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Hi Friends

I would like to share my experience on TCS recruitment with u all. Really I would like to thank this site for having such a wonderful collection of previous company papers. This site helped me a lot. Thanks for all my friends who have contributed their papers and shared their interview experience.

Regarding the selection process first we had online test. It consists of three sections:
1. Verbal Ability
2. General Aptitude
3. Critical Reasoning

Instructions regarding the online test will be informed to you. There is no sectional cut off. So even if u r not good at one section also, you will have more chances in the other sections. So prepare well.

1. Verbal Ability
In this section we had synonyms, antonyms, comprehension and sentence completion. For synonyms and antonyms please refer GRE Barron 11th or 12th edition. Some times we may get comprehensions from GRE book itself. Anyway just go through that also.

2. General Aptitude
For this section it is more than enough to solve all the previous papers available in this site. Then for some concepts refer R.S Agarwal aptitude book. Most of the problems will be repeated only with the numbers changed. But u will have the same model. I am not able to recollect all the questions in my test, but I'm just giving you the models for few questions, what I have in my mind.

1. If g(0)=1,g(1)=1and g(n)=g(n-1)+g(n-2). Find g(6).

2. My flight takes of at 2pm from a place at 18N 40E and landed 10 Hrs later at a place with coordinates 36N40W. What is the local time when my plane landed?

3. Select the odd one out a) oracle  b) Linux c) ingress d) DB2

4. Number of faces, vertices and edges of a cube.

5. If M denotes modulus operation, R denotes round-off, T denotes truncation. Find the value of the following expression: M(373,5)+R(3.4)+T(7.7)+R(5.8)

6. Which of the following are orthogonal pairs?
a) 5i+3j b) I + j c) 3i-5j   d)-7i+j

7. Which one does not form a triangle?
a) (5,5,11)  b) (6,4,9)  c) (4,3,8)  d) (5,5,5)

8. Which of the following set of numbers has the highest standard deviation?
a) 1,0,1,0,1,0  b) -1,-1,-1,-1,-1  c) 1,1,1,1,1  d) 1,1,0,-1,0,-1

9. If DPYGP is coded as BRAIN then EMXCT is coded as?

10. How many B's are followed by G's which are not followed by S's in  the following  series:

11. If A, B, C are the mechanisms used separately to reduce the wastage of fuel by 30%, 20% and 10%.what will be the fuel economy if they were used combined.

12. For temperature a function is given according to time: ((t**2)/6) + 4t +12.what is the temperature rise or fall between to 9 am

13.In the word ORGANISATION if we exchange first with the second ,second with the third ,third with fourth and so on......till last  then what will be the 10 letter from right?

14. Find the value $ %$( 9) - %$%( 9) Where $ means doubling and % means change of sign........

15. A power unit is there by the bank of the river of 900 meter width. A cable is made from power unit to power a plant opposite to that of the river and 3000 meter away from the power unit. The cost of the cable bellows water Rs5 / meter and cost of cable on the bank is Rs 4/ meter. Find the pt where the cable cut through the river.

X              Y
0             0.00001
10            1.02
100          1.72
1000        3.00
9999        4.72

Questions based on data interpretations were asked. They were on Venn diagram, bar graph, pie chart.

1.In the word CONSEQUENCES  if the first and second, third and fourth, fourth and fifth, fifth and sixth words are interchanged up to the last letter, what would be the tenth letter from right????

2.In a two dimensional array X(9,7) which each element occupying 4 bytes of memory with address of the first element X(1,1) is 3000, find the address of X(8,5).
Ans: 3212

3.The size of the bucket is N kb. The bucket fills at the rate of 0.1 kb per millisecond. A programmer sends a program to receiver. There it waits for 10 milliseconds / and response will be back to programmer in 20 millisecond. How many much time the program takes to get a response back to programmer, after it is sent?
Ans: 30 millisecond

4.Which of the following do not form triangle? a)5,5,5 b) 3,4,7, c) 3,5,9 d) 81,8,5
Ans: c) options are not right

5.Which of the following are orthogonal pairs a) 3i+2j b) i+j c) 2i-3j d) 7i+j
Ans: a) + c)

6.If A, B, C are the mechanisms used separately to reduce the wastage of fuel by 30%, 20%, 10%. What will be the fuel economy if they were used combine?
Ans: 49.6

8. Number of faces, vertices and edges of a cube Ans: 6,8 , 12
A, B and C are 8 bit no's. They are as follows:
A -> 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 1
B -> 0 1 1 1 1 0 1 0
C -> 0 1 1 0 1 1 0 1 (n=intersection, u=union)
Find ((A n B) u C) =?
Ans: 29…. A-B is {A} - {A n B} I have forgot the bits and this is sample question...

9.Find the result of the following ___expression if, M denotes modulus operation, R denotes round-off, T denotes truncation:

10. In calcutta, temperature at noon varies according to -t^2/6 + 12t + 12, where t is elapsed time from noon. Find how much temperature more or less in 3pm to 9pm

11.A Venn – diagram was given. Three questions were asked from them. The questions were easy based on the intersection of the facts.


The professors were:
Large University: J(English),K(Maths.),L,(Natural Science)
Small college:  M(Maths.),N(Latin), O,P(Both English)

1. Which of the following represents a properly composed committee?

2.Which of the following may serve with P?

3. Which of the following must be true?
a. if J serves,P must be assigned.
b. if J can't serve,M also can't be assigned
c. if J can't serve,L must serve.

4. If L is not available, which two must be available  ?

3. Critical reasoning
Here we had all the questions from GRE Barron's book only. These questions were from the model papers given at the back of that book. (I really want to thank my friend Gayathri, because she only gave me the complete guidance with GRE book itself.) Not even the numbers or names will be changed, so please prepare well with those questions. It's more than enough for critical reasoning.

