be given, u will have to choose the correct answers.

Passage reading: about 4-6 passages were given. it is a great mistake to waste time reading them. because there will be a 1 page long passage and only one qs on it to follow [I am not mentioning here about the critical reasoning, that will come later on]. So, for this section basically u only need to prepare the antonyms and synonyms, only reading for a week or so will do, don't have to learn the words by heart ,try to understand the meaning from dictionary etc, and prepare your self in such a way that u will be able to recognise the correct answer from the given options. a sound knowledge of eng will help u.

I am giving here a collection of all possible TYPES of sums, these sums will not come, types of these sums will come, so don't get tensed when u see diff figures in the paper. And another thing, many answers are wrong, meaning, the correct answer will not be there in the options given. mark whichever u like then, and don't ever be afraid to mark a 'none of these' etc. or u can also mark the nearest possible answers in case of wrong answers given.

In the qs booklet the answers were already marked [this applies to all the sections, do not get induced by those answers, because most of them are wrongly done, let your own mind work the problems out] an be prepared to do some new sums in the hall.

You can find model questions at::

Learn the answers of this passages from barrons 12 th edition[download for free from].only 12th edition is usefull.dont go for anything else.u will get these from the model test papers at the end.learn the answers and not the options.meaning,do not learn like:ABCD,learn the options on the whole ,like motorist answer is:toll free highway,toll free highway,traffic conditions, etc… u will get atlest 2 common from these.
The list is:
Model test 1: Section5 - qns 1-4 (motorist), qns 13-16 (red and brown)
             Section6 - qns 1-4 (conservative,democratic), qns 8-11 (latin, sanskrit), qns 12-18 (joe, larry, ned), qns 19-22 (a causes b)  

Model test 2: Section1 - qns 19-22 (wallachia and rumelia) ---
             Section6 - qns 8-12 ( ashland , liverpool), qns 13-16 (spelunker) ---
                        qns 17-22 (pesth) ---i got this one too  

Model test 3: Section6 - qns 1-4 (all Gs are Hs)

Model test 4: Section5 - qns 8-11 (horizontal row), qns 19-22 (a,b,c cause d)
             Section6 - qns 8-12 (spanish, italian), qns 13-16 (all As, Bs), qns 17-22 (progressive federal party)  

Model test 5: Section3 - qns8-11 (museum), qns 19-22 (A is the father)
             Section7- qns 1-5 (prahtu, brahtu), qns 21-25 (scurvy)

I will first share my interview experience: I had a tech + hr interview
Int: tell me about yourself
Me: told, name, present course of study, previous courses, where I live, an about my hobby, that is story books.
Int: which story book have u read recently?
Me: angels and demons by dan brown,and my laugh comes last by JHC
Int: u r from elec. And communication stream,why IT ? u would get a job in Motorola etc easily….
Me: sir,I am interested in computers.[this was a mechanical ans and he caught it right there!!!]
Int: u interested in computers,?? What do u know abt computers?
Me: sir I know basics of c prog and I know hoow to work in windows xp etc
Int: do u know,what is inside a computer ?
Me: I tried to draw a diag connecting a processor to memory and an I/O device.
Int: will the memory beconnected directly to the I/O device?
Me: no sir there will be some buffers.
Int: what kind of buffers?
Me: sir…it would be a memory element as well…
Int: can u name it ?
Me: I smiled and looked at him..i could not name the thing
Int: ok,do u know what memory is made of?
Me: yes,registers.
Int: draw register
Me: did
Int: what is reg made of?
Me: FF
Int: defn of FF?
Me: told
Int: draw TT of sr ff.
Me: drew
Int: ok can u xplain data storage process in registers ?
Me: xplained by 3 ff's
Int: ok , in yr cv u have mentioned about 2 subjects of interes, communication principles and electronics.which one should I ask first?
Me: digital electronics[told after a bit of hesitation]
Int: what is diff between pnp and npn transistor ?
Me: explained.
Int: how does a transistor go to saturation ?
Me: told
Int: how will u design a transistor such that it does not go to saturation?
Me: told by explaining the biasing equations.
Int: what is mobile communication principles ?
Me: explained the gsm architecture.
Int: what is packet switching ?
Me: sir,we are having this subject in this sem,we have not yet learned so much
Int: ok, ok now madam will ask u some C prog qs…
Int: compare 2 arrays ?
Me: hesitated, told  that I did not learn so much of c as yet too write a complete prog to compare 2 arrays.
Int: no, no, u just need to explain the principle and draw a flowchart to xpalain it ?
Me: done it reasonably wll,but with a single small mistake in the flowchart. they did not mind it much and showed me the mistake.
Int: ok, why are u joining tcs ? there is infosys etc ?...
Me: sir , if I jon tcs, then I am joining the tatas .,and I want to join the best….
Int: u r from electronics stream and in tcs u could end up developing a prog for a bank…will u not ge frustrated then ?
Me: sir, this is wor after all., in what form it may be….i'd like to do it…
Int: [appreciated]are u mobile ? u r the only child,,, will ur mother not be sad and all after u leave wb and go outside ?
Me: no sir, I don't have any problems in going outside, and my mother wants that I make something of my life.
Int: ok u may leave.
Me: me,smiling,said a thnk u

My panel consisted of a madam and a sir. sir was asking general and elec qs and madam was asking the c qs and a few qs here and there. I was one of the 175 students to be selected out of 405 appeared.290 had cleared the apti. Some commonly asked qs from electrionics and counication stream:
1. thevenins an nortons theorem
2. newton's laws
3. what kind of motor is used in ceiling fan ?
4. what's diff between 5v battery and 5v capacitior ?
5. dc generator principle
6. digital ckts and logic design
7. electronic design and ckts
8. communications and networks
9. diff between latch and ff ?
10. sampling th and the need
11. op amp ~ transistor
12. am, fm, pam, bpfsk, ask, psk
13. total int reflection
14. optical fibres
15. prog for logic gates
16. modulation demodulation
17. how can u connect a computer in indi to a computer outside India
18. opamp basic ckts
19. truth table of all basic flip flops
20. mux,demux
21. pnp,npn trans
22. ce cb cc modes with diag
23. breakdown in transistors
24. characteristics of diodes, pn jn diode, zener diode.

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