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Hi Friends
I hav submitted this TCS sample paper which was conducted on 14th June 2007 at TCS itself. All are repeated questions. They short listed 1200 and selected 1000 approx from AU alone. Remember the test is online and most important is tht there is upper cut off. I hav been disqualified bcoz of exceeding the upper cut off. The paper was very easy and if we exceed the limit we ll be disqualified. Careful and good luck.


For each of the words in Capital letters, choose from among the answers, the word that is closest in meaning:

(A) flagrantly   (B)doubtfully   (C)carefully   (D)carelessly   (E)certainly

(A) revelation  (B)drunkenness   (C)felony   (D)starvation   (E)gluttony

(3)    INEPT
(A) outward   (B)spiritual   (C)foolish   (D)clumsy   (E)abundant

(A)final   (B)unbelievable   (C)perfect   (D)inaccurate   (E)inquisitive

(A) disability   (B)age   (C)inoculation   (D)hospital   (E)unity

(A) clever   (B)stimulating   (C)naive   (D)worried   (E)cautious

(7)    INIMICAL – not friendly

(A) antagonistic   (B) anonymous  (C)fanciful   (D)accurate   (E)atypical

(A) not capable   (B)not dangerous   (C)not eager   (D)not frank   (E)not peaceful

(A) resist   (B)suggest   (C)report   (D)rectify   (E)lecture

(10)    INSIPID
(A) witty   (B)flat   (C) wily (D) talkative  (E)lucid

For each of the words in Capital letters, choose from among the answers, the closest word that has the opposite meaning:

(A) pallor (B)orderliness  (C)femininity   (D)harmlessness   (E)cowardice

(12)    ADHERENT
(A) fugitive    (B)dissembler    (C)opponent   (D)educator   (E)witness

(A) entreat    (B)intensify    (C) remain fixed  (D)expand gradually   (E)wither away

(14)    ASPERITY
(A) gentility    (B)superiority    (C)kindness   (D)clarity   (E)vagueness

(A) honest (B)gathered    (C)injured   (D)cleansed   (E)forgiven

(16)    FETTER
(A) diminish    (B)enervate    (C)liberate   (D) return  (E)cure

(17)    AUTONOMY
(A) dependence (B)animation    (C)renown   (D)altruism   (E)antipathy

(18)    SLACK
(A) rough (B)active (C)liberal   (D)dependent   (E)familiar

(19)    RECOIL
(A) plunge forward    (B)cease firing    (C) skirt an issue  (D)facilitate   (E)surrender

(20)    ENCUMBER
(A) disburden    (B)perform easily    (C)challenge boldly   (D)observe with care   (E)suppress

Read the following text.  The passage contains some blank spaces.  Choose the sentence from the list A – I, that best fits in each of the blank spaces.  The numbers in brackets refer to Question numbers.

In the art of Middle Ages, we never encounter the personality of the artist as an individual; rather it is diffused through the artistic genius of centuries embodied in the rules of religious art. __B____. The circular halo placed vertically behind the head signifies sainthood, while the halo impressed with a cross signifies divinity. By bare feet, we recognize God, the angles, Jesus Christ and the apostles, but for an artist to have depicted the Virgin Mary with bare feet would have been tantamount to heresy. ___F___. A tree, which  is to say a single stalk with two or three stylized leaves, informs is that the scene is laid on earth. _H____; and should an angel be watching from the battlements, that city is thereby identified as Jerusalem. Saint Peter is always depicted with curly hair, a short beard and a tonsure, __E_____.

Through this system, even the most mediocre talent was elevated by the genius of the centuries.__I____. When they are not outstanding, they are scarcely able to avoid insignificance and banality in their religious works; and even when they are great __C___.