Technical Round
By God's grace it was really very easy for me. But I heard from few of my friends that it was a bit tough. Your hard work never fails so prepare well, you could really able to get through. I am giving my interview conversation. Hope it may be useful for you. My interview questions were very simple. But you please prepare all the basic concepts of all the subjects during your course.

Especially concentrate on C, C++, DBMS, OOPS concept, Software Engineering. The major concentration should be on your project. Most of the interviewer will decide our technical ability from that itself. So be confident. Explain main modules of your project first then your whole project. Be clear or at least know something about what you have mentioned in the resume. I had 2 members in my panel. But both were friendly to me. But in some panel both the interviewers posted their questions very frequently one after the other. But by God's pure grace my panel members made me to answer very cool. Thank GOD

I have mentioned Interviewer-int and answer given as me.
Me: good afternoon sir (wished both of them)
Int: Yes, good afternoon please take your seat.
Me: I said thank you sir and seated.
(They went through the form completely which we have to fill before the technical interview)

Int: tell me about yourself.
Me: I told about my educational qualification, schooling, family, my strength and weakness.

Int: he asked how will you say that this is your weakness? (He asked this question after I have told my weakness)
Me: I just explained.

Int: they asked about my college, location like that….
Me: I replied them with some special features of my college, how and why did I choose that college.

Int: they asked me to explain about my project.
Me: I started with tension in my face and voice.
Int: they told me to relax myself, nothing here to get tensed, be cool and answer.
Me: I too relaxed due to their pleasing words, then started explaining the project clearly (I hope so) until they started asking the next question.

Int: ok, good. Tell me the difference between VB and VB.NET (since my project is in .NET)
Me: I could not able to answer; even then I tried with some relevant answer.
Int: they smiled and said that I am asking the same question to everyone who came in the morning till now but no one is answering. (They explained me)
Me: oh! Thank you sir and now I understood.

Int: they asked how do you rate yourself in C and C++ in the scale of 1 to 10.
Me: I immediately told them as 8 without thinking. (But really not up to that scale)
Int: they told to me with a smile that, you have to write a program to prove that.
Me: ok sir sure. (Boldly said with my voice but had the fear what will be the program? whether it will be easy or not)
Int: they gave a comment that we are going to give a complicated program. Will you be able to write?
Me: I answered sure sir I will write.
Int:he gave a paper and asked me to write the greatest of three numbers.(my friends told that they would have asked you such a simple question because of my mark 81%. but its only because of God's grace)
Me: I wrote it and gave them. (Thanked God for such an unexpected simple program)

Int: they checked and said good. They saw my resume and asked do you know sql and oracle? What is PowerPoint and what is it used for?
Me: I replied yes and explained both.

Int: they asked any questions for us?
Me: sir if I have been selected in TCS, before joining in what languages or technologies I must be familiar with?

Int: they said, after you have been given training only it will be decided. So no need of any such advanced learning now. They will train you in the field in which you are going to be allotted.
(I could able to see the satisfaction in their face through their smile)

Me: thank you sir (left the hall with full hope in GOD)
Int: we will get you back.

(By the marvelous miracle of GOD, after half an hour they read out the list of students short listed in technical round, in which I heard my name too.)

Our next round is MR round.
(I wished the HR and took my seat. He asked how to pronounce your name? I told.)

Int: what is your weakness?
Me: I told late night studies and spending more time in the night for making my project successful.
Int: ok tell me what did you learnt from that? How are you now trying to recover from that?
Me: I have learnt time management and now trying to do my work within the limited time.

Int: explain about the project…….
Me: explained as I did in the technical round.

Int: which application server is used in your project? Do you know clusters, caching algorithm? Have you used any such algorithms? (He asked all these questions continuously, without giving any time to answer.)
Me: I didn't answer for application server. Then said no for clusters, for caching I said that it is keeping the frequently accessed pages in memory. But I dint used any such algorithms in my project; our concept is entirely different sir.
Int: he said its ok. Where is your college? Where is your school?
Me: I told.

Int: ok then you have completed your education till now at Chennai itself, but if I am going to put you at Ahmedabad or Hyderabad then will you go there. Till now you are with the care of your parents and how will you manage?
Me: its one part of my life living with my parents, but now it's the time where I have been given with certain duties and I will surely relocate myself wherever I have been put up.
Int: don't tell simply. I am video recording everything, so when you come back to our office I will replay everything for you. So you can't escape from me.
Me: I said no problem sir. I am ready to go anywhere.

Int: what is your idea regarding government reservation policy in education?
Me: I said it is now caste based, but I wish that it would be better if it is merit based.

Int: why should I hire you?
Me: since I am hard working (this you can see from my academic records) and I can finish everything & can give the best output in my first attempt itself. I am worth enough for you to hire me.

Int: if your working hour is 8 hrs per day, but for the project it is more than enough if you spend 4 hrs, then what will you do in the remaining 4 hrs?
Me: I will spend the rest of the time in analyzing and finding more enhancements for my project and discussing with my senior authority for more ideas. I will try to learn new technology that can make my project the best.

Int: ok tell me whether you have anymore question?
Me: I asked the same question as in technical round.

Int: he answered it was too early to know this and will be known after your completion of training.
Me: thank you sir. (Left the room)

The results were announced on November 17th. it was to my great surprise that again God made my name to appear on the final short listed candidates of TCS. My dear friends don't get disappointed when you don't get a job. Try your best. Because I have also attended almost all the MNC companies interview, but not even cleared the first round.

But don't give up, keep on trying. You will achieve one day. Have a successful life.
All The Very Best For Your Bright Future.

Hephzibah. I

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