A.    An artist who faithfully followed the rules of religious at was not recognized during his lifetime
B.    Art of the Middle Ages is a sacred script, the symbols and meaning of which were settled
C.    They are no more than the equal of the old masters who passively followed the sacred rules.
D.     Religious art has greater value than the secular art of the Renaissance
E.    while Saint Paul always has a bald head and along beard.
F.    Several concentric, wavy lines represent the sky, while parallel lines represent water or the sea.
G.    If there were no unemployment compensation, artists could be induced to accept such unstable works
H.    A tower with a window indicates a village.
I.    The artists of the early Renaissance broke with tradition at their own peril.

The curtain rises; the cardinal and Daniel de Bosala enter from the right. In appearance, the cardinal is something between an EI Greco cardinal and a Van Dyke noble lord. He has the tall spare form –the elongated hands and features – of the former; the trim pointed beard, the imperial repose, and the commanding authority of the latter. But the EI Greco features are not really those of asceticism or inner mystic spirituality. They are the index to cold, refined but ruthless cruelty in a highly civilized controlled form. Neither is the imperial repose an aloof mood of proud detachment. It is a refined expression of satanic pride of place and talent.

   To a degree, the cardinal’s coldness is artificially cultivated. He had defined himself against his younger bother Duke Ferdinand and is the opposite to the overwrought emotionality of the latter. But the Cardinal’s aloof mood is not one of bland detachment. It is the deliberate detachment of a methodical man who collects his thoughts and emotions into the most compact and formidable shape-that when he strikes, he may strike with the more efficient and devastating force. His easy movements are those of the slowly circling eagle just before the swift descent with the exposed talons. Above all else, he is a man who never for a movement doubts his destined authority as a governor. He derisively and sharply rebukes his brother, the Duke, as easily and readily as be mocks his mistress Julia. If he has betrayed his hireling Bosola, he used his brother as the tool to win back his “familiar”. His court dress is a long brilliant scarlet cardinal’s gown with white cuffs and a white collar turned back over the red, both collar and cuffs being elaborately scalloped and embroidered. He wears a small cape reaching only to the elbows. His cassock is buttoned to the ground, giving a Richelieu would have adored his neatly trimmed beard. A richly jeweled and ornamented cross lies on his breast, suspended from his neck by a goal chain.

Bosala, for his part, is the Renaissance “familiar” dressed conventionally in somber black with a white collar. He wears a chain about his neck, a suspended ornament, and a sword. Although a “bravo,” he must not be thought of as a leather-jacketed, heavy-booted tough, squat and swarthy. Still less is he a sneering, leering, melodramatic villain of the Victorian gas light tradition. Like his black-and-white clothes he is a colorful contradiction, a scholar –assassin, a humanist-hangman; introverted and introspective, yet ruthless in action; moody and reluctant, yet violent. He is a man of scholarly taste and subtle intellectual discrimination doing the work of a hired ruffian. In general effect, his impersonator must achieve suppleness and subtlety of nature, a highly complex, compressed, yet well-restrained intensity of temperament. Like Duke Ferdinand, he is inwardly tormented, but not by undiluted passion. His dominant emotion is an intellectualized one: that of disgust at a world filled with knavery and folly, but in which he must play a part and that a lowly, despicable one. He is the kind of rarity that Browning loved to depict in his Renaissance monologues.

(27)    The primary purpose of the passage appears to be to
(A)    Provide historical background on the Renaissance church
(B)    Describe ecclesiastical costuming and pageantry
(C)    Analyze the appearances and moral natures of two dramatic figures
(D)    Compare and contrast the subjects of two historical paintings
(E)    Denounce the corruption of the nobility in Renaissance Italy

(28)    It can be inferred from the passage that the Cardinal and Bosola
(A)    are feuding brothers
(B)    are noble lords
(C)    together govern  the church
(D)    are characters in a play
(E)    resemble one another in looks.

(29)    The author most likely umpires the movements of the cardinal to those of a circling eagle in order to emphasize his

A.    Flightiness
B.    Love of freedom
C.    Eminence
D.    Sense of spirituality
E.    Mercilessness

(30)    As used the word bravo most nearly means
A.    a shout of approbation
B.    a medallion
C.    a clergyman
D.    a humanist
E.    a mercenary killer

(31)    The author of this passage assumes that the reader is
A.    Familiar with the paintings of EI Greco and Van Dyke
B.    Disgusted with a world filled with cruelty and  folly
C.    Ignorant of the history of the Roman Catholic church
D.    Uninterested in psychological distinctions
E.    Unacquainted with the writing of Browning

(32)     Which of the following best characterizes the author’s attitude toward the Cardinal?
A.    He deprecates his inability to sustain warm familial relationships
B.    He esteems him for his spiritual; and emotional control
C.    He admires his grace in movement and sure sense of personal authority
D.    He finds him formidable both as an opponent and as dramatic character
E.   He is perturbed by his inconsistencies in behavior


Q1.     Fill in the missing number in the sequence  
37     27     19    ??    9    7

(a) 15    (b) 12  (c) 13   (d) 18 (e) 10

Q2.    In the following series, how many Bs are there such that each B is followed by an F next to it if the F is not followed by a P next to it.

B    F    B    P    Q    M    B    F    P    M    F    B    F    F    B    Q    M    B    B

F    Q    B    F    P    F    B    A     M   F    B    F    M

(a)3    (b)2    (c)5    (d)4    (e)6

Q3.    If VWDWLRQ is coded as STATION how will ILOWHU be coded?
(a) DISPLAY    (b) CENTRAL (c) FILTER    (d) SURMISE    (e) DISPLAY    

Q4.    Suppose the first and second letters in the word PROCASTINATION were interchanged, also the third and fourth letters, the fifth and sixth etc.  Print the letter that would then be the twelfth letter counting from the right.
(a) T          (b) S           (c) A           (d) O           (e) C

Q5.    How would the decimal number 194 be represented in a base -5 number System?
    (a) 1342               (b) 1674              (c) 1234               (d) 1634           (e) 1324

Q6.    What is the largest prime number that can be stored in a 9-bit word computer?
(a) 511                    (b) 513              (c) 517              (d) 509            (e) 469

Q7.    If n = 10 x 18 x 38, which of the following is NOT an integer?
       (a)    n / 95        (b)    n / 90        (c)    n / 40
   (d)    n / 76        (e)    n / 39

Q8.    Which of the following is a power of 5?
   a.    3225          b.    3575        c.    3125
   d.    3625        e.    3525

Pick the odd one out

Q9.    (a)    UNIX            (b)    WINDOWS NT    (c)    SYBASE  
(d)    MVS            (e)        LINUX

Q10.    (a)    SMTP            (b)    HTTP            (c)    WAP    
(d)    SAP            (e)        ARP

Q11.    The three numbers in brackets represent the angles of a triangle. Which of these does not represent a proper triangle?
(a)    (50,51,79)    (b)    (60,90,30)    (c)     (73,67,40)  
(d)     (40,60,50) (e)     (60,54,66)

Q12.    The three numbers in brackets in each of the following options represents the number of edges, the number of faces and the number of vertices respectively. Find out which of these represents a solid planar cube?
(a)  (4,8,6)    (b)  (8,6,12)     (c)  (8,4,6)       (d)  (6,6,6)   (e)  (12, 6,8)

Q13.    Which set of data exhibits a higher Standard Deviation?
   (a)    9, 0, -9, 9, 0, -9    (b)     9, 9, 9, 0, 9, 9   (c)    -9, -9, -9, -9, -9, -9        (d)    9, 9, 9, 9, 9, 9        (e)    9, -9, 9, -9, 9, -9

   The three circles below represent the number of students passing in Science, Hindi and History.  Answer the next three questions based on the diagram

Q14.    How many more (or less) students passed in Science than students who passed in History?
   (a)2    (b)3    (c)1    (d)4    (e)5

Q15.    What percentage of students is passing in English also pass in History but not in Science.
(a)16    (b)18    (c)19    (d)12    (e) 17.4

Q16.    What percentage of total passed in all three subjects.
(a)4    (b)5    (c)7    (d) 6    (e)8

   The figure on the left represents number of distributors for a Company and the figure on the right depicts region-wise distribution for 1998

Distributors (in "00s)

Q17.    Which year has registered the maximum percentage growth in distributors?
(a) 1998    (b) 1886    (c) 1994    (d) 1686    (e) 1996

Q18.    What is the average number of distributors for 1995-1999?
(a) 7700    (b) 6800    (c) 4800    (d) 8800    (e) 7800

Q19.    If 10% of distributors in 1998 left the Company, how many fresh distributors were made in 1999?
   (a) 4500    (b) 4600    (c) 4900    (d) 4400    (e) 5400

Q20.    A hypothetical physical quantity is defined as

                                   (Energy X Velocity)
                                    (Mass X Acceleration)

   In what fundamental units would this quantity be expressed?
   (a)Time    (b) Power    (c) Velocity    (d) Mass    (e) Distance

Q21.    A certain job was assigned to a group of men to do it in 20 days. But, 12 men did not turn up for the job and the remaining men did the job in 32 days. The original number of men in the group was:
(a) 20    (b) 32    (c) 10    (d) 24    (e) 16

Q22.    Which of these matrices is singular
       12     3            2      3             4     0           9     15
     A =              B =                  C =          D =
        9      2           -4      6             0     4        3       5

   (a)A    (b)B    (c)C    (d)D    (e) None

Q23.    Match the following relationships:
   (i)    Female – Girl            (1)    Not a type of
   (ii)    Bug – Reptile            (2)    Part of
   (iii)    Beagle – Dog            (3)     A type of
   (iv)    Piston – Engine        (4)    Superset of
   (a) i-3,ii-1,iii-4,iv-2    (b) i-4,ii-1,iii-3,iv-2    (c)i-4,ii-1,iii-2,iv-3    
(d) i-3,ii-2,iii-1,iv-4    (e) i-1,ii-4,iii-3,iv-2

Q24.    If * stands for squaring and > stands for change of sign what is the value of
*  > * (2)  -  > * > (2)?
(a)24    (b)-20    (c) 20    (d)28    (e)21

Q25.    A sequence is defined recursively as
       g(0) = g(1) = 1
       g(n) = g(n-1) + g(n-2).What will be the value of g(6)?
(a)18    (b)16    (c)13    (d)9    (e)5

Q26.    What curve best suits the following data:
   X    Y
0.99    0.00001
10.04    1.02
99.98    1.997
1000    3.0
9990    4.004

   (a) y = logn x    (b) y = log10 x  (c) y = ex   (d) y = -log10 x  (e) y = - ex

Q27.    A Two-dimensional array X(7,9) is stored linearly column-wise in a computer's memory. Each element requires 8 bytes for storage of the value. If the first byte address of X(1,1) is  3000, what would be the last byte address of X(2,3)?
(a) 3247    (b) 3567    (c) 3127    (d) 3225    (e) 3765

Q28.    Of the four straight lines A, B, C, D find out which pair forms an orthogonal set
    A: 5x+4y-7 = 0, B: y = -x ,  C: y = 7x+3, D: 4x = 5y+5
   (a)AD    (b) AC    (c) BC    (d) BD    (e)AB    

Q29.    Evaluate the expression
M(843,11) + R(5.8) + T(7.7) - R(3.4) where
M stands for Modulo arithmetic, R stands for Round-off operation and T stands for Truncation Operation
(a)15    (b)13    (c) 17    (d)16    (e)12

Q30.    Three independent mechanisms A, B and C have been incorporated for power saving in a plant producing respectively 30%, 40% and 10% efficiency. Assuming that they operate independently, what is the net power efficiency achieved?
(a) 62.2%    (b) 68%     (c) 61%    (d) 64%    (e) 56%

Q31.    The log values of two numbers to the base 10 are given as below:
           X            log10X
       3.141            cc
       3.142            0.4972061807
   Find log103.143.
   (a) 0. 49734    (b) 0.59720    (c) 0.49110    (d) 0.49420    (e) 0.49440

Q32.    What equation best describes the curve shown below:

(a) y = log10 x     (b) y + 3 = x    (c)y + x = 0    (d) y = Cos x    (e) y = tan x

Q33.    The temperature at Kochi is given by the function: -t2/6+4t+12 where t is the elapsed time since noon. What is the percentage rise (or fall) in temperature between 3.00 PM and 6.00 PM?
   (a) 37.9%    (b) 32.9%    (c) 36%    (d) 39%    (e) 30%

Q34.    An aircraft takes off from A (89o N Lat, 40o E Long) at 2.00 AM local time to B (32o N Lat, 40o W Long). If the flying time is 11 hours what is the local time of landing at B?
   (a) 6.40 AM    (b) 4.00 AM    (c) 7.40 AM    (d) 7.00AM    (e) 8.00AM

Q35.    Fill in the last row of the following Truth Table:

A    0    0    0    0    1    1    1    1
B    0    0    1    1    0    0    1    1
C    0    1    0    1    0    1    0    1
(A ??C ) ? B                                

Interpret the resulting bit pattern as an integer in an 8-bit computer and write the decimal value.    
   (a)53    (b)51    (c)65    (d)59    (e) 55    

Q36.    A file is transferred from one location to another in 'buckets'. The size of the bucket is 10 kilobytes. The bucket gets filled at the rate of 0.0001 kilobytes per millisecond. The transmission time from sender to receiver is 10 milliseconds per bucket. After the receipt of the bucket the receiver sends an acknowledgement that reaches sender in 100 milliseconds. Assuming no error during transmission, write a formula to calculate the time taken in seconds to successfully complete the transfer of a file of size N kilobytes.
   (a) 10.11 N    (b) 11.011 N    (c) 11.01 N    (d) 10.101 N    (e) 10.011 N

Q37.    The productivity of a team of engineers is given by the function
P(N) = 4000 vN, where N is the total strength. Find the percentage change in productivity if the strength of the team is increased by 1%.
   (a) 0.75%     (b) 0.5%    (c) 0.25%    (d) 1%      (e) 2%

Q38.    A optical cable is to be run from a junction point on the bank of a river 900 meters wide to an office that is located 3000 meters downstream on the opposite bank. If the cost of laying cable under water is Rs. 5 per meter and that of laying overhead on land is Rs. 4 per meter, find the point downstream where the cable is to cut across the river.
   (a) 450     (b) 3900    (c) 2700    (d) 2100    (e) 1800


Read the following passages and answer questions under each passage

(1) For a panel of professors to assess the State of Union message on public TV, the producer must choose two Republicans and Democrats. Atleast one professor must be an economist and at least one must be a military expert. Available Republicans are Abbott, Bartlett, Catlett, Dorset, and Everett; available Democrats are Fawcett, Ganlet, Heflet and Insett.

Catlett, Fawcett and Gantlet are economists, Dorset and Insett are military experts, Fawcett will not sit in the same room as Catlett and will take part only if Abbott is on the panel. Dorset refuses to take part with Gantlet, and Everett refuses to take part with Insett.

1. Which of the following is not an acceptable panel?
(A)    Fawcett, Helfet, Abbott, Dorsett
(B)    Fawcett, Insett, Abbott, Dorsett
(C)    Gantlet, Heflet, Abbott, Catlett,
(D)    Gantlet, Insett, Abbott, Catlett,
(E)    Heflet, Insett, Bartlett, Catlett,

2. If Abbott and Bartlett are chosen as the Republicans, who can be chosen as the Democrats?
(A)    Fawcett and Insett only
(B)    Fawcett and Insett or Gantlet and Insett only
(C)    Fawcett and Gantlet or Gantlet and Helfet only
(D)    Fawcett and Insett, Gantlet and Insett or Helfet and Insett
(E)    Gantlet and Helfet, Gantlet and Insett, or Helfet and Insett

3. If Gantlet is chosen, which of the following must be true?
I.    Any acceptable panel must contain Insett
II.    Any acceptable panel must contain Abbott
III.    There is no acceptable panel which contains Bartlett
(A)    I only
(B)    II only
(C)    I and II only
(D)    II and III only
(E)    I, II and III

4.How many acceptable panels can the producer put together?
(A)    6
(B)    7
(C)    8
(D)    9
(E)    10

(2) The Hotel Miramar has two wing, the Eats Wing and the West Wing.
Some East Wing rooms, but not all, have an ocean view. All West Wing rooms have a harbor view. The charge for all rooms is identical, except as follows:

There is an extra charge for all harbor view rooms on or above the third floor.
There is an extra charge for all ocean view rooms, except for those without a balcony
Some harbour view rooms on the first two floors and some East Wing rooms without ocean view have kitchen facilities, for which there is an extra charge.
Only the ocean and harbour view rooms have balconies.

1. A guest may avoid an extra charge by requesting
(A)    a West Wing room one of the first two floors
(B)    a West Wing room on the fourth floor without balcony
(C)    an East Wing room without an ocean view.
(D)    an East Wing room without a balcony.
(E)    Any room without kitchen facilities.

2. Which of the following must be true if all conditions are as stated?
(A)    All rooms above the third floor involve an extra charge
(B)    No room without ocean or harbour view or kitchen facilities involves an extra charge.
(C)    There is no extra charge for any East Wing room without an ocean view.
(D)    There is no extra charge for any room without kitchen facilities.
(E)    There is an extra charge for all rooms with an ocean or harbour view.

3. Which of the following must be false if all conditions are as stated?
(A)    Some ocean view rooms do not involve an extra charge
(B)    All rooms with kitchen facilities involve an extra charge
(C)    Some West Wing rooms above the second floor do not involve an extra charge
(D)    Some harbour view rooms do not involve an extra charge.
(E)    Some rooms without balcony or kitchen facilities involve an extra charge.

4. Which of the following cannot be determined on the basis of the information given?
I.    Whether there are any rooms without a balcony for which an extra charge is imposed
II.    Whether any room without a kitchen or a view involves an extra charge
III.    Whether two extra charges are imposed for any room.
(A)    I only
(B)    II only
(C)    I and III only
(D)    II and III only
(E)    I, II and III

(3) In order to conduct the work of a mail order concern it is necessary to have a minimum of three workers each day. The staff consists of 5 person’s who work on a part time basis. Alice can work on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Betty cannot report for work on Wednesdays.
Carol can report for work on Tuesdays and Wednesdays only. Dorothy cannot work on Fridays. Edith is available anytime except on the first Monday and Thursday of the month.

1. Which three are available on any Monday?
(A)    Dorothy, Batty and Alice
(B)    Alice, Edith and Carol
(C)    Betty, Edith and Carol
(D)    Edith, Carol and Dorothy
(E)    Betty, Carol and Dorothy

2. Which three would you count on to report for work on Friday?
(A)    Alice, Betty and Dorothy
(B)    Alice, Carol and Dorothy
(C)    Betty, Carol and Edith
(D)    Carol, Betty and Alice
(E)    Alice, Betty and Edith

3. During which day of the week might it be impossible to obtain a full complement of workers?
(A)    Monday
(B)    Tuesday
(C)    Wednesday
(D)    Thursday
(E)    Friday

4. During which day of the week might it be impossible to obtain a full complement of workers?
(A)    Monday
(B)    Tuesday
(C)    Wednesday
(D)    Thursday
(E)    Friday

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